Hope Found

Hope Found

by Jackie McMillan

ISBN: 9781945496936

Publisher Book Venture Publishing LLC

Published in Romance/Vampires, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Vampires? Shifters? Saviour of a race? Jenna McCloud didn’t think so. Things like that didn’t exist in real life. Until she met Alexandru Valek. A vampire mourning the death of his father and finding out that something he had thought was a myth was real. His father had uncovered the details of the prophecy that most thought was a story to give them hope in the dark days. Jenna was the key to the fulfilment of this and if they were all to survive on earth, then they had to work together to save themselves

What if everything one believes to be nonexistent turns out to be real?

Sample Chapter

Jenna looked at herself in the mirror and thought over all that had happened that had led her to this point in her life. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought she would be in this situation now. But for the first time in her life, she was truly happy and felt like she belonged. She could see the calmness in her face compared to the flock of butterflies that were doing an acrobatic display in her stomach.

She stepped back from the mirror and looked down at herself. She was wearing a blue-coloured strapless, figure-hugging dress; the blue was so dark it looked like black. All over the dress were thousands of little crystals that shone when the light hit them, making them sparkle, and she felt like she was looking at the night sky.

Around her throat was a single teardrop sapphire on a chain so fine that it looked like it had been stuck onto her. The earrings to match looked like they were floating under her lobes rather than being attached.

She lifted her hand to her neck as she was still getting used to not having long hair. All her life she had had long hair but had decided that with all the changes going on in her life, getting her hair cut was a small one. She smiled to herself wondering how he was going to react to it. There was a knock at the door, and she turned towards it.

‘Come in.’

The door opened and in came a female dressed in a gown similar to hers but in an ice blue colour.

‘My lady,’ the woman did a slow curtsy keeping her head bowed.

‘I’ve told you before, stop doing that.’ As she slowly came to her full height, there was a grin across her face. When Jenna saw this, she started to laugh.

‘Sorry, I can’t help myself. And I know how much it annoys you.’ The two women embraced and stood holding each other for a few seconds.

Jenna felt the tears pooling in her eyes and told herself to stop being an idiot and that she wasn’t going to cry, she just wasn’t. As they stepped back from one another, they both noticed that they were thinking the same thing.

Jenna was first to turn away going back towards the mirror, smoothing her hands down her dress as she went.

‘He’s not going to know what hit him when he gets a look at you,’ the female said. She caught Jenna’s eyes in the mirror.

‘Do you think so, Sarah?’

‘I know so.’ Sarah walked towards where she was standing. As they looked at each other through the mirror, Sarah could see the nervousness that was starting to show in her friend. Who would have thought they would have both ended up in the same place? A twist of fate or simply destiny? She didn’t know and didn’t care. She couldn’t quite believe it herself, but seeing her friend dressed the way she was made it all too real for her, and she couldn’t be happier.

‘I take it it’s time,’ Jenna said.

‘It’s time. Let’s get this show on the road.’

‘Give me a minute. Then I’ll be down.’ Sarah left her friend to her thoughts as she left the room. Closing the door, she took a few deep breaths herself before she made herself start the walk to the rest of her life.

As the door closed, Jenna took a few deep breaths as well and spoke to herself, ‘You can do this. It’s no different to what you have been doing up until now. Yeah, okay, with the exception of this making it all official.’

She turned away from the mirror and looked about the room she had been given. The bed was huge and the most comfortable that she had slept in forever. The heavy oak furniture, along with the built-in fireplace, gave the room a warm appearance, and she didn’t want to leave.

The drapery was in deep burgundy velvet. The carpeting was a deep green colour that always made her feel as if she was walking on grass. She knew how soft it was from experience and knew that if she took her feet out of the shoes she was wearing, her feet would sink into the deep pile.

The bathroom was a huge white marble affair with a massive sunken Jacuzzi whirlpool bath where she had spent a lot of time in. The memories came back to her now, and she smiled a secret smile that only she and one another knew what was behind it. The shower, well, that was something she had never seen before. There were sprays of water coming from all different directions, and the pressure from them was fantastic.

She smiled briefly as she remembered the first time she tried the shower out and what happened afterwards. The towels were the softest you could imagine, and you never seemed to run out of them.

She turned and walked towards the bedroom door. As she pulled the heavy door open, she knew that her life had changed, but now, it was going to be permanent and she wouldn’t change it for all the money in the world.

As she walked down the corridor, she took in the pictures on the walls by artists that she had never heard of. Sculptures stood in small inlets in the walls again by people whose names she still did not know. Her feet made no sound on the carpet runner that ran the length of the hallway and was a deep regal blue colour that felt a little out of place with the wooden panelled walls, but she knew this had recently been decorated just for this occasion. She knew that there wouldn’t be anyone upstairs that shouldn’t be, although she didn’t know the reason for it.

As she came to the end of the corridor, she stopped and looked around the corner of the wall and down into the lobby of the place she now called home.

There were people everywhere, dressed in their finest, waiting for her. As she swept her eyes over the crowd, she saw familiar faces that made the butterflies calm slightly – Josh and Sarah, looking radiant together. Sarah had picked the perfect colour of dress that matched Josh’s eyes. There were also Callan, Cassie, Dom, Freya, Gage, Robert, and the doc whose real name she still didn’t know but had an idea of what it was. She caught sight of someone at the back near the shadows, but it had been so fleeting that she thought she had imagined it.

She scanned the crowd again but couldn’t see the one person she wanted to see. She knew he was there somewhere, as she could sense him. She took a breath, then stepped out from behind the corner, and walked gracefully towards the stairs with her hand holding on to the handrail in case her legs gave out.

At the top of the stairs, she stopped briefly and looked down to the people below. She knew when they had noticed her as there was silence from below. The butterflies started up again as she felt everyone’s eyes on her. She hated being the centre of attention, but she was getting used to it. She had to as this was her life going forward. She took the first step down and then the next. Before she knew it, she was a step away from the bottom. He came out from the shadows to the left of the stairs and stopped just to the side of her.

The suit he wore was tailored to fit him perfectly, and she looked at him for a moment as she had only seen him in this outfit only a few times. She knew he favoured casuals rather than formal clothes and sensed that he wanted out of it already, but type of male he was, he would remain by her side until she was ready to go. Wherever she went, he followed, protecting her although she didn’t want his protection.

It was down to him that she was here tonight, and she owed him after all that had gone on. The memories of the road they had taken to get here were bittersweet. Lives had been lost, new alliances had been formed, and the enemy was on the run again.

She brought her mind back to the here and now and looked down at the male waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. His hair shone when the light hit it, and all she wanted to do was run her hands through it. She knew how soft it would feel against her.

His name was all she could manage to say as she stepped down from the last step, still looking at him.

‘Alex.’ She knew she was still smiling as she could feel it in her face, and as she turned away from him, she looked at all those who had been waiting for her.

She looked at him as he put his hand out to her. She took hers and reached out to him. As his cool hand caught hers, the butterflies in her stomach vanished and left her with a sense of calm, warmth, and satisfaction. She smiled at him as he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed the back of it.

‘You look beautiful.’ Jenna blushed as she heard this, and although the butterflies in her stomach had vanished, her heart decided to replace them and was beating a mile a minute. She was surprised that no one else could hear it.

‘My heart is racing as well,’ he said, and Jenna smiled even wider. She couldn’t find the words to speak as she was taking in how he looked. It still freaked her a little that he could tell what she was thinking without asking. He still held her hand as he moved his arm forward to ensure that she was standing in front of him, proving that he would always put her first. He would always have her back.

As Jenna looked over the numerous faces staring at her, she felt peace finally come over her. She felt as if she had come home. She moved her hand forward to bring Alex so that he stood beside her and not behind. A questioning look came over his face, but he wasn’t about to question her motives. This was where he wanted to be, at her side, not behind.

She glanced at him beside her and saw his proud expression as he stood at her shoulder, proving that if anyone wanted to get to her, they had to go through him.

As she was about to speak to the people in the room, she heard a faint beeping sound. She looked around trying to work out where it was coming from. She dropped Alex’s hand and moved forward turning her head trying to work out where the sound was coming from.

She heard Alex calling her name, but she was so focused on the sound that she ignored him. How could he not hear it? His hearing was like that of a bat, but he was giving no impression of hearing the sound she was trying to find.

Alex stood watching Jenna move about the lobby looking for something. He tried to get her attention, but she wasn’t listening. He took a step forward to meet her on her way back across the lobby when she spoke, ‘Don’t you hear it? That beeping. Something’s not right.’

She moved past him still looking for the source of the sound.

‘Jenna, stop. There is no noise.’

‘Yes, there is. Why can’t you hear it?’ She felt his hands on her arms, and she pulled away from him. A worrying looking came over his face.

‘It’s getting louder.’ Jenna put her hands over her ears trying to drown out the sound. Nothing was getting past that sound. She could see Alex talking to her, but she could not hear anything. She could see everyone else looking at her. She could also see some people looking worried, and it seemed to her as if they expected this to happen.

She started shaking her head and moving back away from them. She felt her foot hit the last stair, and she felt her body falling backwards.


Excerpted from "Hope Found" by Jackie McMillan. Copyright © 2016 by Jackie McMillan. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Jackie McMillan

Jackie McMillan

Jackie McMillan lives with her husband in a town south of Glasgow and has been writing in some form or another most of her life. She does it to escape from the pressures of daily life and decided to try and see if it would take her anywhere. This is her first attempt at a novel and hopes that it may help others to escape from the pressures of daily life for a little bit of escapism.

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