The Middle Ages (Turner's Notebook)

The Middle Ages (Turner's Notebook)

by Don Turner Jr.


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Published in Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

In a remarkable comeback story Don (the author) shares in detail his improbable journey back. This is the very special and fascinating final book of Turner’s Notebooks (four book series) all published in 2016. Don also shares two historical and epic divine spiritual revelations of Christ, possibly never before seen or ever told. Welcome back Don!

Sample Chapter

“Friends of Bill Clinton” B.C.

(Chief Cornerstone- Hugh Hefner)

At this time in my life, and for most of my life, I was not really interested in the current politics. The subject just didn’t resonate with me but overtime as I watched politics on television it started to grow on me (unknowingly it would “grow on the van” soon too)!

Daily I watched the main top story in politics as the media republicans also belittled, bashed and criticized the then President Bill Clinton. I know me and I have a common characteristic pattern like many us do. First my feelings are hurt and the…I get mad! Does this may resonate with you? I find it very interesting also that we as a society often pay money to watch something that upsets us. Similar to a pay-per view channel, we pay for another view, an upsetting view on a national channel. The cost is high…it’s Peace of Mind, though we have a choice of what we watch, it’s just “a click away”.

Well something did “click” as “Bill and my karma” clicked into action so to speak as I sat watching television one evening in my grandmother’s chair while at my mother’s home in Venice, California.

“Mom, please be quite, I’m watching the perfect ones casting stones and the rhetoric’s ganging up on Bill”. At this time, I was one of the many citizens that loved Bill, his charisma and 'good ol boy' personality and persona. Democrats for sure, but republicans for the most part did not agree with his views and options (as opposites attract) though many believe Bill usually sided with the popular vote which helped add to his overall popularity.

So here I was seated again and my mother was paying the bill for me to watch something upsetting. This was probably the most difficult time of President Clinton’s presidency. The opposition wanted him impeached as they kept “shooting their arrows”. It was “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” along the way. I thought it was unjust. We all make mistakes. The repeated negative publicity towards “The Father of Our Country”, “The President of the United States” was really beginning to “tax my peace of mind” as my cup started to over-filth while the opposition continued to poke the bear so to speak.

As “the perfect ones” continued daily to attack Bills character, finally help arrived. The tables were about to turn with a paradigm shift as some unseen support had slipped in unsuspected behind the scenes; a letter or statement to help put of the fire out. It was like a pool of cold water that dosed the smoldering coals that were present. This letter-statement that “slipped in” behind the scenes was the beginning of ‘”Another Marvelous Work and a Wonder 2” for me personally also.

The letter held farther implications that personally reached me as I unknowingly sat in my grandmother’s chair while watching the evening news. I was completely unaware of how the impact of this next 2 minute segment of the news would change my own life forever in a drastic positive way, as I just simply sat there and watched it all unfold behind the scenes in the studio.

Had I missed watching this presentation, this chapter along with others that will follow would not exist or at least be wouldn’t be available for you to read or hear about.

As fate and destiny would have it though, I was positioned perfectly to receive and hear the brilliant 2 minute segment. This “letter” arrived perfectly on time supporting President Clinton while reminding us of a famous teaching that when you point the finger at someone, your own 3 fingers point back at you. This “letter” hushed the opposition’s criticism while they frantically regrouped with another back up plan that probably wasn’t even conceived yet. So often people can dish it out but they can’t take it, so to speak. This was definitely a major setback for the opposition as we are always keeping each other in check.

As I was watching an evening national news program with Ted Koppel, he began to read “a letter” that was left at the studio/network that was forwarded on to him. This “letter” was perfectly worded; very precise and detailed that discredited the allegations and subject matter currently being discussed. As Ted finished reading this “letter-statement” to the world, he concluded by saying that the letter was left in the studio and it was signed, “Friends of Bill Clinton”.

“777 jackpot”!!! A flood light bulb went on in my awareness instantly as a huge paradigm shift suddenly occurred within me (worldly and spiritually) just by hearing those words, “Friends of Bill Clinton”. The words pierced my heart and mind and left a deep lasting impression within me as it gave birth to an idea and a creative aspect within me as well.

With great inspiration and enthusiasm I thought, “That’s it” “I got it”!!! “Friends of Bill Clinton”!!!

The very next morning I woke up and went to work as I began to manifest this idea, “Friends of Bill Clinton”. The timing was perfect as a marvelous work was now set into motion and in progress as many present in my community watched it all come together. Quickly, by the very next evening, with the streets beaming light shining directly down brightly on my van on Electric Ave. in Venice, California, the large 6 inch white letters that were spread out a crossed the driver’s side of my van glowed “FRIENDS OF BILL CLINTON” in the dark of the night (this is the van that I had just acquired while working at “Capitol Building Maintenance”). Who would have thought that this unlikely dynamic duo (Bill and I) would manifested in “The Middle Ages” of my life.

How it all manifested, the “letter” from Bill Clinton’s friends to the television network and Ted Koppel that ultimately reached me is “Amazingly Remarkable” and “Another Marvelous Work and a Wonder 2”.

Very unexpectedly and literally overnight, I had become “A Political Rock Star” so to speak!!! (I really never saw this coming). From “the star of the carnival” and “the little lone star in Texas” to a “political rock star”… with God all things are possible, even while starting from under a bridge with the last person you would expect… Wow!!! I’m still in awe… What a comeback story!!!

I graciously would like to thank those individuals that collectively created and presented “the letter” behind the scenes in the newsroom that was forwarded to Ted Koppel. I would also like to acknowledge the television station for airing it as well because you helped make my future endeavor literally move forward (on wheels) as I then next carried (or more like drove) it into the world. Thank You! You touched many people inadvertently by your far reaching actions that later on down the line still may even reach future generations as well (most significantly because of the remarkable spiritual revelation of Christ that I had while sleeping inside the “Friends of Bill Clinton” van that I will share soon).

So this is the remarkable story of how it all started and how “it came to be” known as the “Friends of Bill Clinton” van. I was going to show my support in a big way, by using 6 inch white letters across the face/drivers side of my van as I soon would be traveling all over the greater Los Angeles area for everyone to see. As people would read the side of my van (at some point I probably should say “our van") they would wave while looking amazed while some looked for Bill as I would shout out “all the way to the pentagon” (I was a bit arrogant, but I meant it)!

Again I never saw this coming into my life, nor did the people who looked my direction as I literally now just drove into their lives while flashing in large bright white letters “Friends of Bill Clinton”.

Also during this time in my life, I had a difficult relationship with my own father as we did not see eye to eye often. He viewed me as a challenging son and we often had opposite views, opinions and lifestyles. Don’t get me wrong, Dad and I still had enough compatibility to keep us together (barely sometimes though) and I’m not by any means throwing my dear father “under the bus” (I still love you Dad), but I looked to the top…“The Father of Our Country” as more of the ideal archetype father figure that I felt my father could not give me. So there was something deeper under the surface that connected us from my point of view as I looked at Bill and expected him to be the part, “a father figure” for me and all of America.

Did Bill and I have some karma (car*ma) together? It would appear so…

What’s remarkably interesting is that we actually did have a few things in common (who would have thought). We both had dogs named “Buddy” (that’s the most important right?) and I was once briefly a president, “The President of the Deacons- Young Men’s Group” as a Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints). Bill was “a worldly president” and I was “a spiritual president”. We are both “peace makers” too as Bill was also known as. I really believe in “making the peace” as I often was “breaking up fights” and disagreements while trying to help create a peaceful solution. Also there is a very significant chapter called “Friends of Bill” in my 2nd of 4 books (Turner’s Notebook-“Messengers”). I also was the “Director of Operations” at Capitol Building Maintenance” just as Bill was, “The Director of Operations for our Country”. President Clinton is also recognized as “The Chief and Commander” while I played Pop Warner football for “The Chiefs” of Fallbrook, California.

But “the most important karma” that we have though manifested in “a great spirit of chiefs spiritual revelation” that I divinely received. In the future latter-days to come I would have this spiritual revelation while sleeping in “our van- Friends of Bill Clinton”, a revelation of “The Chief and Commander of Heaven- Chief Cornerstone (Jesus Christ)”. Now that is “Another Marvelous Work and A Wonder 2” I will share soon. I will explain how we were all together in one epic spiritual revelation that is literally “One for The Ages” and “One of…if not “The Greatest Chief Revelations ever”). That sounds like karma to me… “Big Time Heavenly and Worldly Karma” yes? (It’s all karma right?)

So off I went…“A Political Rock Star” of sorts as I was now rejuvenated and inspired and I was going to show my support for “The Father of Our Country” and more practically and patriotically for “The President of the United States”.

People would honk, smile, laugh, cheer, wave, and give thumbs up as I drove by or was parked while inside the “Friends of Bill Clinton” van. The 6 inch white visual lettering was huge and stood out off of the dark “brown and gold van” as one of the biggest features that helped with the glowing magnetism that drew people’s attention. This is what my intention was and I was 100% successful. I wanted it to be very loud, recognizable and noticeable to everyone.

There was just something immediately special about “the word”, the very first word, “Friends”! With some precise effort, I placed the large lettering stickers perfectly straight in alignment across the van’s driver side and the very first word captivated many and held a mystical radiance of “Peace”.

“Friends”…is such a special word to me. It even makes you feel so good just to say it…or even see it…and even better, to become it, “Friends”. It was perfect and captivating, the word “Friends” because it reminds us of our own dear friends. So just because of this special first word I was off to a warm comfortable good start with the public.

Instantly I was a big hit overnight. Having recently left the traveling carnival show, now I was a traveling side show, as I traveled all over the greater Los Angeles area as people would look to see who was driving, who was inside and who would come out. I could read the people’s eyes and lips as they stood on the streets or were seated in their own vehicles. It was so much fun to do this as obviously there was no turning back now as I drew tremendous attention to myself and the fact that I was very much like officially identified with “The President of the United States” so to speak.

As I parked, people would approach me with smiles to have a friendly conversation (again, the word “Friends”). I wasn’t the enemy. I was “a friend” and easily accessible to approach as I talked to thousands of people in the end.

I wasn’t finished creatively though, as I thought “We’ve only just begun”. This was just the beginning of the complete moving “art show” on wheels that would manifest unexpectedly in time. I was just getting started on the complete visual effects of the van. Soon, I added large 3 inch white letters just underneath the large 6 inch letters above (as above so below?)

Now the van read in capital letters “FRIENDS OF BILL CLINTON” with “IN GOD WE TRUST” just underneath the first above. After this was added, it really solidified and added “spiritual potency” as it glowed during the day and especially at night. At nighttime, because of the new bright white letterings, this added to the mystical glow as if Moses were coming down the mountain so to speak. How could you not see it if you were there? It was really amazing and I often the van would be park under a street light at night to magnify its noticeability. It was a holy looking site, simply fascinatingly amazing and “Another Marvelous Work and a Wonder 2”.

And when “FRIENDS OF BILL CLINTON…IN GOD WE TRUST” was under a bright natural full moon…OMG, It was electrifying on Electric Ave in Venice, California!!! (or anywhere else for that matter)

My best friends thought it was a barrel of laughs too, as you can imagine. “You’re crazy dude. I love it”!!! Some friends would laugh and laugh while others said “SH*T, I’m getting out of here”!

All my friends and locals knew about it, including police departments as often they would smile and wave while occasionally stopping to share a few comments as I was a very popular figure in the local community for so boldly showing my authentic support. Looking back I wonder how many times I was mentioned at dinner tables back then.

I can easily visualize a family all enjoying dinner together after a long day and the husband or wife saying “Honey, you’ll never guess what I saw today. I was traveling in Pasadena and there was this van parked near the college that said “Friends of Bill Clinton- In God We Trust” (A Patriotic Note: There was also a very large United States American Flag waving in the wind often too as I secured it’s pole to the skylight area between the driver and passenger seats inside). This was often visually seen regularly, more so when I was parked. I also perfectly mounted towards the back end of the “Friends of Bill Clinton” words a unique rectangular picture in an antique gold frame of a very large long canoe-boat in an ocean with a huge rhinoceros in the very front end of it with a man in the back steering the canoe with a paddle in the rough waters of the ocean.

I had found this awesome picture as it had been left behind in the trash and I told onlookers and those whom I gave a tour of the van that the rhinoceros represented Bill Clinton and I was the man paddling and steering through the “troubled waters” that would occasional rise. It was me and the rhinoceros (or Bill) out there in the deep sea ocean.

I was all over the place after I joined “The Los Angeles 409 Carpenters Union” next (Thanks Jimmy for getting me started). I was a rolling art show as I drove on the freeway from Venice to work for many weeks in cities like Glendale, Van Nuys, Palmdale, Oxnard, UCLA Westwood, Torrance, Pasadena, JPL NASA (La Canada Flintridge). This was one of two job sites that did not allow me to park openly on their property (Oxnard too, but only for one day). Maybe Republicans (Ha)!

I would position the van perfectly near heavy high traffic areas so as people traveling by would see it. This drew a lot of attention to me obviously and I loved it. It also brought a lot of recognition to our company’s owner and other employees I worked with. Often our company (Con-Rod) was working with other Union companies and I would hear often a shout out, “Who’s Friends of Bill Clinton van”. At this time, The Los Angeles Carpenters Union supported Bill Clinton so everything was a go for the most part with no problems. Everyone really loved it in the Union and also thought highly of me for laying it on the line, and so boldly too!

It was after joining the Carpenters Union that everything really began to expanding to the next level. That means “Political Rock Star” status so to speak as I next drove into and out of people’s lives like this for the next 3 years approximately. This was just the half of it though…

The Religious-Spiritual Passenger Side was “Another Turner Classic” Section.

While all of this was happening on the driver’s side of my van, there was an amazing remarkable work going on the passenger’s side too, The Religious - Spiritual side or “In Loving Memory of Mother Teresa”, The Mother Teresa’s side, I would lovingly referred to it as.

Mother “Saint” Teresa had recently passed away and crossed over with and into The Absolute-The Creator. It was a global time of mourning, a great loss to the world. She had dedicated her life to serving and helping the poor and destitute and deservingly so was recognized as one of the most power spiritual women of our era. She was recognized as “a saint from the gutters” and her passing deeply affected me so afterwards I used stickers the put into words “In Loving Memory of Mother Teresa” on the passenger’s side of the vans door. I also asked a police officer that checked in to where I was working for some his “funeral” stickers and he kindly said “Help yourself to as many as you need”. I then placed 3 of these stickers that said “Funeral” under the dedication to Mother Teresa. The passenger side also created a spiritual balance of sorts with male/female energies as well (Yin/Yang).

On the inside of the van, I took a picture of Mother Teresa that was used as a memorial in the local newspaper, and I placed it on a “box” that I had prepared to display for everyone to see through the side door on the passenger’s side of the van in a section with a small sign called “Another Turner Classic”.

*Also on this memorial was another article of Princess Di with a picture of The Queen of England (Queen Elizabeth) shaking hands and greeting the public after Princess Di passed away. I thought it was “very interesting timing” that something like this would occur “in the scheme of things” as the two powerful women figures were included on this memorial page as fate would have it.

After folding the article, I positioned the memorial picture of Mother Teresa so that you could see her through the long fixed window of what was now a remarkable display of what I call “free-form art”- mostly items I found in the trash. At the very far right side of this box (which was the size of a small casket) I positioned an arch way piece that I found and I placed Mother Teresa’s picture inside of it. This gave the visual appearance that she was protected as she held her hands together in prayer while looking upward out the archway but yet looking up to God. There above the archway that protected Mother Teresa I had positioned “The Viper”, a Halloween mask that ranks up the as these most scariest evil looking spirits that there is. “The Viper” was just above the archway as they both appeared to staring at each other. It was a fascinating picture of spiritual opposites attracting. One, Mother Teresa was protected by The Divine and the opposite, The Viper, representing evil that could not enter into the heavenly realm, the House of God (Fortunately I took many photographic pictures to “safe keep” this epic spiritual picture that I will eventually share when the time is right. This caught many people’s attention totally by surprise. There was more surrounding this but it was the foundation created at the base and right edge of “the box”. This unusual but yet remarkable work was at the very right side as you looked in from outside the van. I then added another marvelous piece next to the archway and Mother Teresa to create “a corner”.

The spiritual artwork that was manifesting and being created was “Another Marvelous Work and a Wonder 2”. Here in the vans passenger side’s long rectangular window were many items I found and a few that were given to me, like a large beautiful old framed picture of Christ and “The Last Supper” that became the “cornerstone” piece on display inside with Mother Teresa.

“The Last Supper” picture was practically in mint condition and this was the showcase center piece, centered perfectly and “corned” with Mother Teresa as it rested brilliantly on the back edge of the box inside the window with about 2 feet of space in front of it (like a supper table) to create “free form art” as I added different objects that I felt were all spiritually connected to each other in a meaningful way. It truly was remarkable, a once in a lifetime magnificent collaboration of spiritual energies. It created a powerful spiritual presence and a cornerstone for the whole spiritual showcase there with “Chief Cornerstone” and Mother Teresa.

People were immediately attracted to the “garden window” of “freeform art” I freely had displayed to look at. I would often just let them look inside at what I had created (placed together) or sometimes I would join people outside looking at it and I would answer their questions and explain what the significance of each item meant to the one next to it. I would commented “blessed be the ties, spiritual ties” as I led them on a tour while explaining how each item connected together as one whole story.

As people drove up next to my passenger side, they were in awe and surprised because they had never seen anything like this before, this “freeform art display” in the “Another Turner Classic” window section of the “In Loving Memory of Mother Teresa” side of the van. It was very easy to see what I had on display as I had it all positioned tightly near the window.

I really enjoyed looking at the surprised facial expressions of others as I would look over to the direction on the passenger’s side of the van I was driving slowly or when in a stopped position. Whether I was in motion or stopped it was very easy to see as onlookers were very curious and wanted to try to examine this amazing moving art show.

I was a “Political Rock Star” on the “Friends of Bill Clinton” driver’s side of the van and now, I was a “Spiritual Star” on the “In Loving Memory of Mother Teresa” passenger side. Adding also the “In God we trust” to the political side and it was such a unique special spiritual parity to fully encompass and witnessed. There was a magical mystical power present now...


Excerpted from "The Middle Ages (Turner's Notebook)" by Don Turner Jr.. Copyright © 2016 by Don Turner Jr.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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