The Shark and the Goldfish: Positive Ways to Thrive During Waves of Change

The Shark and the Goldfish: Positive Ways to Thrive During Waves of Change

by Jon Gordon

ISBN: 9780470503607

Publisher Wiley

Published in Business & Investing/Small Business & Entrepreneurship

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Book Description

Now more than ever, fear and uncertainty are becoming staples of daily life. During changing times, it's easy to worry, give up, and let fear paralyze you. However, you have more control than you think you do, and how you handle adversity is your choice - the only choice that matters.

Many successful people and businesses have grown to prominence during even the worst recessions and downturns. These successful people and organizations all shared similar characteristics and took similar actions to thrive while others merely tried to survive. You can do the same.

In The Shark and the Goldfish-, best-selling author Jon Gordon shares an inspiring fable about a goldfish who has always been fed, a nice shark who teaches him to find food, and a wave of change that brings them together. In the process of finding food the shark teaches the goldfish the ultimate lesson - that the difference between a full belly and an empty stomach depends solely on your faith, beliefs, and actions. In the face of adversity, this is a simple fable that reinforces a proven truth - you can't control the events in your life. But you can control how you respond to them. You can allow the waves of change to crush you, or you can learn to ride them to a successful future. Packed with tips and strategies for thriving during tough times, The Shark and the Goldfish will have a lifelong impact.


Sample Chapter

A Wave of Change

Gordy the goldfish lived a wonderful and simple life. He ate, slept, swam, and did twirls in the water any time his humans approached to feed him. He never wanted for anything, especially food. Food was abundant and he was prosperous. Life was good.

Then one day he was swept up in a net, put in a bag full of water, and carried to the beach by his boy. The boy wanted to play with his goldfish at the beach. So he dug a big hole in the sand, filled it with buckets of water, and placed his goldfish in his own private man-made lake. Laughter filled the air and everyone was happy.

That is, until a big wave came crashing onshore, flooding the boy's lake and taking the goldfish back into the ocean with it. The boy and his family ran into the water looking for their goldfish, but he was nowhere to be found.

Gordy cried for help but no one could hear him. And as he swam aimlessly in the ocean, tired, alone, and hungry, he wondered, "Who's going to feed me now?"

He was no longer safe and secure, and without food he would surely die. He decided to ask the other fish in the ocean if they would feed him, but they all laughed at him. "Silly goldfish," they said, "always waiting for someone to feed him."

Then just as Gordy was near collapse from the salt water and starvation, he met Sammy the Shark, who could only shake his head at the poor fellow. He was a nice shark and he hated seeing such a pathetic sight. He knew someone had to teach this fish how to fish. Plus, he felt that sharks got a bad rap and needed some positive publicity. It wasn't fair, after all, that humans thought all sharks were mean just because a few "Jaws" wannabes experience ocean rage and go off the deep end. All the sharks he knew were nice like him and just wanted to swim, eat food found in the ocean, and keep to themselves.

"Well, lookee here, my little friend. You know what your problem is?"

"Yes, I do," answered Gordy. "I'm starving and no one will feed me."

"No, that's not your problem," countered Sammy. "Your problem is that you are a goldfish. You are waiting to be fed. That's fine during the fat times when all sorts of people are feeding you. But you're in the ocean now. The free food has dried up. Times are a changin'. Things are a little tougher here. You have to work a little harder. You need to be a little smarter. You need to change your thinking. You need to become a shark. Goldfish wait to be fed. Sharks go out and find food. Now let me show you how to be a shark and we'll go to find food together."

And off they swam through the ocean of adversity and challenges and lean times to learn the art of finding food.


Excerpted from "The Shark and the Goldfish: Positive Ways to Thrive During Waves of Change" by Jon Gordon. Copyright © 0 by Jon Gordon. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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