You and I Midst Poems and Verses: Tu y yo entre poemas y versos (Spanish Edition)

You and I Midst Poems and Verses: Tu y yo entre poemas y versos (Spanish Edition)

by Raymondo Polanco

ISBN: 9781432733780

Publisher Outskirts Press

Published in Literature & Fiction/Poetry

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Sample Chapter

YOU and I midst Poems and Verses (5/22/06) Life is a charm of spells when we love without reservation. You and I rolled into one, Only glasses of liquor as witnesses. You have me, I have you, we have us And our surrender was halted for a glimpse of the sunrise, So that God is our accomplice of this vehemence of love. You and I of uncontained deliriums, of unbridled passion. You and I midst poems and verses, Created by the words, syllables, rhymes, consonants Linked as ivies of prose, clinging to the words That spring from our souls in love, sweet company. You and I midst the satisfaction of two bodies surrendering to Be blessed by love. You and I are creating burning passion. We are our reality; we are the owner of our skin. We are - you and I - the portrait of time, of the end of eternity. You and I, owner of one another, Of the most audacious ideologies. We are two seducing each other like two leaves at the Pace of springtime and the showers of May. Our love is the prison where we do not want to leave, It is our will that we do not want to Share with anyone other than love. Our arms are our jailers of the most daring ardors; Our muscles are the barriers that Enclose our hearts full of illusion. You and I are the fine inspirations of poems and verses That speak of the most oppressed and deepest pleasures. You and I are just two lovers.
Excerpted from "You and I Midst Poems and Verses: Tu y yo entre poemas y versos (Spanish Edition)" by Raymondo Polanco. Copyright © 0 by Raymondo Polanco. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Raymondo Polanco

Raymondo Polanco

Choreographer/Actor/Writer Raymondo Polanco was born in the Dominican Republic where at an early age, he began his career as a dancer in Folkloric and Modern Dance. Later on, at the age of 9, he moved to the United States to New York City, where he continued his career as a dancer, traveling all over Central and South America, and also as an actor. He has been a part of several organizations and companies. : Elements of Paradise (founder, vice-president, director and visual arts coordinator); Ray-Ray and the World (founder, president, and visual arts coordinator),; Café-Teatro Julia de Burgos (Director, choreographer y assistant-artistic director), Manhattan Dance Space (founder, vice president and Folkloric, Afro jazz and Modern dance instructor), Música Against Drugs (Instructor and arts coordinator and special events. As a writer he recently launched the publication of his successful first book of poetry titled Tú y Yo Entre Poemas y Versos (You and I Midst Poems and Verses) and presently is in the process of founding a new non-profit organization alongside of his friends and colleagues: Alfredo Huereca, William Blechinberg and, Alex Almeida under the name of The Nueva (The Non Uniform Evolutionary Visual Arts). For Raymondo Polanco, the cultural work represents a liberation of all the hidden feeling by way of the arts.

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