Saturday Night Dirt: A MOTOR Novel (Motor Novels)

Saturday Night Dirt: A MOTOR Novel (Motor Novels)

by Will Weaver

ISBN: 9780312561314

Publisher Square Fish

Published in Children's Books/Transportation, Children's Books/Action & Adventure

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A note from the author
At a recent young adult literature conference in Minneapolis, a high school teacher stood up to address a panel of authors on which I was speaking. “But where are the novels for kids who love cars and hate their English classes?” she asked. “I’ve got lots of boys in my school—and some girls, too—whose lives revolve around auto racing. They have their favorite NASCAR drivers, they go to races, some of them drive stock cars at the local dirt track. Cars and racing are their life. We need something for these kids to read!” The audience laughed, then clapped loudly. Afterward I spoke privately with the teacher. I told her about Saturday Night Dirt and my forthcoming Motor series from Farrar, Straus and Giroux. She actually hugged me. “My students are going to eat those books up!” she said. “I can’t wait for the next time one of them says, ‘There’s nothing for me to read.’”

Coming Spring 2009
Super Stock Rookie

Trace Bonham has left home for the chance of a lifetime: to race for a professional team. After a tough tryout, he wins his dream ride. But he has growing doubts about the team owner and his wife. Did they choose Trace for his driving ability, or to be a poster boy for a marketing campaign? And when Trace’s racing circuit brings him home to Headwaters Speedway, he’s treated like a star—until the green flag drops.

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