The Cyclist

The Cyclist

by Ken Barrick

ASIN: B07198BR6B

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Robert Kinney hasn't had much luck. Now he's just been accused of being a vicious serial killer known as The Thief of Hearts. Can Robert, with the help of a beautiful co-worker and a friendly cop prove his innocence and stop the killer, or is he just destined to be the killers latest victim?

Sample Chapter

“Where the hell have you been?” Mr. Johnson groused as Robert returned to the shop.

“Making a delivery,” replied Robert. “Didn’t Noelle tell you?”

“Ah, bullshit, it doesn’t take that long to deliver to Larry, the hot-dog guy. What were you doing, eating hot dogs and looking at the ladies?” Johnson quipped.

“Oh, Uncle Brad, cut him some slack,” Noelle chimed in, as she walked from the back room. “He’s working hard today. Even the lady from this morning called to thank us for finally delivering hot food.”

As her uncle turned to Robert, Noelle winked, and Robert caught the gesture and smiled.

“Finally, finally hot food,” Mr. Johnson yelled as he broke into a song and dance. “Finally, it happened to me and I’m so excited.”

Shaking his head, Robert chuckled to himself and looked up at Noelle, and again she winked at him, this time motioning for him to come into the back room. Perplexed, he wondered what Noelle was up to. Her flirtatious behavior was such a turn on, but Robert knew she wasn’t interested in him. She couldn’t be. The rules were the rules.

They had worked together for many years. They had been on several cycling rides together. She had always flirted. It led nowhere, well except for in Robert’s fantasies. “There wasn’t a man on earth,” he thought, “who wouldn’t want Noelle to ride him like a wild cowgirl or bend her over that counter and take her from behind.”

Robert drifted into his daydream. Noelle awakened him from behind the door. He could see her motioning for him to come into the back room. Mr. Johnson was behind the counter, helping a customer.

Robert took off his hat and gloves, stuffed them into his coat, and hung it on the coat rack just inside the door. He slid his bike in behind the bike rack and headed to the back room.

As he entered the room, there was Noelle holding a broom and a dust pan. She was covered in what looked like flour, but her gorgeous cherry-red lips stood out against the background like a lighthouse calling home a wayward sailor. He read her lips as she spoke.

“Be a sweetie and clean up this mess; would you?” she asked, as she gently placed the broom and dust pan into his hands. “I dropped the entire bag of flour on myself.”

His mouth agape, Robert stared both at the mess all over the floor and the insane hotness of a flour-covered Noelle. He said nothing. He stood with his jaw dropped nearly to the floor. The silence was broken by Noelle.

“I’m so sorry. I mean, to have made such a mess. I would clean it up myself, but I have two orders up that I have to make for you to take for delivery.”

“It’s OK,” Robert stammered. His mouth still half open from her beauty more so than the mess.

As Robert began sweeping the flour into the dust pan, the door swung open and in marched Mr. Johnson. “Why the hell is this mess not cleaned up yet, snap, snap, snap?”

Robert jumped from his half daydream, half reality world and picked up the sweeping pace. He could no longer afford to stare at Noelle’s gorgeous ass while she cooked at the stove. Mr. Johnson would fire him instantly if he as much as suspected Robert had the hots for Noelle.

The frenzied pace of the Eatery often drove Robert insane. He loved the slower days, but he knew today wasn’t one of those. Two deliveries in and now three more to run before noon, not to mention this hellacious mess to clean up.

Before he had emptied his first dust pan, Noelle announced that the orders were ready to go. Robert stood the broom up in the corner, hurriedly emptied the dust pan, and headed to the front to grab his coat and bicycle.

The drudgery once more. On go the hat and gloves and then the coat, grab the bicycle and then the three orders, place them in his insulated carry bag, swing open the door, and off he goes.

“Noelle, that Robert is a saint. If I ever fire him, it will be your fault. I see how you flirt with him. Don’t think I haven’t noticed lately. I see in the reflections in the window how you motion to him and flaunt yourself. He is forty-something years old and delivers food on a bicycle. This is not what I want for you.”

Noelle tried to interrupt, but he continued on.

“You’re a beautiful young lady. You must find a good young man like Harry Biel, you know, Mr. Bernie’s son. He is a lawyer you know.”

“Uncle Bradley, I appreciate what you’re saying, but I’m not interested in Robert. I flirt with him to keep him happy. To keep him coming to work every day. I think he would quit if I weren’t here. He is a hard worker and does well for you, but you constantly talk down to him and nasty too sometimes.”

“Ah, he is a grown man, Noelle. He can take it, and I know he will not quit. He is a loser. He has a criminal record and was fired for stealing from another job. I never told you these things. I gave Robert a chance when no one else would. I knew his mother. She begged me to hire him. Don’t get me wrong; I have come to like him and trust him. The only way I will fire him is if he breaks rule number two or rule number three. I will not fire him for being late. I just enjoy giving him a hard time. It keeps him on his toes and only five minutes late instead of twenty.”

Noelle smiled. Perhaps all this time she had misread her uncle. Maybe he didn’t need her to keep Robert happy. Maybe she didn’t need to cycle with Robert this evening. Then again, maybe she did. She turned, grabbed the broom, and began sweeping up the flour. The phone rang. Another order. She dropped the broom and grabbed the skillet. “Cheeseburger and large fries,” yelled Mr. Johnson.

“Got it,” she replied.


Excerpted from "The Cyclist" by Ken Barrick. Copyright © 2017 by Ken Barrick. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Ken Barrick

Ken Barrick

Ken Barrick is a 49 year old small business owner and part-time writer who has just released an exciting new fictional Mystery-Thriller titled The Cyclist. This is the first book in a planned series about the main character Robert Kinney. His first book was a non-fictional book of short stories titled -The First 130 Feet, which shared Ken's experiences as both a recreational and commercial SCUBA diver. It reached number 11 on Amazon's Top Books in Water Sports when it was released in 2011.

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