The Right Family (The Right Family Series Book 1)

The Right Family (The Right Family Series Book 1)

by Susan B. Roara


Publisher Burlington Publishing LLC

Published in Romance/New Adult & College, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Lucy has always had a soft spot for Jack. As they grow up together, their relationship turns into something more, but when tragedy strikes, Jack is whisked away never to be heard from again.

Several years pass. The boys in high school don't interest Lucy, and she continues to think about Jack. Where did he go? What does he look like? Does he think of her? When she finds out where Jack might be located, halfway across the county in Indiana, Lucy drives to meet him, not knowing what she'll find, if he'll recognize her, if he'll turn her away, or if he'll even be there.

Sample Chapter


There was a look she got when she lost control of her actions. I’ve seen it many times, that angry look. It began with her eyes. It started with her inability to look you in your face, for fear that her emotions would become known to you and to the others. The feelings of hatred, disappointment, and frustration shoved deep down inside her, yet visible all over her expression in that awkward, frowned appearance that made her look ugly all over.

Then there was the voice.

The changes to her voice that clearly indicated and warned you that something bad was about to happen. It started with a little ranting. The underlying mumbling you heard, that this was all your fault. If it weren’t for you, life would have been perfect. You’re the reason why she acted this way. You did this.

And then it began. The screaming. The high-pitched release of sound and dissatisfaction that exploded out of her mouth, rendering her victims shocked and confused. Everything she’d bottled up vomiting in your presence. The violent attack of words and actions that left you battered and assaulted physically, shaken and disoriented mentally, as to how could I make this better. How could I fix this?

Then there were the faces.

The horrified look of terror and fear on all the little people’s faces, haunting you. The children who had been unwillingly sucked out of their warm, comfortable beds to witness the breakdown of their loved one, left horrified and crushed, tears streaking down their cheeks. The heartbreaking sense that one person was sucking the innocent souls right out of the room, forever changing them.

Then coffee and donuts. Laughter ensued and everything was right again. Things appeared normal and life began to move. You forgave and continued on. But you never forgot. The ugliness was bound to rear its head once again, and you silently waited for it and watched for the signs.

That was my mother.

Despite her faults and her uneasy ways, the world was a far better place with her in it. As all young children think, I thought she would be mine forever. I never thought anything bad would ever happen to my mother.

I was wrong.


Excerpted from "The Right Family (The Right Family Series Book 1)" by Susan B. Roara. Copyright © 2015 by Susan B. Roara. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Susan B. Roara

Susan B. Roara

With great gratitude, I wish to thank you for your time and interest. I am a mother of four young children and live in a small town in Connecticut. I consider myself an intuitive writer and believe that everyone has their purpose in life. Mine was to write and raise children. I love who I am and I love what I do.

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