Mystery in The Forest

Mystery in The Forest

by Ken Shores

ASIN: B071FD645F

Publisher Ken Shores

Published in Religion & Spirituality/Fiction, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Literature & Fiction

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This book is about some of the mysterious stories that can come from the forest. This is a factious story that could be from real life. These stories will challenge the reader in their life with what happen to these people.. You will meet two families who experience some unusual circumstances involving being in the forest. Also reasons for children not to be alone in a forest. One person who almost lost his family, but what happen in the forest saved his marriage. This Mystery in the Forest will be an unusual part of this book that will cause you to think about yourself and others.

Sample Chapter

Not too long after that, both families and our parents went on another camping trip. We all gathered around the camp fire and again shared stories. This time it was about our growing up. Jack’s father was the first to share his story with us.

He started with how he and his older brothers loved to go hunting in the fall. The, woods (forest) were where they would always go. He Continued, my brothers told me that until I was older I could only use their 22 rifle. He related a story about one time they were tracking rabbits in the snow. When one was finally in sight, his brothers all fired their shot guns. Not a single shot hit the rabbit. The brothers at the same time became very upset, when I fired their 22 rifle and hit the rabbit. They made me carry the dead rabbit back to the house. They were so upset that they Didn’t eating any of the rabbit at dinner. That became a big story of our family.

All of our wives told stories that night about how they loved camping in the woods (forest) when they were growing up and the many contests they entered in the county fairs, where they won baking and sewing contests.

My Dad Ed told how when he was young and his father (my grandfather) would take him into the woods and teach him how to pick the trees to cut for lumber. He also warned him about being in the woods at night. There are many strange things that go on at night in the woods. For your own safety get out of the woods before it gets dark. One time he said that he spotted a perfect tree he could cut down and use to make a desk for his Dad. This was in the forest next to their house. It was getting dark when he spotted it. When he and his father reached their house, I decided to go back and cut that tree down before it got dark. (I never mentioned that tree to my dad as the desk was to be a surprise for his birthday). My Dad continued, I was half way through cutting the tree down when darkness set in. The woods in that area were so thick with trees, that you could not see the sky. Strange sounds around me were getting louder and louder. I couldn’t remember which direction I came from. I tripped over tree roots and vines thinking they were snakes. I was in tears trying to find somewhere to be safe, because I was lost. It seemed like hours when I first saw lights coming at me. Then I was really afraid until I saw it was my brother and Dad. Boy, did I ever get a lecture about being foolish and being in the wood after dark. My Dad wanted an explanation! I made up a story, but I didn’t tell him about the tree. I later did cut the tree down and used it to make my Dad’s desk as a birthday present. After I surprised him with the desk, I apologized about the story I told him. He just laughed, (The real mystery in the forest is the last story)


Excerpted from "Mystery in The Forest" by Ken Shores. Copyright © 2017 by Ken Shores. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Ken Shores

Ken Shores

My name is Kenneth E. Shores (website www, Honored to be selected first page 2017 Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Edition as Professional of the Year Born May 5, 1932, in Dupont, Indiana Served my Country - U. S. Army November 3, 1949 to January 27, 1953 Served overseas under United Nations July 1950 to January 1953 Disabled Veteran - April 8, 1951 45 years of education - work record - from laborer to upper management, including International, owned several businesses and traveled over most of the world. Selected to be included as part of 100 selected for 2017 Stratemore"s WHO'S WHO Worldwide distribution. I Started writing my first book March 22, 2007 the same day God placed in my mind during my daily devotional time, the beginning, the end, everything I was to write and the title, all in about ten minutes. God is the real author of this book. The first edition book was published in December, 2012 for others to experience how GOD is REAL. God's timing regarding the second edition book was delayed for unusual reasons, until Dr. Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas book "How Can I Know" was published. Dr. Jeffress book address the subject "Is There A God", using facts and good logical reasoning, however my book “Is There A God" book, covers the subject as a person's life story as living proof to the answer of "Is there a GOD". Second edition published June 2015 with name changed to original name given to me. Book increased pages from 301 to 382. Third edition was published July 2017 and reduced to 330 pages.

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