A Life By Request

A Life By Request

by Carolyn Jaymes


Publisher A Life By Request

Published in Religion & Spirituality/Occult & Paranormal, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

A walk-In souls journey from earth to heaven, and back again. A true story of love, life, and the other side. This is an extraordinary true story about the power of love and its ability to transcend any barrier, including the boundary between heaven and earth.

Sample Chapter


Thank you for joining me on this journey.

This story happened and is still happening to me. I was hesitant about writing this book initially—a reluctant author, you might say. Although people urged me to tell my story, I argued with myself that I would be locked up in a rubber room if I were to explain that the love of my life, who died twenty years ago, asked permission to come back to earth and change places with my husband as a spiritual walk-in. After all, that sounds like the stuff science fiction is made of, doesn’t it? I certainly thought so.

In the beginning, I didn’t believe any of this walk-in experience. I found no concrete proof that such a thing could take place, no black-and-white science. It was a nice idea, but I found it hard to withhold judgment. As the months and years passed, I slowly began to trust and understand the undeniable truth of what was happening. Once I began to open up to my circumstances, my life changed in a big and wonderful way.

I have now come to understand how important it is for me to share this journey. Despite my initial disbelief that something so incredible was happening to me—or could happen to anyone, for that matter—as the story unfolded and the clues became obvious, I began to believe.

This could happen to anyone, anywhere. And as fate would have it, it happened to me. For those that think miracles and amazing things happen only to other people—smarter, richer, prettier, or, I guess, just special people—I’m here as living proof it’s not true. Miracles and manifestations happen everywhere and with anyone. Even me, an average woman from a small New England town.

As I share this story with you, I will do my best to be open and candid, express my true feelings, and share what I have learned about the spirit side and how things work, as far as I understand. What I have striven to offer you is my true, authentic, and down-to-earth story, which I will tell in an informal way—as it occurred. I will share with you how the walk-in progression worked in my situation, how it made a bit of history on the spirit side, and even some of the things we were fortunate enough to learn.

I offer insight into the thoughts, experiences, emotions, and perspectives from the physical, earthbound side as well as the spirit side—an inside look as to why some things transpired as they did, if you will, and how it felt at the time, the viewpoints, the ideas, the joy, and the frustrations. Parts of this book are verbatim from recordings I made while working with a myriad of very talented and gifted people. The rest is my recollection of how things happened along the way—and snippets from my personal journal to fill in some of the blanks.

All names, except for Jay, are changed to protect the identity of individuals and to respect their privacy.

My journey is not yet complete and is still unfolding to this day. This is my interpretation of a story that is true to me. It is my personal experience, my life story, and my love story. Call me crazy, but I’m sticking to it.

Welcome to my little piece of the universe.

Chapter One - First Reading

“I have a man here to see you, tall, with dark hair, dark eyes,” April began.

“Is it my husband?” I asked. My husband, Tom, had brown hair, quickly turning gray, and brown eyes.

“No, not your husband, but close to you. He’s coming in heart to heart, which means there is a love connection between the two of you. It’s a very strong feeling,” April said.

I had no clue who it could have been, so I just kept my mouth shut while she continued.

“Carolyn, do you know what a walk-in is?” April asked me.

“I have no clue,” I said to her softly, watching her intently.

“This gentleman is here from the spirit side, and he is standing right next to you. He is very, very upset at how unhappy you are. He knows you are not living the life you agreed to. You are not living the life you were meant to. This is not how things are supposed to be,” April said. “He knows you deserve better than this and has been searching for a way to make you happy.”

“Really? What a beautiful thought,” I replied skeptically. I hadn’t been to see a medium for many years and didn’t know what to expect. But it certainly wasn’t this.

“He’s been around you from the spirit side, and he is frustrated by what he’s seeing. He said it hurts his heart, watching what you are going through. He knows you don’t deserve the unhappiness you have in your life. He wants to come back to you, make your life better.” She went on. “He wants to be with you again.”

“What the hell?” I was thinking. I didn’t know what or whom she was talking about. My brain couldn’t understand how this could be, yet there was something about it that touched my heart, and I was open to it.

“I can’t express all the feelings he’s bringing me. I can tell how much he misses you and how much he loves you. It’s overwhelming me, how intense his emotions are with this,” April said, looking at me almost in disbelief to get her point across. “He is telling me that he was the love of your life and you were the love of his life.”

In an instant I knew who it was; it hit me like a bolt of lightning. It was Jay. I asked April, “Could this be Jay?”

I was met with a serious look from April. “He’s saying, ‘Yes, could it be any other?’ He seems to be bigger than life and has quite a personality. I can tell he’s being a bit of a smartass,” April said, chuckling. “He’s beaming. He is happy you acknowledged him.”

She paused, deep in communication with the spirit side. I waited silently, my mind whirling.

“He just leaned down and kissed you on top of the head,” she told me.

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” I said. It was a nice thought, but I didn’t feel a thing. “So how can this be? Can he really come back to me?” I asked, hopefully.

“Yes, that is what a walk-in is,” she replied. “It is when a new soul enters the body as another leaves and goes back to spirit form. Your soul enters your body when you are born, but with a walk-in it happens between two people. Both parties have to agree to the transfer.”

“Really? That’s fascinating,” I said, wanting to learn more but a little afraid to.

“He seems very serious.” She paused again, eyes searching. “Is this making any sense to you?” she asked. I think she was as dumbfounded as I was, trying to understand what was happening.

“Sort of…” I replied, thinking this was probably the strangest conversation I had ever had. “Jay was my one true love, and he died when I was in my thirties.”

“He’s asking your permission to do this. To come back from the spirit side and be with you,” April said.

“What?” I asked in disbelief. “My permission?”

“I’m finding out more…” April said with a faraway look, and after a moment or two, she continued. “From what I understand that he is telling me, he has to go to your husband’s soul to ask permission to switch places with him, and he needs to know you are okay with that. So he needs your permission. He’s witnessed from the other side how miserable and angry your husband appears to be, and feels he may just agree to a switch.” April paused. “He’s saying, ‘I want things to change for her. I want things to be better. I want her to be happy.’” She looked at me intensely.

This was incredible. It was so hard for me to wrap my head around this, yet my heart leaped at the idea that my life could be different and I could have the love of my life back. “Well, if it really is possible, I openly give my permission.” Then Istopped to think of the love I had shared with Jay. It had been a wonderful and special relationship until life got in the way. If he wanted to come back to me, I would welcome him, but that was a big if.


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Carolyn Jaymes

Carolyn Jaymes

Carolyn Jaymes is an award-winning entrepreneur and a reluctant author. An expert in marketing and business communications, she has worked with presidential candidates, celebrities, and national nonprofit organizations.

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