Hexed (Vol 1)

Hexed (Vol 1)

by Jason Woods

ISBN: 9781546336631

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Horror, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

She knows the ancient rituals of her ancestors well and they always come through for her in subtle fashion. Only this time, the recipe works too well and she inadvertently unleashes a powerful supernatural force beyond her own comprehension. The greed of this force outmatches even that of Joanne's. Now, while Jerald's morality is put to the ultimate test, Joanne finds herself in a race against time and unimaginable odds to save the man she once hurt.

Sample Chapter

About Jo

Jo stood in her sanctuary. It was hidden from her small town; a place down by the pond, a mild southern wind as a relief from the Tennessee humidity that was the norm for this time of year.She found this place as a young child, a time before the city of Franklin had grown to what it is now; a place where her mother and her mother’s mother had practiced their trade in a time when women like her were revered in the community. A time when the people would bring her family trade goods for a simple glance into their future, or to heal a sick child, or to help a girl draw to her the love she wanted. She wondered what it would have been like during that time, a time when her natural intuition and gifts weren’t scoffed at, mocked, or made to look silly in modern movie adaptations. She let out an audible sigh. It seemed like so long ago, before the man-made luminance of the city tainted the night. She remembered when the pond was clearer and, in the distance, she could see the Old Antebellum with its white washed pillars in the distance. Now, it was overgrown. These children didn’t appreciate the land the way that she was brought up to.

“Leave it where you found it, respect this place, respect its magic,” her momma used to say. Jo chuckled. Momma, it’s a shame what’s happened here. “Back to the task,” she said aloud.

Refocusing on her ‘recipe’, as her great grandmother would call it, she could see her candle burning down within the small, hidden cave which was now littered with beer bottles and trash; the ancient stones covered in graffiti. “They definitely didn’t learn to leave it where they found it,” she muttered. The shadows in the cave danced about as she moved and watched her candle, looking for a sign of success. The dancing, she had learned, revealed that the Spirits had heard her request. However, she knew instinctively that just because they heard the request didn’t mean that they would grant the request.What seemed to be a large pop filled the silence as a spark shot from the flame. She knew to pay close attention, as these subtle times were the beginning. Her trained eyes focused. In the flame, she allowed her mind to drift, to blend with the surroundings, letting her mind, body and soul to melt into the environment. She heard it. It was not faint, though, not like she had become accustomed to.

Typically, during Jo’s work, she would carefully plan her recipe, focus her desire, and wait for the right time. Momma used to say, “The right night, the right moon, and the right ingredients. It takes patience, sweetheart. Sometimes, the Spirits don’t always give you what you want right away.” She had definitely learned patience in her life. It wasn’t until very recently that she began to practice her mother’s craft for a man. But, she needed help. She couldn’t let him go. Sometimes the flame would crackle, or the wind would blow slightly harder. Even the candle wax may form shapes in which she could divine the future of her recipe. What could probably come to pass? It wasn’t like in the movies, where the Spirit would show some physical manifestation and POOF, suddenly appear in front of her. That’s just not the way it works. She would have to wait to see the effects, and look for signs. It may be a certain song on the radio, or seeing her desired wish from her work on a billboard, or even a name on a television show; something small and explainable to the untrained eye.

Her eyes have learned to see, though. This realm and the next were closely entwined.

“Closely entwined, indeed.” A voice spoke from outside her sanctuary. Jo startled and jumped, knocking her candle over in the process.“UGGGGH,” Jo said, knowing she had ruined her work.She quickly reminded herself to focus. There was someone standing there. She could see the tall figure. A soft and feminine form stood with her arms crossed low on the bodice of her dress, her dark hair kept in a bun. The dress was unique, a very different style than the ones Jo was accustomed to seeing, except in older movies; something she may have seen during plays or a Fourth of July parade. Very southern, she thought to herself.Long sleeves covered the figure’s arms. Thin, lace gloves covered her delicate fingers. Her dress was long and outstretched, reaching the ground. Very different than the modern dress of women. Jo looked at herself, already feeling anxious. She had on her torn jeans and a T-shirt she had been given as a gift from Jay. Here bare feet were muddied from walking through the swimming hole to the cave. Her hair was pulled back into a plain pony tail.

“Well, do you intend to introduce yourself? Or just stand there gaping as you admire my dress?” The figure asked.“Ummm, hi?” Jo responded. “Well, hello indeed. I can see this will go nowhere fast. How do I put this simply? You’re Jo and you asked for my help and now, I’m here. You may refer to me simply as Cassandra.” She mocked. Jo’s emotions were bouncing like a ping pong ball; running through fear, surprise, embarrassment, insult. Her eyes lowered to the ground. She could only manage to get one word out. “Yeah.”

Cassandra responded. “I can definitely see how you ended up in this situation. Bold is something you are not.”


Excerpted from "Hexed (Vol 1)" by Jason Woods. Copyright © 2017 by Jason Woods. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Jason Woods

Jason Woods

Jason A. Woods currently lives in Cordelia California, he's an avid student of Theology, Occult Practices and History. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area as a young man he had early exposure to varied Religious Faiths, Cultures, and People from all over the Nation.

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