The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising (Volume 2)

The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising (Volume 2)

by Patrick M. Bedont Jr.


Publisher Tepbian Kord Publishing

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Jump ahead to 2071 CE. Long after humanity's dominant reign over Earth ends. Now hop on over to a dystopian settlement located in the Wind River Ranges of Wyoming. Follow the Mutineers as they escape the clutches of the nefarious Top Three ruling over the primitive settlement at Fiddlers Lake. Trace their journey with the help of the maps included at the beginning of every chapter to submerse yourself in their world. Become a Mutineer yourself and help save humanity from such plights. Do so by educating yourself while you still can.

Sample Chapter

However, just before he stabs his spear into Julian’s chest, Roland stops. Stopping mid-stab because he hears Hervald crying out from the top of the valley; “Roland snap out of it! Please wait! Don’t do it boy!”

Hervald and the rest of the gang hastily make their way down the valley with Tomas in tow. Tomas is covered in blood and barely hanging on around Darios’ and Vegard’s necks. His skin is now a pale white. Reflecting off the glistening sun overhead and making it apparent that the evil mistress, Death, is hovering over him. Waiting for the moment his mind fully devolves into naught but an eternal abyss to snatch up his soul and take it to the great beyond.

As the group comes together around Roland, Julian, who is staring down at the ground at the blood pooling from his severed hand, slowly lifts his head and peers from side-to-side. Only to notice that he is slowly being boxed in by his foes. Either that or he is having one helluva hallucination. For with him having already lost a considerable amount of blood, Julian is weaving in and out of consciousness. Bobbing around while thinking about how exactly his death is going to go down. Doing so with the same look of terror initially instilled into him by Roland still imprinted on his face.

The moment the claustrophobia sets in, Julian begins to panic. After helplessly staggering around in his delusional state, he proceeds to holler, “What are you waiting–fah–for–ya–you filth–you–cow–ard. Kill–me,” before carelessly leaping toward Roland. Spitting at him as he jumps forward.

Roland quickly falters back. Just narrowly avoiding Julian’s loogey. Doing so before beginning to shake his head violently in a desperate attempt to regain his cognizance, which is still strongly under the Sowilo Spear’s control.

After several awkward moments, Roland manages to recollect his mind. Upon doing so, he spitefully bellows out; “You will suffer just as all of the innocent people you tortured to the grave. You get a punishment that fits the crime! Remember? Isn’t that the ‘law of the land’!? You evil, hypocritical bastard!”

After Roland’s declaration, the group inches their way in closer toward the couple. Forming a large circle around Julian and Roland. So with no hope left of ever conquering his foe, Julian falls to his knees while cupping his severed forearm with his remaining hand. Whimpering as he prepares for his inevitable demise.

Hervald roars, “Everyone quick, join your hands together,” as he and Noslen dash over to Roland.

As everyone joins hands, Hervald completes the chain by grabbing a hold of Noslen’s hand and ordering Roland to give up one of his hands and finish the job one-handedly. Moments after they join hands, Hervald demonically whispers into Roland’s ear; “Kill that evil sonnuvabitch–NOW!”

With Hervald’s directive now on the forefront of his mind, Roland viciously thrusts his spear into Julian’s chest while looking him dead in the eye. Producing naught but a grunt in response as the spear pierces straight through Julian’s sternum. Doing so with no drag whatsoever.

The moment the Sowilo Spear comes into direct contact with an organic life force, it quickly begins illuminating a bright yellow. A sight that causes Hervald to roar, “Everyone brace yourselves!”

Shortly after Hervald speaks, the light being produced by the spear begins floating up off its surface. A bright sphere of light then begins expanding out from the site of impact within Julian’s chest. Light that quickly begins overtaking his body.

While it is engulfing his being, Julian menacingly hollers at the group up until his very last breath; “You kids won’t ever escape! In due time, you’ll all be slaughtered in a sea of blood! They will–come–forgive me–brah–ther–”

Once his body is fully engulfed in light, the sphere radiating off Julian’s body begins to combine with the light coming off of the Sowilo Spear. Combining to form one giant ball of radiant energy that soon bursts outwards toward the rest of the group. Showering them with an impenetrable shell-like barrier as all of their wounds are mystically healed.


Excerpted from "The Last Mutineers: Stigmata Rising (Volume 2)" by Patrick M. Bedont Jr.. Copyright © 2017 by Patrick M. Bedont Jr.. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Patrick M. Bedont Jr.

Patrick M. Bedont Jr.

Patrick Bedont Jr. is a simple man that hails from a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania. Being birthed into a poor family showed Patrick that hard work and dedication will only get you so far. For it is all about who you know in today’s economic climate that will get you anywhere. Else you are destined for a life of slavery. Slaving for the corporations for mediocre wages that slowly decline over the years as inflation runs rampant in a world economy that consists of naught but valueless fiat currencies.

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