Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality

by B. Steve Ross

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Book Description

Like the superheroes and villains in comic books, most of us go through a traumatic experience that steers us in one direction or another. Some of us—four percent of the population, according to some estimates—become sociopaths. These are people who are thought of as antisocial, manipulative, and who most believe lack a conscience. B. Steve Ross, who grew up in a troubled home, has been living with sociopathy for decades, and he explores how he became one in this honest account of what it’s like to live with the condition. He explains how some people are more genetically inclined to become a sociopath than others, and how to spot a sociopath when you come across one. Despite being a sociopath, Ross has proudly served in the U.S. Navy, enjoyed a thriving career as a master electrician, has been married for thirty years, and is the loving father of two incredible children. Find out how he’s done it, and re-evaluate your assumptions about sociopaths by entering his Alternate Reality.

Sample Chapter

Sociopaths are made not born.

“What is wrong with you?” has been the most common phrase I’ve heard more than any other from the time I was a teenager even up until just yesterday. Most people think I just have a weird sense of humor, but it’s more than that.

I recently have come to grips with the fact that I am a sociopath. Although there are various levels of Sociopathy on each end of the spectrum of positive and negative behaviors, most like me, fall somewhere within the middle. Many of my behaviors have changed throughout the years as I have learned how to control and/or fake my emotions. According to the research I’ve done a sociopath is made—not born. Although most researchers believe that the Warrior Gene is not the cause of Sociopathy but is required to become one. Being a sociopath, I understand the correlation between the Warrior Gene and factors that cause Sociopathy. Much like, the Superhero stories in comics, where a normal person who goes through some type of traumatic experience and transforms into either a superhero or super villain, the same is true with sociopaths. Because of the Warrior Gene they are already predisposed to becoming a sociopath, yet without the emotional trigger they would have carried on in their lives as mostly normal human. The lore behind the making of both Spiderman and Batman are good examples. A young Bruce Wayne witnesses his parents being killed in an alley and eventually transforms into Batman. A teenage Peter Parker is the indirect cause of his uncle Ben being shot, watches him die, and transforms into Spiderman. The emotional trauma in all cases is required to fully transform from Warrior Gene to full-fledged Sociopath.


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B. Steve Ross

B. Steve Ross

Like the superheroes and villains in comic books, most of us go through a traumatic experience that steers us in one direction or another.

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