Climbing The Mountain of His Holiness

Climbing The Mountain of His Holiness

by Steven George Coy


Publisher White Eagle Exploits, LLC

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Bible Study & Reference, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

"A glimpse into the heart of God ... a must-read for every God seeker."

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What makes this book unique?

It is commissioned by God through a personal prophetic word and vision received by the author, with a clarion call, "Tell them My son. Tell My people how simple it is. Tell them how simple I have made it. Tell them that with simple faith and persistence they can approach Me and My holiness. They can know Me in an intimate and loving way."

Major factors of appeal

It is a collection of prophetic proclamations, exhortations & revelations, spiritual dreams & visions, real-life tales & testimonials, and inspirational biblical messages.

Chief reasons for publication

1. To obey a Divine commission

2. To honor Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ

3. To encourage believers and unbelievers in their walk and pursuit of God - who desires intimate fellowship with His sons and daughters.

Target audience

1. Believers seeking a deeper relationship with God;

2. Believers wanting to learn to hear the voice of God;

3. Not-yet-believers seeking to know that God is real, that He loves you, and that He is available to meet the personal needs of men and women everywhere as Jehovah Jireh - the God who meets the needs of mankind.


Here is a short dream I had one night which blessed me and my wife. Its meaning is quite obvious, yet there may be more which is not so obvious requiring some interpretation. All glory to God and to the Lamb.

I was shopping in a grocery store. I was sitting on what I will call a flying "shopping cushion", which would take me wherever I willed. I cut through the liquor store, which was packed with people stocking up for a holiday weekend. I headed straight for the exit and out a passageway or hallway which was lined with people waiting to get in. As I passed through the area I noticed that Christian or gospel music was playing--several songs that I recognized. However, I only remember the last one, which was that old chorus, "God is so good, God is so good". Then the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me, "God DESERVES honor and glory EVERYWHERE."

Those two words--deserves and everywhere--were clearly emphasized in my understanding. And with that, the understanding that as God was being honored through music in this setting, unsaved people were also being evangelized through hearing about God and His love through song. I immediately woke up at that point and thought, "Wow".

In our culture and in our religious 'churchianity', we would probably think it sacrilegious that someone might play Christian or gospel music in a place like (but not limited to) a liquor store. However, that is not how God sees it nor Scripture declares it. God deserves honor and glory everywhere, and as we do that in all areas of our lives, people will be drawn to Him.

As I meditated the following morning before the Lord, I tried to imagine a place where this might not be appropriate. In other words I asked, "Lord, do you really mean EVERYWHERE?"

I thought of an abortion clinic. Now, in the natural we would all agree that Christian or gospel music being played in an abortion clinic would not likely happen. However, I believe what the Spirit of Truth showed me was that IF it were to happen, it would sooner or later--probably sooner--shut the clinic down and rout the spirit of abortion (and at some time point folks to the Lord and His love and salvation in the process).

God deserves honor and glory everywhere, "Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

(I Corinthians 10:31)

The Wrestling Match Dream

In the early morning hours of February 14, I had a dream that had a significant impact on me. I’m not sure of its meaning, but have soughtthe Lord for interpretation.

I was in a small room with several people standing around as spectators. I was preparing for a wrestling match against a young man across fromme who was obviously a wrestler. I have never wrestled competitively so definitely felt out of my element. I even took off a long-sleeved flannel or wool shirt in preparation for the contest. In retrospect there was no understanding of why I was going to wrestle him, but in the dream I just knew it was something I had to do. I did not see my opponent as my enemy or someone evil or anything like that.

An unknown person to my right, who was obviously an ally or friend who knew more about wrestling than I did, said something to me like, “Hey, we need to wrap your right ankle” (or foot, I’m not sure which). The next thing I knew my opponent and I stepped forward and engaged each other.

He quickly got a hold on me and the thought flashed through my mind, “This could be over quickly.” But I broke the hold and took him down, landing on top of him. His left leg was up and kind of under me on my right side, so I grabbed his foot and ankle and began to twist it to keephim pinned down for what I thought was the required three

When no one called the match after what I thought was the required time, I looked to my right and there, kneeling three feet away, was the young man’s father (kinda like his coach), watching his son intently. I looked into his eyes, hoping he would call the match, or ‘throw in the towel’ for his son. He was steadfast, meaning ‘not yet’. I applied more pressure and by this time the young man was feeling great pain and cried out, “Dad, Dad!”, meaning, “Dad, stop the match”.

I saw the pain in the father’s eyes, and being a father myself felt great compassion for the pain he was experiencing for his son. This time he gave the nod. I immediately released, stood and moved toward him with outstretched arms blurting, “I’m sorry dad!”, meaning, “I’m sorry I had to put your son in pain.” The match was over in what seemed like 30 seconds.

I immediately woke up. It was 4:15 am and I lay awake for some time, emotionally affected by the dream. I eventually went back to sleep and dreamed again, this time trying to tell my born-again sister, who is two years younger than I, about the dream. It was very difficult and with great emotion as I again was feeling the pain of the father’s heart for his son’s pain. My sis - all she wanted to do while I was trying to tell her about my highly emotional dream - was dance in the sun and worship God!

That evening (Valentine’s Day) I was sharing the dream with my wife and another Christian couple. I experienced much emotion, even finding it difficult to refrain from tears, while I tried to describe the contents and emotions of the dream.

sgc 2/14/2009

Possible Dream Interpretation from a friend and former pastor: I sense maybe somebody close to you or somebody you know is doing some things that need to be addressed and God wants you to confront this person and wrestle them until God says enough. This person may be at a time in their life where they are calling for help but nobody is listening or paying attention. Once the match starts and you have a hold of this person don't let up until God says enough or this person will go right back to doing what he was doing. Even when they say enough don't stop until God says stop. You must remember that this person has asked God for help and you are the answer to this person’s prayers. Blessings Shawn

Author’s note: My wife and I believe this interpretation is right on. The young wrestler in the dream represents our youngest son, who has been running from God’s call on his life for some time. Since God is absolutely faithful, we continue to proclaim and call forth God’s destiny for his life.

Author's update 2016: Jedekiah was miraculously delivered from meth addictions in the weeks or short months following this dream. He is now a married, highly productive young man who loves to share his testimony to God's glory. A gifted musician, he also leads worship at his local church. I 'wrestled' with him for years, but it was the Lord who set him free!


Excerpted from "Climbing The Mountain of His Holiness" by Steven George Coy. Copyright © 2017 by Steven George Coy. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Steven George Coy

Steven George Coy

Steven George Coy was born, raised, and educated in Illinois before moving to the Rocky Mountains. After short stints in Colorado and New Mexico, he spent more than two decades roaming the hills and mountains of Wyoming where he and his wife - who now reside in SW Colorado - raised their two sons. His unique educational background includes a BS from Southern Illinois University in natural resource management and two graduate degrees from the University of Illinois at Springfield - one in biological sciences/wildlife and one in psychology/counseling. He also holds the Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Theological Seminary where he graduated summa cum laude. His professional experiences include teaching, counseling, pastoral ministry, and seven years as a wildlife biologist for the US Department of Interior in Wyoming. His outdoor stories have been published in several outdoor/hunting magazines including Outdoor Life, Eastmans' Hunting Journal, Christian Outdoorsman magazine, Remington Country, the Wild Sheep Foundation's Wild Sheep, and others.

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