The Last Soldier: Nature of the Beast

The Last Soldier: Nature of the Beast

by James Weatherford


Publisher Outskirts Press, Inc.

Published in Literature & Fiction/Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Jason Randal finds himself in the middle of civilization's collapse, wanting only to get out of the way with his wife Catherine, and survive if they can. Carley Ross and her lover Boone, accompany them into the mountains in search of a safe place to weather the coming storm. The young couple's skill in the wilderness proves invaluable, but Carley's headstrong attempt to return home, brings Jason and Catherine back to the front lines. There they discover the government's horrifying plan to bring the population to a sustainable level.

Sample Chapter

Silently, Jason got to his feet and climbed up the back of the tank. Miller froze when he felt the cold steel of the .45 behind his ear. Leaning near, Jason whispered, “If you so much as twitch, I’ll drain all that pus, right out of your skull. Now take your weapon by the barrel, and rest it on your left shoulder.” Doing as he was told, Miller released his weapon without resistance. “You’re a sneaky bastard, ain’t you, hero?”

“Just get your ass on out of there.”

Backing up as Miller climbed from the hatch, Jason replaced the .45 in its holster. With Miller between him and the other men, he shouted at them. “All right you assholes, you're not gonna find anyone over there, so throw down your weapons and raise your hands.” Taken by surprise, the men froze. “I said, throw down your weapons and raise your hands.” This time he emphasized his order, with a burst from Miller’s machine gun, aiming at the ground right behind them. That was all it took to convince them, that he meant business. They quickly dropped their weapons, and raised their hands high above their heads.

“What you plan to do now, Colonel, sir?” Miller asked, sarcastically.

“Shut your damn mouth and get down,” Jason replied, gouging the man with the gun.

Jumping to the ground, Miller turned to face his captor. Both of his eyes were black and swollen, there was a strip of tape across his flattened nose, and the blood had dried on the front of his shirt. When he spoke, it was through split lips and gaps where two teeth had been. “See what you did to my face, you son of a bitch.”

“I‘ve got news for you, Miller, you weren’t much to look at to begin with. Now, back up with your crew.”


Excerpted from "The Last Soldier: Nature of the Beast" by James Weatherford. Copyright © 2012 by James Weatherford. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

James Weatherford

James Weatherford

James grew up in central Texas, hunting and fishing along the Bosque river. His first paying job at age twelve was driving a hay truck; at sixteen he started operating bulldozers. Attracted to the freedom of life on the road, he drove trucks from Texas to Ohio and from California to Virginia. He operated heavy equipment from the solar fields of California to paper mills in Arkansas and Alabama; from power plants in Texas and chemical plants in Louisiana to copper mines in Arizona and a gold mine in Alaska. Now, with a degree in engineering and a desire to leave a track on the earth, he builds roads. Thru it all, he has been a student of human nature and has concluded that the Indians had it right. We each have two wolves fighting inside of us, one is good and the other is evil. The one that wins the fight, is the one that we feed.

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