Seduced into Shame

Seduced into Shame

by Laura Gagnon

ISBN: 9781542450263

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Are you stuck in a cycle of sexual addiction, guilt, condemnation and shame? Do you experience unwanted demonic night time visitors? Are you desperate to win the battle for purity and be set free from the bondage of shame? Have you failed to find the answers you need?

Join the author as she exposes the spiritual root issues behind lust, the war against marriage and families, and learn how to discover the path to freedom. A tremendous resource for those interested in working with God in self deliverance as well as teaching and training others in compassionate healing ministry.

Sample Chapter

God’s plan from the beginning was to have sons and daughters so that He could have relationship with mankind. His motive was not to have servants, but children with whom He could share His heart in unbroken fellowship. When He created Adam and Eve and set them in the garden of paradise, it was because He desired intimacy in relationship.

God made Adam first, then took a rib out of Adam’s side and made him a wife. They were made for one another. Their hearts were pure and innocent, because from the beginning they were made to have intimate fellowship with God. Scripture says,

“And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.” Genesis 2:25 ESV)

Consider what it would be like to have unbroken communion with God. Our minds cannot even comprehend it! If I were Adam and Eve, I would not be able to contain myself waiting for Father to show up every evening. Like an excited child, I would run to the door to meet Him and jump all over Him, showering Him with hugs and kisses. I would be so excited and full of questions I would be bubbling over with anticipation. I doubt if I could think of anything else aside from wanting to be in His presence. And why not? The Father’s presence is absolute pure love, acceptance and delight. He is not stuffy or emotionally disconnected from His kids. He loves us with a deep, everlasting, unconditional love. He shares in our enthusiasm for life and He laughs when we are silly. Now, imagine that you have enjoyed all that, truly delighting yourself in the Lord. And one day, quite unexpectedly, a stranger showed up with the insidious desire to destroy the love and bond that you shared not only with your Father, but your spouse. In one swift move by the enemy, a family is broken. This is what we walk into in Genesis chapter 3.

Up until Adam and Eve came along, Lucifer felt special, and he was. He was extremely handsome in appearance. He was the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and covered in the rarest and most beautiful gems. Precious stones have no light of themselves. They can only reflect the light that shines upon them, and his was brilliant. He was known as the bright morning star because he reflected the glory of God. He, too, walked with God and enjoyed his fellowship. Ezekiel 28:14 says that he was the anointed guardian cherub that covers; he was placed on the holy mountain of God. Cherubim are sometimes depicted as small chubby angels with a childlike face, but that is not accurate. They are actually described as quite formidable creatures in the book of Ezekiel.[1] They are created beings that protect the holy things of God. They guard God’s domain from sin and corruption.[2] They are also symbolic of God’s holy presence because they are always in His presence. Lucifer’s role was not just as the worship leader in heaven, as is sometimes implied. He was an instrument to bring praise and glory to God. His voice was described as having a tabret and pipes, which are musical instruments. Worship was indeed a part of his role, but it was so much more than that. The way he was made was literally a form of praise to God because he was so beautiful, wise, equipped in melody and truly a sight to behold. He walked in the midst of the fiery stones that came from God’s altar. He lived in the very presence of God. He was a guardian and protector of God’s holiness and presence. Scripture tells us that Lucifer was “perfect in his ways from the day he was created – until iniquity was found in him.”[3] That means that Lucifer at one point was blameless and morally pure. We know this is true because God does not allow sin or corruption in heaven.

Even though he was the image of perfection and covered in every beautiful, precious stone imaginable, it was not enough. He was created in such perfection that even his wisdom was without fault. He was created holy and blameless, until he grew full of pride. He corrupted his wisdom and perfection for the sake of his splendor. The extent of his betrayal is incomprehensible. I cannot personally fathom how much pride and arrogance developed in him to lead him in such rebellion against God. He was in the presence of perfect love, acceptance and holiness from the very beginning of his creation, and yet he was willing to throw it all away. His lust was insatiable. Lucifer wanted to be like God and receive the worship that rightfully belonged to God. He wanted to be adored, like God. He wanted others to enthrone him and raise him up in power so that he could be a god. He wanted to be in charge, and fought for the right to live independently of God’s will. Rules were for subordinates! He would do as he pleased. So God cast Lucifer to the ground, and a third of the angels who had followed him into rebellion fell with him.[4]

... Satan, appearing as a serpent in the garden, was full of lust and covetousness, and full of hatred for God’s true sons and daughters. The first thing the enemy lost as a result of his pride was the first thing he went after in God’s children: their purity. They, too, had also been created to be holy and blameless, to live in God’s presence and enjoy His fellowship. If Satan couldn’t enjoy God’s presence any longer then neither would they! The whispers of temptation succeeded in breaking the bond of intimacy and trust between the Father and His children, and it broke all of their hearts.

As you can see, Satan’s downfall was not just because of pride, but due to lust and covetousness. The door to lust is not always through the things that people might expect. Through the pages of this book we will explore the less obvious spiritual relationships between lust, temptation and the means by which Satan seduces people into making ungodly peace treaties. Every lie is tailored to appeal to his prey. Satan crafts the temptation in order to lead people into a snare. Once he has them hooked, he binds them to fear, pride and disgrace. Then the person begins to make fig leaves to cover their shame...

Our Father knows that people want to live free from disgrace. No one has to live under a black cloud of guilt, condemnation and shame. Condemnation is the byproduct of shame, but scripture tells us that we have been emancipated from the death grip of sin and shame through Jesus Christ. We are no longer slaves of sin. The question is, which identity are you living in? The old man or the new man? If a person lives in the old identity, then there is a part of him that is chained to the old master, Satan. So, the key to understanding is why the chain to the old master is not yet broken. There is a part of that person that needs to die so that the new nature can take effect. We don’t try to breathe life into the old man, because the old man has to die. But, when that person makes a choice to live in Christ, then a new law takes effect, and under that new law it is written in Romans 8:1, “therefore, now no condemnation awaits those who are living in Jesus the Anointed, the Liberating King.” The law of the Spirit of Life breathes into them and liberates that person from the law of sin and death. The ability to live in our new nature is because we walk according to the movement of the Spirit in our lives. There are many people who understand these truths, yet continue to live chained as a slave to the enemy. The question in their minds are, “What am I missing?” “Why can I not seem to get the victory?” Read on, and I will show you.

When it comes to issues of a sensitive nature, the church tends to shy away from topics they feel ill equipped to address. Sometimes that means they also distance themselves from those who have issues that make them feel awkward or uncomfortable. That’s where we all need personal growth and to work on love and acceptance. The subject in this book deals with things that people don’t often want to address because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Pornography, lust, and demonic torment from sexual demons are not exactly casual dinner conversation. You’re probably not going to hear it preached on a Sunday morning, either. For the most part, the unspoken message that is conveyed is, “We don’t talk about that here.” ...

... When people are hindered in asking for help, they find themselves in prison. They become bound in every way possible, afraid that someone will discover their secret sin. And so, isolated by their own fear of discovery and embarrassment, they remain bound to shame, fear, and insecurity. The fear of losing face in front of others is very real. The fear of admitting personal failure, addiction or bondage is sometimes so painful and embarrassing that people cannot bring themselves to be honest with others about the issues of their life. ...It breaks God’s heart to see His children enslaved, and He wants to deliver them from the fear of asking for help.

In a 2014 survey of church leaders, 50 percent of pastors and 68 percent of Christian men confessed they visit some source of online porn weekly.[5] If you are one of those statistics, you’re definitely not alone. Can you imagine the amount of unclean spirits attached to people's lives that keep them locked behind walls of shame, fear of judgment and rejection? How can people get delivered if no one talks about it?

I grew up in the presence of demonic spirits that were with me all my life. I did not know where the door came open, they just always seemed to be there. I remember being a very young child and sensing unusual things in my life. Even as a little child, I knew there were things within my own family life that were dysfunctional. Whether from extreme poverty, where we lived, or my dad’s mental illness issues, it just felt like we had all been cloaked in shame and rejection. It was always there. I realize now it was the stain of generations of sin, but I didn’t understand that then. I just always felt this sense of rejection and being an outcast. There was also a sense of being watched, like there was some invisible presence around me. They were familiar spirits but I did not know that then, either. Fear and insecurity were huge in my life. I also had an unnatural attraction to the supernatural and occult. Lust had been with me since I was a child. I remember having thoughts and feelings that were very inappropriate at such a young age. Even by the age of 5 or 6, I knew there was something unclean about the thoughts and feelings I experienced. When a person has demonic spirits attached to their life, those spirits will always look for a place to manifest.

Sometime in my early teens I saw a horror movie on TV that involved a paranormal spirit raping a woman in her sleep. I was struck with both fear and fascination, and it seemed to be a door the enemy used to gain even more access to my life. It wasn't long after seeing that movie that I began to have demonic nighttime visitations. I could tell that a spirit was touching me without my permission. I never saw a form but I knew when it was there. The demonic presence brought fear, but the sensations were pleasurable and arousing, so it quickly became habitual. This became an agreement in the spirit realm that bound me to Lust for many years. It would be at least another twenty years before I got saved, and even more than that before I was able to finally get free.

Never think, "Oh, it's just a movie. It isn't real. There's no harm in in." Not everything comes without injury to your spirit, mind and emotions. The enemy knows if he can seduce your mind then eventually you will give him your body. Guard yourself and your children from watching certain things because the enemy is always looking for a way in. As a teen and young adult, I was extremely lonely and depressed. I tried desperately to fill the gaping hole in my heart. I longed for love but looked for it in all the wrong places. The more I participated in sin, the more I felt depressed, rejected, unclean and guilty. It became a horrible negative cycle of seeking validation and comfort, only to feel more guilt, condemnation and shame. In my teenage mind, sex equated to love. What I really desired was love, acceptance and comfort from the deep sense of loneliness and rejection.

Generational curses and demonic attachments existed in my family before I was born, which contributed to my brokenness. I also opened doors to the enemy through my own sin. I lived in bondage for many years and became a magnet for others with demons attached to their lives. Every time a person has sex outside of marriage they are committing sin. We know this through scripture. (1 Cor.6:13 - 19; Rom. 13:9; Acts 15:20). God’s plan for sex is through the covenant of marriage. Many people in this day and age do not wait for marriage. Through the act of intimacy, they form soul ties with others. They go from one sexual partner to another, dishonoring themselves in the process, leaving pieces of themselves behind. This leaves people with wounds of rejection, shame and guilt, which causes their souls to become fragmented and scattered. It also produces demonic attachments. Every demon that was active in the life of a previous sexual partner, and all their partners before them, can then become attached to the person they slept with. It’s like spiritual venereal disease. Lust and other spirits can be transferred through physical contact much like a disease is spread through germs. Many people do not realize that demons in one person’s life will strategize with demons in other people’s lives in order to continue to reproduce cycles of brokenness, bondage, pain and suffering. Darkness attracts more darkness, and unclean spirits are attracted to one another. Satan was my master and as such, he overpowered me. When a person is under the dominion of another master, they are subject to the will of that master.

When I got saved, those spirits didn't automatically leave. Though I tried very hard to fill my life with good, godly things and I was very committed to serving God, nothing severed the demonic attachments. I continued to feel an unclean, ungodly presence molesting me at night and in my dreams. I prayed and sought God for help, seemingly to no avail. I wanted to be set free, but I was too ashamed to approach anyone with my problem. I felt there was no one to turn to; no one that I felt would understand or know how to help me. It’s a horrible place to be, and many people are stuck in that very place right now.

The church made it seem as if willpower was the key to living free. Just stay in the word and live right. That was a religious answer, but not a spiritual one. While abstaining from certain activities can certainly help a person stay free, that is not the answer to getting free. That is such a simple and inadequate answer to a very complex issue. That was not all there was to it. I needed deliverance, but the people in my life at the time did not have the answers because the church barely mentioned deliverance, if at all. The fear of rejection and being judged by others in the church was too great. I remember one particular woman there who did have the gift of discerning of spirits, but she was also terribly immature in that gift and had a critical attitude. One day as we were talking, she abruptly looked at me with disgust, rolled her eyes and said, “Ugh, there is such a spirit of lust on you! You need to do something about that!” And she walked away. I was shocked, hurt and humiliated. I felt like telling her, “Congratulations. You succeeded in humiliating another human being. Well done.” All it did was reinforce my sense of shame and the inability to have a sense of confidence towards trusting others in the church. I felt so unclean and ashamed to admit the nature of the problem. I could not bring myself to ask about such an uncomfortable subject. I believe many people have also met with the same judgmental attitudes of others in the church. Sometimes even pastors and other ministers fail to exhibit the compassion that is needed to truly help others navigate their path to freedom. It’s ok to admit when that is not your level of expertise, but I believe the church has a responsibility to provide someone knowledgeable and anointed that can help. People are hurting and they need help. My hope in being transparent on this subject is to help others understand the incredible amount of courage it takes for people to ask for help when they are covered in deep shame. We cannot afford to turn anyone away without the answers and help that they need.

I finally got saved when I was 32, but I was not free. The man that later became my husband had some frustrations of his own he was trying to work through. He, too, felt bound by fear. He felt there was no one he could trust to confide his struggles. He was a pastor at the time he faced his struggles, but felt very alone in the battle. The thought of how to address his personal life issues was incredibly intimidating. Ministers fear rejection and judgment from their peers just like anyone else and probably more so, because they are standing in front of others as an example. When people look to you as a role model, admitting that you are struggling with demonic strongholds is quite difficult. Fear of disgrace keeps many people silent when they should be able to reach out to someone for help. It doesn’t even have to be lust, pornography or a sexual issue; it could be anger or some other sin that people have a difficult time admitting. When Satan is allowed to silence people then they can never get the help that is needed.

It is so important to find someone that has both the knowledge and experience that can help with the issue at hand, as well as someone that can be trusted to keep a confidence. People will not ask for help if they do not trust others to honor things said in confidence. The enemy is well aware how to wield the weapon of shame. You can’t heal what someone is hiding. Pride often masquerades as fear. It keeps people locked up behind walls of performance and pretense. Pride is simply an artificial shell that tries to protect us from the feeling of fear. Fear often comes from shame or the feeling that others will betray us. Feelings that we don’t know how to resolve are difficult, but it takes baby steps to trust others. Take a step of faith. Instead of feeling paralyzed by fear and shame, ask God who you can trust with your problem. Trust Him to lead you to the right person. We all have to face our Goliaths, but God will help you take the enemy down.


Excerpted from "Seduced into Shame" by Laura Gagnon. Copyright © 2017 by Laura Gagnon. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Laura Gagnon

Laura Gagnon

Laura Gagnon is blessed with the gift of understanding God’s restorative work through her own personal experiences. She knows first-hand the power of God’s compassion, grace and mercy. Through her prophetic insights, teaching and revelation, God has led her to influence many people into a restored relationship with Jesus Christ. Once bound by bitterness, witchcraft, lust, shame and fear, she now helps others find their way out of spiritual oppression. Laura stands on the promises of God and encourages others in an elevated expectation of the miraculous, boldly declaring the gift of His life. Laura has authored several other books including Healing the Heart of a Woman, Prayers for Impossible Situations and Healing the Heart of a Nation. She is co-author of her husband’s book, Room to Grow, and also writes for her blog, “Beyond the Barriers.” Contact Laura Gagnon at

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