King of Shades (The Walker Chronicles) (Volume 1)

King of Shades (The Walker Chronicles) (Volume 1)

by Nickolas L Wolf


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Book Description

In the streets of Chicago there is a new threat: the embodiments of fear, known as Shades, have made their way into the real world. Only Walkers can see them, but nothing can kill them. Walkers have the ability to manipulate dreams and nightmares, which may come in handy when they realize that the Heart of Dreams might be in danger of corruption. Will they be able to save people's dreams? Or will they allow both the dream world and the real world to fall into darkness?

Sample Chapter

I could almost make out a face through the interchanging ripples. It looked like the face of a girl… maybe. I lifted my hand to the wall to touch it, but another hand shot out and grabbed my arm. Water droplets sprayed my face and I was pulled through the wall.

It seemed wet for a brief moment, but when I was on the other side of the wall, I was completely dry. I stumbled to the ground.

“Looks like we got a new Walker who doesn’t know the rules!” a voice said. I looked up to see a pale guy about my age. He had contacts in that made his eyes look icy blue. His hair was tall and black and it curved down in front of his forehead. He was wearing similar clothes to me. There were two other guys standing next to him. One was tall, thin, and blonde; the other was tall, well-built, and had blue dyed hair. “Don’t you know that Dreamers can’t cross over to the Realms of Nightmares?” the first one asked.

I began to protest, but was grabbed by the other two guys. They carried me over to a drawing of a dark forest and forced my hand upon it. I was propelled into darkness and soon landed on the cold, hard ground of a gloomy woodland. I carefully got up and observed the area. It looked much more like a nightmare than a dream.

Howls and growls entered my train of thought. I spun around to see a pack of enormous wolves baring their teeth at me. They were the size of horses and all had black, coarse fur. I began to step backwards, but with every step that I took, the wolves took two more towards me.

Now or never. I tried to visualize a weapon of some sort. The first thing that came to mind was a shotgun. The wolves seemed to notice the new object in my hand and realized what it was. They darted towards me, launching themselves off of the ground with their powerful hind legs. I took careful aim. Boom! One hit the ground with a hard thud after having fur and flesh torn off of its torso. I carefully shot at the other two and they collapsed as well.

“What do you think you’re doing?” a loud voice yelled. I turned to see the guy that pulled me through the wall. He had a strong stance and looked ominous and menacing. “You’re ruining my realm!” I watched as he split into two separate beings, both looking identical to each other. They multiplied over and over until I was surrounded by many clones of the same guy. I felt my heart-rate increase as they began to step towards me all in unison.

“Maybe this will teach you to stay out of the Realms of Nightmares!” they all said in unison. An evil looking smirk spread across their faces as they closed in. I summoned a pistol, took aim at a clone, and shot. The bullet stopped right in front of his face and all the other clones disappeared. The bullet fell to the ground before his feet and he vanished. I looked around frantically, trying to see where he went. He soon reappeared in front of me and threw his fist at my face. I was too slow to block it and I hit the ground with a thud. My cheek throbbed and grew hotter. The guy disappeared again. More black wolves materialized around me. They were so large that I did not have to look down to meet their gaze. My heart was racing faster and faster. How do I get out of here?!

The wolves suddenly began to growl and shake and split open. All of the beasts around me burst apart in a gruesome mess. I stared horrified at the disgusting carnage around me.

My gaze soon was caught by something even more terrifying: a similar figure to the one I had seen in the park. It was shambling down the foggy path of the forest, eerie moonlight shining above it. I shot at the creature, but my bullet passed right through it. The landscape started to morph: trees twisted and grew; the ground started to grow upwards like spikes oozing with black tar. The skinny creature increased in speed, phasing back and forth until it stood right before me.

A hand grabbed my shoulder from behind and pulled me back. I fell out of the nightmare and back into the dimly lit room of dark art.

“What were you thinking?” a familiar voice yelled. I stood up and saw that Paul had confronted the guy who pulled me through the wall.

“I was just trying to haze the new Walker a little,” the guy said. “He was looking a little too curiously at the Barrier. I didn’t know that he was going to attract a freaking Shade!”

“Anyone who steps foot in your realm would attract a Shade!” Paul yelled. He walked over to the dark forest picture, pulled a lighter from his pocket, and burned the drawing. “Time for you to make a new realm,” he said. The blue-eyed guy had a look of anger and disappointment on his face. Paul turned and grabbed me and pushed me towards what they called the ‘Barrier’. As I was escorted out of the Realms of Nightmares, my eyes locked onto a girl’s. She was beautiful: long, flowing brown hair, tan skin, and Amber eyes. I was thrust through the Barrier and hit with a state of wetness, then dry again.


Excerpted from "King of Shades (The Walker Chronicles) (Volume 1)" by Nickolas L Wolf. Copyright © 2017 by Nickolas L Wolf. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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