The Cat on Salter's Point

The Cat on Salter's Point

by Anita Dixon Thomas


Publisher Tavares Entertainment, LLC.

Published in Literature & Fiction/Humor, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

This is a story of a young social worker, Rachel Thomas, who embarks on a crazy adventure when she accepts her first social worker job at Salter's Point Hospital, a psychiatric facility outside of Seattle. On her first day, a suicidal patient mysteriously disappears from the hospital. Doctor George Benny, the patient's lover is suspected in her disappearance. Rachel befriends Jamie Lee, an alcoholic social worker at the facility. They find a way to connect him to the patient's disappearance.

Sample Chapter

Jamie, Rachel and Sally head back to the admissions unit and they run into Peepers. The big cat crouches low in front of Doctor Hornsby's office door hissing and bearing his fangs. When he scratches the door, his sharp claws leave deep marks in the doors's veneer. Soon patients and nurses gather in the hall holding their noses. The three women gag as they force their way through the crowd. "Someone, please call housekeeping," Sally yells trying to push back a dry heave. "And someone please page Doctor Hornsby!"

A nurse hurries down the hall to the nursing station. She snatches the phone off its receiver and calls housekeeping and then she pages Doctor Hornsby.

"DOCTOR HORNSBY PLEASE COME TO THE ADMISSIONS UNIT!" She pages. She hesitates, gripping the counter, her face an ashy grey color. Once the urge to vomit passes, she pages Doctor Hornsby again. "DOCTOR HORNSBY YOU ARE NEEDED ON THE ADMISSIONS UNIT! She belts out.

Five minutes later, Doctor Hornsby shows up, grinning from ear-to-ear. She strolls over to the crowd. "What's going on here?" She innocently asks, not the least bit bothered by the pungent odor.

"Don't you smell it?" asked Sally looking grave. "Smell what?" asked Doctor Hornsby with a gleam in her eye.

"Don"t you smell that freaking odor?" asked Sally. "It's coming from your office and it stinks!"

"My, my, aren't we out of sorts this afternoon," Doctor Hornsby said smiling. "Stop playing with me," Sally hisses. "What do you have in there?"

"In where?" asked the doctor looking around. "You mean my office?"

"Yes, doctor, I mean your damn office," said Sally gritting her teeth. "Yeah, what's in that office?" The crowd echoes, holding their noses.

They move to the side creating a path for the doctor so she can get to her office. Peepers scratches the door at a fever pace, his long black claws scraping off the paint. He flashes his fangs and the hair on his back sticks straight up when Doctor Hornsby approaches. "Please move that cat," she said. A nurse picks up the cat and takes it down the hall. Doctor Hornsby faces the crowd. "I have been doing a little experiment," she explains.

"An experiment?" The staff groans. "What experiment?" They shout getting frustrated. "Let me show you," she said. She pauses briefly and then she unlocks the door and shoves it open. The odor hits everyone in the face like a ton of bricks and they back up, gagging and coughing. One patient vomits on the floor while another patient runs straight to the nearest bathroom. When housekeeping staff finally show up, they too are recoiled from the pungent odor. Doctor Hornsby, unfazed by all the commotion, goes into her office and grabs a tupperware container off the desk. She returns to the doorway and opens the container.

The odor is so bad, several staff throw up on the floor right in front of her, while some cover their mouths and run across the hall into the bathroom. Doctor Hornsby giggles like a hyena, shoving the container in Sally's face. She recoils. "What the hell is that ?" She asked plugging her nose.

"A brain," said Doctor Hornsby. "A brain?" Sally repeats, sounding like a parrot, as she begins to feel sick.

"A donated human brain," Doctor Hornsby said looking proud. She sniffs the contents of the container. "See it's not that bad," she said.

Rachel and Jamie head straight to the bathroom. The color in Sally's face disappears, turning a pasty, pale white. "Why in the hell would you have this in your office?" She manages to ask, trying not to vomit. "Have you gone nuts?!"

"Now calm down dear," said Doctor Hornsby, trying to reassure her. "I was doing a little experiment and forgot to return it to the lab this morning."

"You forgot to return it to the lab?" Sally asked, sounding like a parrot again, with her eyes wild. "You are out of your freaking mind! Get this out of here now!"

"Very well," said the doctor with a sly grin on her face. She seals the container and closes her office door. "Sorry my dear friends," she said. "I didn't mean to upset anyone."

Then she strolls down the hall, humming to herself, soon disappearing around the corner.


Excerpted from "The Cat on Salter's Point" by Anita Dixon Thomas. Copyright © 2017 by Anita Dixon Thomas. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Anita Dixon Thomas

Anita Dixon Thomas

The author Anita Dixon Thomas is a licensed clinical social worker, a native of Steilacoom, Washington with a passion for telling stories. She is a honor graduate from the University of Washington where she received her bachelor of science in general studies and her masters in social work. . Earlier in her career, she wrote articles for the Seattle Medium Newspaper, addressing issues ranging from foster care to hair care. Ms. Dixon Thomas specializes in mental health and she has worked in the profession for the past 32 years. She is a first time author in fictional story telling, drawing from years of work experiences in the field. Her novel, “The Cat on Salter’s Point” promises plenty of edge-of –the seat action. It’s a dark comedy with many twists. Ms. Dixon Thomas completed her second novel, called “Three Sheets in the Wind” a sequel to her first effort. The novel is available on

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