Spiritual Tales: Inspired by Spirit

Spiritual Tales: Inspired by Spirit

by Carmen Cordova


Publisher Carmen Cordova

Published in Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Spiritual Tales is a riveting, action-pack, vivid and highly readable adventure that will captivate the readers’ attention. Journey to the beginning of time and witness Lucifer’s amazing transformation from an angelic being to a diabolical creature; walk by the side of Mary and experience her painful and emotional anguish; listen to the agonizing confession of a suicide victim and much more.

Sample Chapter

Although it was pitch black all around him, oddly enough, he was able to see clearly his torso and legs. The sight was hideous. The areas were covered with immense bloody sores and rotting flesh. The sores were so deep that the bones were visible. A mixture of blood and a black thick fluid oozed continuously out of the sores. Hundreds of ravenous worms kept crawling in and out of the sores feeding on the rotting flesh. The pain was excruciating. Tears mixed with sweat and blood bathed his face. He felt defenseless and captive by an intangible force. At first, he cursed the driver that caused the accident. However, he realized it was useless since no one heard him. He was all alone and trapped in an infernal abyss.

“This is definitely not a dream. I am no longer in my physical body. I never believed in life after death, spirits, or anything pertaining to that subject matter. However, here I am in a world unlike the one I was accustomed to. This is real. Life continues after death,” he said repeatedly, as abundant tears continued gushing down his face.

He was tormented by constant pain-filled memories of the past. The faces of his mother, Farid, Marie, the homeless man near his work place, the little Indian boy and elderly man and others invaded his thoughts. During such recollecting, he could feel deep inside him the painful suffering and humiliation they endured due to his relentless and cruel verbal attacks. The pain emanating from his decaying flesh and past memories was too much for him to sustain.

“Stop! Please, stop this. I can’t bear it any longer,” he shouted desperately. However, the tortures of the vivid memories and pain continued.

He wept frantically as a lost child in a vast labyrinth unable to find his way back home. His feelings of apprehension continued to intensify. He wanted to escape, but could not. There was no way out.


Excerpted from "Spiritual Tales: Inspired by Spirit" by Carmen Cordova. Copyright © 2016 by Carmen Cordova. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Carmen Cordova

Carmen Cordova

The author is a native New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent. She has a master’s degree in psychological counseling from Columbia University and is a graduate from the Alfred Adler Institute. In addition, she possesses a master’s degree from the Tri-State College of Acupuncture. She was raised to believe in Spiritism and continues to practice many of its ideologies. Additionally, she has traveled to various parts of the world exploring the spiritual practices of diverse religions. She has written another book-My Spiritual Journey.

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