Medica: An American Crime Story in the Advent of A.I.

Medica: An American Crime Story in the Advent of A.I.

by Scott Cote and Johannes Lierfeld


Publisher Scott Cote

Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

MEDICA isn’t just a book; it is a portrayal of possibilities. MEDICA is a high-concept book with a complex and expanding universe. MEDICA is a story told through human drama and compelling characterization. With political intrigue, action, drama, and sexual encounters that may be more than gratuitous, MEDICA leaves the reader excited about the Yang of what could be accomplished between the human race and Artificial Intelligence. It also warns us of the Yin of potential dangers should Artificial Intelligence ever fall into the wrong hands or under a leader who poses a threat to the world.

Sample Chapter

Things We Love

There were only three things in the world that Michael felt possessive over: a Vintage 1957 Martin guitar, the identical guitar Bryan Adams played on the Bare Bones album; a 1965 Shelby Cobra; and his waterfall sanctuary.

The vintage Martin guitar was Michael’s way of expressing his emotions. His uncle John took him to a Bryan Adams concert when he was sixteen; the rhythmic beats of the guitar and the intoxication of the crowd’s fever, over his tone, would carry for years throughout his life.

Uncle John filled his spare time participating in auctions while searching for rare collectibles. He acquired the Martin guitar in the Skinner Auction and Michael's cobalt blue, 1965 Shelby Cobra convertible with a 427 Big Block at Barrett- Jackson’s Las Vegas Collectors Car Auction.

The Shelby Cobra was the first thing Michael’s eyes set on when he pulled into Uncle John’s driveway. The vibrant color sparkled with the rays of the sun. He envied his uncle’s ownership of the prized car. Uncle John came out to greet Michael with a sly smirk on his face. Michael anticipated a bit of boasting from Uncle John, but in its place was a set of keys.

Michael, stunned, sat motionless until Uncle John's tenor laugh and a firm grip on his shoulder snapped him out of his trance.

“It’s yours, Michael. Congratulations, Doc, nice job!”

“I don’t know what to say, Uncle John.”

“Don’t say anything, you earned it, and I’m sorry my lousy brother and his wife aren't here to celebrate with you. You deserve much better than the two of them. Remember what I said, we are family, and I will always be there for you, Michael. You only need to call this number.”

Uncle John handed Michael a unique card with a 3D image of a muscular, skeletal figure on the front and a telephone number on the back. He then handed Michael a strange- looking cell phone, but before releasing, he said, no one is to know about this phone, and you are the only one authorized to use it. It will only work with your fingerprints, and the next step, it takes your face and voice to activate.

Michael recognized the phone immediately; it was identical to Rebecca’s.

“Where did you get this from, Uncle John?”

“I can’t disclose that right now, but you will learn soon enough, Michael.”

“Why do people keep saying that to me? It’s starting to get me extremely frustrated. If it were anyone else, I would force this issue a great deal more.”

Seeing and touching the phone released overwhelming feelings for Rebecca and their time together. The brief break he had from thoughts of Rebecca capturing every part of his brain was not gone. Thoughts of her consumed Michael again.

The expression on Michael's face exposed a common theme Uncle John was familiar with. It was a goofy expression of someone bitten by the love bug. He also knew the love bug was Rebecca. It wasn’t his decision to disclose that knowledge of her, his word had been given and wouldn’t be broken.

“Well, are we going to take this thing for a test drive or what?”

“I still can’t believe you did this, Uncle John.” Michael stepped out of his Lexus sedan and jumped into his new Shelby Cobra.

“Get in, let´s take her for a spin.”

Michael felt like a little boy again, only better. Taking the steering wheel in his hand for the first time was exhilarating. The smell of the leather flooded his senses. His hand reached for the key, and with one turn, the purr of a lion bellowed under him. The power of the 427 Big Block racing along the highway embodied that of wild horses. He had the envy of all men as they stared, admiring the Shelby; their midnight dreams would undoubtedly involve replacing Michael with themselves in the car seat as they drove long into the night.

The Russian River Brewing Co. on 4th Street was the perfect setting for the guys to celebrate Michael's last hurrah before starting his residency in Boston. Uncle John began with a toast. He held up his favorite mug of ale, called Damnation, and smiled warmly at his nephew.

“Here’s to you, kid. With you in the mix, our healthcare system might actually have a chance at health being introduced to it.”

“It’s a relief to know you are always in my corner, Uncle John. I would have been lost growing up without you as a role model.”

Uncle John thought of himself as a great adventurer. He flew around the world, exploring different cultures, while sometimes taking sizable risks. Climbing Mount Khuiten, which straddles the corners of Russia, China, and Mongolia was one of those rare experiences, where he had no regrets. It had some of the continent´s most scenic views that were only matched by the hospitality of the resident nomads. His favorite person to share photos, native trinkets and stories of these adventures with was Michael.

Upon awakening Monday morning, Michael had a touch of a hangover, but he was glad to have it, since it was evidence that the previous day did exist and in the driveway was his man-machine. After loading a few pieces of luggage and his guitar in his dream car, he started on his way to Boston to begin his residency. The ride would be approximately 3,000 miles, so the plan was to spread it out over five days. Michael calculated if he drove at an average of 70 mph he would arrive on time. He then remembered he was now driving a Shelby Cobra; his Shelby Cobra. Acceleration fell under his command. He researched the worst states for speeding tickets, and only Illinois and New York were on the top ten list, and they were at the end of his trip, but he still needed to be careful. Michael did, of course, have an ace-in-the-hole, having an uncle who was a technical genius gave him an advantage. Uncle John installed a device with satellite capabilities that used an advanced U.S. mapping system to track his exact whereabouts and an alert that would display on the 3D, high- graphics screen the location of any radar detector devices. He knew where they were and their distance from his location. If they moved, it could even detect their speed, and the time/distance it would take to get to him. The system was called M-Tracker. The technology would redirect him to avoid being caught by exposing any radar within 25 miles. The strange thing about the system was the car that represented Michael’s was a Shelby Cobra. He laughed, aware Uncle John had to have a hand in it. The experience resembled “Gone In Sixty Seconds” with Nicolas Cage.

The following Monday, Michael’s new boss, Dr. Bishop, was shocked to see he hadn't arrived at the hospital. When he spoke with Michael about the residency program at Massachusetts General Hospital, he stressed the importance of responsibilities and time management.

Dr. Bishop thought Michael clearly understood what he meant. ‘Could I have been wrong?’

Eight hours went by when the call came in. Dr. Bishop received an alarming message. Michael was involved in a horrific car accident. The physician on the other line, Dr. Grossman, reported him to be alive but that he had sustained head trauma and appeared paralyzed from the waist down. They couldn´t confirm whether the paralysis was temporary or permanent until Michael regained his consciousness.

Rebecca and Uncle John both received the same text message to view a video that had been put up on YouTube Saturday night. They were warned it would be alarming. Rebecca pulled up the video and pressed play. The scene appeared on a freeway, the Massachusetts Turnpike. A big rig started to lose control and then fishtailed. There were 40-mile-per-hour winds pushing the big rig back and forth until it finally lost control. Its back end swung across violently as it smacked an incoming car right into the guardrail. The car flew straight through the guardrail, down an embankment, until its speed of 80 miles per hour was abruptly stopped by the force of a 30-foot tree. The car was a cobalt blue Shelby Cobra. Rebecca hands pressed to her face in an attempt to hide from the horror of what she saw, but more for what she knew. Michael’s Uncle John sent her a picture of the graduation gift he had gotten Michael. It was of a cobalt blue Shelby Cobra. Oh my God, please don’t let it be Michael. Her lungs began to tighten until they spasmed and she couldn’t breathe. Rebecca leaned forward with her mouth agape and heaved vomit, covering the floor.

Her MEDICA phone rang with an alert. Rebecca refused to answer it; she couldn’t handle what the person might say. For fifteen minutes she refused to answer the alert. She finally forced herself. Liaison's voice crept into her ear: "I'm sorry, Rebecca. It's Michael.”

John's experience of witnessing the YouTube video struck an even deeper chord. A flashback appeared in his mind; a constant reminder of the night his family died.

John’s wife Beth and his only son Kenneth were killed in a car accident fifteen years prior. Their injuries were so extensive that the emergency room medical staff refused to allow him to visit the bodies. John pressed the issue. The answer resounded: it's best you do not see them. The torment John experienced turned their refusal into rage; he intensely pivoted to his left, reached up and tore the 25-inch Panasonic TV off its frame. He launched the large mass across the room, along with an animal roar. Patients and their families ducked as the high-tech system bounced off the sterile white wall.

Reluctantly, the doctor escorted John through the narrow hall to where his family lay waiting. He felt like a man on skid row being walked to the end-point of his execution… if this is my wife and son; I need to be that death row inmate awaiting his last breath… I can’t see life without them... The doctor asked him if he was okay and ready. John sent him a piercing look that said everything. The doctor reached for the sheet, and then slowly drew it down over blond, bloodied hair and a distortion of a human face.

A nightmare that couldn’t be silenced captured a man’s soul while devouring his heart one bite at a time. The restraints were invisible, yet they squeezed as a spiked chain deep into his body, his mind trapped in utter darkness, unable to fight back, and unable to escape the agony. John's lifeline to the heavens now pulled from grasp. His wife and son were dead.

The only one to fill the void was his nephew Michael.

John’s MEDICA phone rang, and seconds later, Liaison's voice echoed in his head. “John, I am sorry, it’s Michael.”


Excerpted from "Medica: An American Crime Story in the Advent of A.I." by Scott Cote and Johannes Lierfeld. Copyright © 2017 by Scott Cote and Johannes Lierfeld. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Scott Cote and Johannes Lierfeld

Scott Cote and Johannes Lierfeld

About the Authors: Scott Cote is the founder of two medical technology companies: Grr-ithm, Inc.( and Sherlock-NMD, Inc. He has been involved in healthcare in its many forms for over sixteen years. His independent life studies and research have centered on; understanding human biological function/dysfunction, and Artificial Intelligence and its potential applications in solving complex challenges plaguing mankind. Scott has been happily married for twenty-two years and has three beautiful daughters. He is the Co-writer of MEDICA’S screenplay (MEDICA The Chosen Ones) written as a TV series. Dr. Johannes Lierfeld is a scientist and long time fictional writer. He has developed over 20 screenplays, sold three series concepts, and wrote the screenplay for the award-winning and critically acclaimed dystopian SciFi thriller "2012" (the 2007 version.) He is a lecturer at both Philipps-University and the University of Cologne, teaching screenwriting and narrative concepts.  His habilitation thesis focused on Artificial Intelligence and its effects on society. Johannes and Scott have already completed the screenplay for the TV pilot for MEDICA. They are presenting the script to industry leaders in production.

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