iSin: Have Your Cake and Eat It 2.0

iSin: Have Your Cake and Eat It 2.0

by Shay Dawkins


Publisher Son of David Publishing

Published in Self-Help/New Age, Religion & Spirituality/New Age, Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Realize. Awaken. Unleash

iSin is an inspirational and self-reflective read that will EMPOWER you to REALIZE, AWAKEN, and UNLEASH YOUR LIMITLESS POTENTIAL!

REALIZE your limitless potential and triggers of sinful emotions.

AWAKEN your limitless potential by learning how to manipulate sinful emotions.

UNLEASH your limitless potential by creating healthy thinking habits because your thoughts generate your emotions.

This read has a money-back-guarantee to improve your life, right now, and in the long-term for both you and those you love-- "Life 2.0." So, do you want BETTER?

Sample Chapter

Song: “Centerfield” – John Fogerty

“Get off the Sidelines and LIVE ALL OUT!”

This book is essentially “your guideline to get off the sidelines and LIVE ALL OUT with no regrets!” (Hence, the “put me in coach” reference in the above song.) The goal of this read is to keep you entertained and excited from start to finish while providing you with essentially important information on how you can empower yourself to become a better version of yourself or “2.0 You.” This read should be FUN for you just as your life should be FUN! This book does have a bit of a puzzle aspect to it so when you see some “different punctuation or capitalization,” then know that it is punctuated and capitalized that way FOR A REASON. The puzzle aspect adds a “fun element” of having to search and think continuously. There is nothing random or haphazard about this read or how it is written and organized. I will make some subtle superhero references here and there. You can ask any of my close friends, in that I make up nicknames for anyone I am close too because life is a lot more FUN when you are in the role of being the “superhero version” of yourself.

All of us as individuals have a superhero version of ourselves just begging to be let out; this “superhero version” of yourself is the “2.0 version of yourself” that is about to be activated and released from this read.

The “sinful acts” that will be discussed in great detail are “spiritual (emotional) crimes” that hinder and weaken you, me, or anyone from tapping into your, my, or anyone’s potential and power. You as an individual must learn to avoid these “sins” or “emotional crimes” if you truly want to become the “2.0 superhero version of yourself.” The material discussed is very deep, but the information has been thoughtfully laid out to where it is straight forward, entertaining, and relevant to you no matter where you are at in life. This read will provide you with the framework to long-term build and create whatever life you want to create for yourself. No gimmicks. No quirks. No jokes. The read is organized to where someone who is brand new to the information being discussed can go from a beginner to an expert by the end of this read. How much you get out of this read will depend solely on you, how much FUN you want to have with it, and how much you, as the reader, want to think and evaluate what is being discussed for you, yourself.

In a nutshell, this read is essentially “FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL.”


“It is sinful for one to not strive to become the best version of oneself as one would be robbing oneself and the world of the wonderful talents, love, peace, and joy that was never unleashed from within oneself.” -Shay Dawkins

“If you shoot for the moon, then you may only end up in the clouds. If you shoot for Mars, then you may only end up on the moon. If you only shoot for the clouds, then you may never get off the ground.” -Shay Dawkins

“No one is capable of loving and caring about YOU how you are capable of loving and caring about YOU. Thus, you must ‘First Love Yourself’ if you want to continuously become a better version of yourself.”

-Shay Dawkins

Song: “Hero” –Mariah Carey (play entire song)

Song: “One Man Can Change The World” –Big Sean

1.0 Introduction

If you died tomorrow, then could you honestly say today that you lived your life to the fullest? Could you truly say you became the best possible version of yourself that you were capable of becoming? Would you have any regrets about the things you didn’t do? Did you live your life all out with passion and purpose? Did you do everything you possibly could to experience and live in the love, enjoyment, and peace that you were meant to experience?

Did you know that RIGHT NOW you can begin living your life to the fullest? Did you know that RIGHT NOW you can begin becoming a better version of yourself? RIGHT NOW, you can begin living your life all out, full of passion and purpose. Your happiness, your love, your enjoyment, your peace, and your limitless potential can begin to be activated and experienced, RIGHT NOW!

Do you want to live a BETTER LIFE, “LIFE 2.0?”

Have Your Cake and Eat It 2.0

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should FEAR NEVER BEGINNING TO LIVE.” –Marcus Aurelius

“My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” –John 10:10

“I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” –Michael Jordan

Would you like to tap into and live in internal riches(love, peace, and joy) along with acquiring the ability to attain whatever external riches you desire as well? It is not a far-fetched idea to be truly happy and have monetary abundance. It truly is not far-fetched for your work to also be enjoyable for you. It’s actually quite simple. Logically, it goes a little something like this:

1) There is a boundless potential residing within you.

2) To begin to activate this potential from within yourself all you have to do is make the conscious decision to “love yourself” as your #1 priority. Now, “choosing to love yourself” may sound a little funny to some, so think of “choosing to love yourself” more as “you choosing to build a loving relationship with you.” Just as a loving relationship is built with another person, a loving relationship with yourself is built upon care (love is most important), communication (getting to truly understand and know yourself), and trust (faith in acting on what you internally feel is good or right for you and not acting in ways that you internally feel is bad or wrong for you). Initially when you choose to “love yourself, first and foremost” it may feel a little uncomfortable in that you may feel you are being “too selfish” so let me go ahead and inform you that “love yourself” is quite different than “lust yourself.” “Loving others” is absolutely essential to “loving yourself” and this concept will be explained in great detail throughout this read.

3) After you make the conscious decision to “love yourself” as your #1 priority, you will begin to see the world in a totally different perspective. A movie reference that accurately describes how you will feel to some degree is how Neo in “The Matrix” feels after he is initially awakened by Morpheus in the sense of how Neo was not used to using any of his physical muscles because he had never physically exercised before; this read specializes in showing you how to THINK better and use your MIND in ways you may not have ever used your MIND before!

4) Just as Neo had to go through rigorous physical and mental training to teach himself how to use his muscles, you will have to put in the work of building a relationship with yourself via learning to create “good thinking habits.” I’m not going to sugar coat it in that it will be uncomfortable and difficult at times because “living in love” is much harder and difficult than “not living in love.” For example, it’s extremely difficult to forgive another person when that other person was 95% in the wrong and you were 5% in the wrong, but you FORGIVE them anyway FOR YOU because you understand your peace and your joy is more important than your pride and “you being right.” Great progress is never accomplished from comfort zones.

5) This book is not a short-term “lottery ticket” because I cannot tell you exactly “how to love yourself” as I nor anyone could ever understand you, the way you can understand you, nor can anyone else put in the work for you. This book is a resource that provides you with the frame work for you to “learn how to love yourself” and activate the “super hero version of yourself” that is begging to be let out. “The best version of yourself” is screaming to you, “Let me out!” Your destiny is calling out to you saying, “Let’s DO THIS! You are meant to be GREAT!” Other people that you both know and don’t know are saying, “Unleash your potential. The world needs your unique talents!”

6) So, you are left with a decision before you that only you, yourself, can make. Do you want to put in the work to empower yourself and build your strength by learning to avoid sinful acts and emotions that only weaken you? Do you want to activate all of the unique talents that you already possess? Do you want to learn to be so strong that you are the ROCK and SHELTER that the ones you love can come to and lean on in times of trouble? Are you ready to unleash your peace, your love, your joy, and your potential into a world that desperately needs it and is calling out for it?! Are you ready to become a better you, “2.0 You?”

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” –Abraham Lincoln

“A girl knows her limits, but a wise girl knows she has none.” –Marilyn Monroe

“Somebody’s got to be the hero, might as well be me.” -Charles Barkley


Excerpted from "iSin: Have Your Cake and Eat It 2.0" by Shay Dawkins. Copyright © 2016 by Shay Dawkins. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Shay Dawkins

Shay Dawkins

Song: “Rebirthing” -Skillet The Recipe: Failure, Adversity, Family, No Quit I reveal to you what I have gone through in my personal experiences (in the full "About The Author" section of iSin) to show you logically why I have attained the information of this read. I am not perfect. Any individual who invests as much time and energy as I have researching these topics will become an expert in their own right. I have so much good information to share because of the emotional learning experiences I have endured from the emotional adversity from my past “failures.” When you endure failure and don’t give up, you begin to learn very thoroughly and quickly. Failure also brings adversity and I have learned that adversity is a key component to making a person think differently. Put all of the “failure,” the tremendous amount of emotional adversity I have experienced from my “failures,” mix in a strong family who has believed in me both personally and financially; throw in the fact that both my parents where hard on me which instilled a relentless work ethic within me at a young age; sprinkle in the fact that I truly want to become “the best possible version of myself;” then, top all that off with the UNWAVERING FACT that when I actively LIVE the topics discussed in this read I am at my best, and you arrive with this book, iSin: Have Your Cake and Eat It 2.0.

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