The Millipede Effect

The Millipede Effect

by Rodney D. Brooks


Publisher AuthorHouse

Published in Politics & Social Sciences, Nonfiction/Social Sciences, Nonfiction

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Book Description


Government, Civic Organizations and Religion all play a major part in finding ways to help the plight of the homeless. This is displayed on a daily basis by so many who are constantly doing their part through service, financial giving and voluntary work. However the challenge remains the same. Like the millipede, with its many body parts and many legs, there is much misinformation and even greater fear about the problem. We take a look at the successes and challenges of this age old problem.

Sample Chapter

When you think about someone who is homeless, stranded, or down and out, I am sure all kinds of things come to mind. Some are real and some are perceived, but all determine how you will act toward that individual or someone in that situation.

My interest in the matter is not something that is a mountain-top revelation; nor does it make my effort any greater than the next person's. What you will find in this book is my effort to do my part in this century-long struggle and hopefully a common person's perspective. Through my faith and belief, I want to find ways to tackle this problem.

There are a great many obstacles facing us in this fight to help those in need. Many great people are doing their part; however, the issues are still here, and on some fronts, they are getting worse. Many individuals are working tirelessly to address a host of concerns. If I could give all of them kudos, I would. Many people are on a mission to deal with the major problems this country faces regarding the homeless. If only one person tried, it would be a monumental task. It will take a collective effort---individuals in conjunction with the government, religious organizations, and social organizations.

Just how big is the homeless population? The numbers have ranged from 3.5 million in any given year, which is roughly 1 percent of the US population.


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Rodney  D. Brooks

Rodney D. Brooks

I am Rodney D. Brooks the current author of three books: The Book of Nicknames, What If? Just A.S.K., and The Millipede Effect. By trade I have been a Human Resources professional for over 28 years. Reading and teaching is a passion for me. So in my writings I try to teach and inform the readers.

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