Dreams of Our Fathers

Dreams of Our Fathers

by TH Hollimon

ASIN: B00H3P597E

Publisher BookBaby

Published in Literature & Fiction/Action & Adventure, Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Mystery & Thrillers, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


A fictional fantasy story of a young man (Beto) who immigrates to the US after a high ranking Mexican Army Colonel brutally murders Betos father, and who’s very life is threatened when the Colonel tries to have him murdered as well.

While Beto joins the Marine Corps in search of his manhood and citizenship, he meets Matt and Jared who like him want to test themselves in the fields of battle during their deployment in Kuwait and Iraq.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away , an official investigation by the Attorney General of Mexico, is opened into the “Colonel’s” life, gathering evidence to convict him of crimes against humanity.

Sample Chapter


My name is PVT Roberto “Beto” Manuel Olivares Rodriguez I am a Mexican national fighting for Kuwait City as a United States Marine part of “Operation Desert Storm” My Uncle Luis told me if I joined the Marines I would automatically qualify for U.S. Citizenship.

My story begins in the small farming town of Tres Rios Zacatecas, which I will explain later for now I belong to 1st infantry division, it was mid February cold overcast and raining at night we were wearing our gas masks in case of chemical attack while the M1A1 tanks were engaging the Iraqi T-55, T-62, and their top line T-72 tanks, way before the Iraqi Forces had a chance to see them.

My English was passable but no worry their was always a translator, and of course there was Jared and Matt two white boys who befriended me, they would teach me English and I would teach them Spanish. But Matt and Jared wanted to learn to cuss in Spanish, I did not have to tell them that in the heat of battle there is a lot of cussing in any language.

We were able to seize AL JABR airfield, when another battle began at the Kuwait International Airport, by days end we along with Arab Forces had decimated Iraqs 3rd Armored Division, liberated the Kuwait Airport, we took control of all access routes to Kuwait City; Arab Troops along with U.S. Special Forces led us into the City.

During all these engagements all I could think about was home my mother Adelita , my dead father”Chencho”,. Colonel Abel , if it wasn’t for Col.Abel I would have never come to the U.S. in the first place, those thoughts carried me through every battle we engaged in, brave soldiers dying for their country and honor, wondering if I died on the battlefield if America would even notice my patriotism honor and service? would there be any yellow ribbons waiting for me a Mexican national fighting for freedom of the United States of America.?

My freedom, I felt was a personal one, I was fighting for the right to gain entry and live freely in America, willing to die bravely like “a United States Marine”. When I informed my mother I joined the Marines for the chance to become a U.S. citizen she was very happy, but cautioned me “cuidate mijo resare que me regreses completo a mi” me escribes mijo todo lo que puedas” she said “Take care my son I will pray you return to me whole, write to me as often as you can”.

To this day thru two tours, many firefights not a scratch or so I thought, Matt and Jared would not let me breathe for a minute, they saved my life more than once, and vice-versa, they would not let me help them sweep a building, a street, a room for insurgents they would tell me to stand guard outside a building, for example I did not understand; wanting to prove my bravery and courage, they told me those were the parameters of my service as a soldier even though I drilled the same way they did technically I was not allowed. “fuck you”!!yelling at them and participating in the building sweeps anyway, needless to say I won their respect.

My english is a little better still thick with a heavy accent, at times laughable. There were some words and phrases I still could not pronounce to save my life. Like for example “Orders” I would pronounce it “Odors”, Jared would tell me not Odors Pendejo!! ORDERS!!!, if the Gunney says “we must follow orders” its not “we must follow ODORS!!! Ha ha ha Jared and Matt would just break out laughing.For me the Marine experience was a very valuable one, I did not realize how valuable until my trip back home I am 19 years old today!! me and the guys are going to celebrate I was able to get my hands on some Russian vodka the closest to tequila i could find, but man do I miss home!!!

The customs and traditions are so different I feel like a fish out of water, I was not going to learn the arabic language, God knows I was having a hard time just learning english, much less arabic, so on patrols I would just let Jared or Matt talk to the locals, I would just watch their back, keep people from rushing us or attempting to talk to us, that also meant women and children, which the Alquada and the Taliban at times used as suicide bombers.

If I was a burden to my unit because of the language barrier or lack of battle experience my unit never told me so, sure any time their was a rookie recruit in our ranks we worried, will he hold up? Keep up? Will he cower under fire? Understanding that very real fact could get you or a whole unit killed, so yes damn right I wanted to prove to my unit I was not a coward, that I can be an asset to my unit and contribute my part in a firefight. That was my greatest challenge I faced everyday, more than just trying to stay alive, but prove to these “Yankees” this Mexicano can fight!!!

Why the fuck would you want to become a jarhead Beto? asked Jared , as they were celebrating in the mess tent, “how the fuck can you talk with all that food in your mouth Jared,?” ,” your fucking spitting food all over us you asshole”said Matt. “Okay let Beto answer your question but you gotta stop eating please, fuck!!! Your gonna drown us !!! Matt kept at Jared.

“Well Jared it’s like this when I immigrated to Houston, I worked for my uncle luis’s friend in his restraunt, I was able to get my greencard. When I turned 18 years old my uncle Luis told me if I joined the Marines I could automatically qualify for citizenship” Beto said.

So tell me now why the fuck did you join? Beto asked Jared “I’m from new Orleans, my number one problem is women I lovvvveee women!! I got involved with someones wife, well that someone turned out to be very important in the community, and that’s as far as I will go to explain to you two losers!! Jared laughing as he said it. Jared was it seemed an extremely good looking young man, he could have been an actor in the movies if he wanted to, he would go to explain to us that wherever he went women would proposition him all the time, “fuck even married women would come up to me and give me their digits so I made my money doing tricks, yea I was a man whore and proud of it!!Jared told us, we thought he looked like Elvis, in fact around the base some us would make fun of Jared and call him Elvis. He would just say “fuck off”!!! “so I figured I better get the fuck out of New Orleans before I end up as gator meat so here I am with you losers!!!

Did I make the right choice?? Ha ha ha jared laughing, but later he told us of him living with his grandmother, the hardships, and how he was the only grandson that would even help his grandmother, his aunts and uncles were not interested in taking care of their own mother, even though they lived in a two story Victorian, his grandmother was cared for at home by a senior services care that provided a nurse, while Jared was finishing his GED.

One night he spoke to his grandmother of joining the military and she gave him her blessing, we never asked him about his Mother or father, brothers and sisters I guess because we did not want to know each other all that well, But LCP Jared “Pinky” Pinkerton III was my friend and “Compa”.

“Well I’m off to clean my rifle with Ms.Bridgitte” Jared said, “Ms.Lt. Bridgette”? Matt asked with a grin and waving his hands depicting a curvy woman, “That’s the one she’s been harassing me and I’m going to talk to her to pleeeaasse stop! don’t wait up boys, well catch you later this huckle berry’s got to go to work for all Mankind” “Happy Birthday Beto” Jared said as he left the mess tent, they had almost finished the vodka, and there was still some birthday cookies left over, it still was not lights out yet, as they were still sitting at the table.

Was it hard to leave your home in Mexico Beto? Matt asked “sure Matt when you see people crossing into the U.S illegally or otherwise it is not because we are desperate to leave our families, in fact in my journey thru the desert some died and we had to continue. I was looking for more opportunities to work for a higher wage and send money to my mother in Tres Rios, we just want to eat like everybody else, if it was the other way around would you not cross into Mexico to seek opportunity for your loved ones Matt? I asked in return.

“Yea I guess I would Beto, but what about your Dad? Matt asked…kind of like looking for a chance to tell Beto something that’s on his mind. “What about my dad”? Beto asked “ well where is he in this”? Matt asks almost indignantly. “ my father was killed in a card game he won, but the loser decided otherwise and back shot my father on his way home one evening, my father’s killer is a large landowner a former Army colonel, his name is Col.Abelardo Gomez de Santilque and upon turning sixteen he tried to have me killed just in case I wanted to avenge my fathers murder, my mother told me that I must leave TresRios because when she lost my father she was heartbroken, if she would lose me too that would be a travesty!!!

So at sixteen I began my journey to the U.S. that is my reason for being here, but I am not here to take up taxpayer money, or to be a burden to the U.S., like all my Mexican people we come to the U.S, to work!! When have you seen in the U.S. a Mexican illegal panhandling for money Matt? Never !!! I said “because we come here for work, and in my case I will be damned if I end up in a mass grave somewhere with other good people who are never seen or heard from again “ Beto said.

“Wow this Col has a real fancy handle ha ha! I didnt know things were like that, I always thought Mexicans would come here illegally because they wanted our jobs”? Matt said “We come here because there is greater human rights and advantage, we feel a chance to progress into someone greater, we can start a business that will thrive, feed provide for our families, attend college, or are we not human also Matt?” Beto asked

“What if you don’t make it out of here in one piece or alive Beto”? Matt asks “ well then I guess that will be God’s call? Right? Beto asked “ but if i get my U.S. citizenship at least I did not die for nothing” Beto said.

"You Matt what’s your story why did you join up”? Beto asked. “well Beto I’m from a small town in Nebraska, when I turned fifteen my parents divorced I went to live with my father my older sister and younger brother went to live with my mother in California, so I rebelled and got into trouble a lot with the law, racing my mustang, getting drunk, public nuisance, this went on for a few years, and finally after the second time he got me out of jail, my dad had a heart to heart talk with me, he told me if I got arrested again he was not going to bail my ass out, that he was not one of those parents that like he said “hock their properties,or blow their whole lifesavings on a lawyer just to keep me out of jail”” so I needed to decide what to do, so the next morning early without telling my dad I went to the recruiters office and signed up so here I am” Matt said beaming like it was the best decision he had ever made.

“So are you going to kill the sombitch who killed your dad” Matt asked feeling a little buzz from the Vodka “ there is an easy answer “Yes” and then there is the hard one I don’t know Matt we will see what happens, shit in fact someone else might beat me to it, I am not the only one “Col Abel” has lots of enemies, like I said before there have been people in past years, good people too that have worked for Col Abel on his Hacienda and just disappeared never to be seen or heard from again.” Beto said.

“ Well maybe he’s a coyote and helped move people to the U.S.” Matt said, “ like I said these people that disappeared were never heard from again, Beto said “ well then I guess this Col has it comin” Matt said sadly,. “ he’s probably not any different than this sombitch Saddam Hussein, he killed his own people using chemical weapons, wiped out whole towns, women and children too” Matt said disgustingly, if he were standing right here now I would shoot him right between the eyes!! Matt said with an air of Marine bravado.

“Hey Beto its almost lights out we better git, patrols in a few hours” Matt said “ hey Beto Happy Birthday Compadreee!!” are you drunk Beto don’t tell me your drunk you lightweight!!! Ha ha ha laughing as they left the mess tent back to their bunks.

Overhead all night long bombing of the enemy forces trying to leave Kuwait was in progress, by morning when Beto ,Jared, Matt along with 1st infantry, and coalition forces rolled into Kuwait City it was devastated with the smell of death in the air all around.

As comfortable as that may sound most of the time it was not, sometimes we only got to sleep two hours, or short naps while walking, sitting, or taking a crap, the lack of sleep makes for a mean fuckin Marine, we all felt on edge all the time, sometimes we just wanted to hit somebody.

The days were very hot and nights very cold, in winter mostly raining, and sand fine like talcum powder everywhere, it was not like the sand in Arizona, this sand would get in your shoes, underwear, in your balls make you itch, annoying. After awhile you get used to the sand, we chose to ignore it on our off time at base camp we would play “sand football” we would even play for money against another unit, gambling was not allowed, but then again a lot of things weren’t like porn magazines alcohol, ,Music!!!

God knows we wanted our music, Jared liked country and rock, Matt liked country,the black soldiers liked rap, hip hop, R&B, God forbid I could listen to my music!! I liked to listen to “Norteno music” like “ los Rieleros del norte” “Conjunto Primavera”, Aniceto Molina, and a few others.Matt would yell at me sometimes “turn that shit off Beto”!! come over here and listen to some real music ,and he would be listening to some singer named “Johnny Cash”?

Despite the restrictions to these harmless activities, we kept them under the radar, their was an invisible line we did not cross, we were careful. Iraq was never home for any of us so we needed our entertainment for sanity purposes to somehow feel normal.


Excerpted from "Dreams of Our Fathers" by TH Hollimon. Copyright © 2013 by TH Hollimon. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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