Secrets to Shine Through the Noise

Secrets to Shine Through the Noise

by Akasha Garnier


Publisher Motivational Press

Published in Biographies & Memoirs/Memoirs, Business & Investing/Biography & History, Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction, Business & Money

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Book Description


Secrets to Shine Through the Noise is a compelling journey from starving artist to mentorship. "Wherever you are on your journey…believe it's worth the trip!" This was Akasha's motivation when she was invited to write the book by the CEO of Motivational Press. #ShineThroughtheNoise began as a collection of travel blogs and ends with inspiring business wisdom. It was written as a source to gain knowledge, power, and skills to make positive changes; it's also a way to give back to the community via promo partner, Teen Cancer America with 10% of proceeds going to TCA.

Sample Chapter

Shine through the Noise is inspired by, and dedicated to my mother Barbara. Thank you for your inspiration, investment and continued support and shine.

June 7, 2016

Three years ago today I got together with some beautiful friends and people to celebrate. I thought I was ready to release a book I had been working on for 7 months, but things drifted apart. Now I am powering through working a day job and getting closer than ever to my dream job with the publication of this book. Over these last three years, I have lived in the remote rainforest, I’ve gotten muddy and drenched, and disillusioned. I’ve followed my bliss and have changed careers. I was an award-winning event planner in Chicago. I have always been a writer. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to travel to several lush and luscious islands. Some travels included postcard pretty sails…and picturesque vistas and plenty of wondering what would happen next. I slipped into the real deal: swimming with sharks in a feeding frenzy, working with traitors, wishing for promotions and watching the conditions. I ended up weathering my first tsunami – on one of my nights alone on the Big Island. Yes, sometimes it takes a village… We will delve further into Hawaii adventures and learning later. I have covered the Oscars. I’ve been to fantastic shows in multiple cities with my U2, Who and Pearl Jam friends. I’ve walked a few red carpets with beautiful men and we’ve celebrated some success together. Several people may ask me where I’m headed. Then I said, “We’ll find out…” This, my friends, is the foundation. I’ve been disappointed and inspired along the way. I have been reminded that I have a slim chance of succeeding in the book and film industry. I’ll do my best to entertain some readers and to be ready to capture the interest of some agents, publishers and producers. I knew then that I could self-publish. Now I understand that I needed to map out a better course to make it happen. I felt that joining and growing a tribe of likeminded creative people would keep our inspiration up and help all our causes. I am thrilled to announce that I will be donating 10% of proceeds from this book to Teen Cancer America! Together we can help with awareness and with their goals of building a teenage cancer unit in each of the 50 states to better address the needs of young adult patients. The cause, people and patients I have met are inspiration incarnate.

Fortunately, I have made true friends and met a muse and catalyst or two. I have already written 2 more books ready for editing as I am still spinning a travel “thrillogy”. It’s a tale of elite events, A-list clients, and captains sailing from sea to shining sea: Voyages from Monaco to Mauna Kea. Intriguing adventures unfolding in Cote d’Azur, the Italian Riviera and paired with their cuisines. A dash of hidden Hawaii and Paris in the Springtime. All I can say is, the view is outstanding from here.

The reviews from my thriller writing are good with moments of greatness. Now, I’ve been asked to add more sizzle, and I will. I’m thrilled to have fantastic tribe members and friends from Maui, LA, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, the French and Italian Rivieras, UK and South Africa that are following and sharing my writing journey as I focus more on some ambitious, yet achievable goals. Let’s see where that leads next, shall we…

[change of mood and scenery]

John Hammond: “All major theme parks have delays. When they opened Disneyland in 1956, nothing worked!”

Ian Malcolm: “Yeah, but, John, if The Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists.” ~Jurassic Park

I went to Hawaii’s Big Island for close to a year to cleanse, and to consider my options. My Hawaii friends say I did the trip in reverse. I started at the top, in the rainforest, not the Californication of Kona side or a humid Hilo welcome. Well, first of all I went to Hawaii with a part-time job, and no friends. My solo toss-caution-to-the-wind adventure began in Waipio Valley. The Valley of the Kings, they say. I lived 1000 feet above a beautiful and intense black sand beach. The view was most Seussian, and I often thought I’d run into The Lorax or The Grinch as some of my closest friends and neighbors. I was greeted by a Night Marcher helmet to protect me. The Valley is rich in lore and legend, which is more than half the reason we are drawn to the area.

This Night Marcher helmet stands guard over the view out my door – six steps before the 1000-foot drop off to the 7th deadliest crossing in the world. ‘Twas the week before Christmas and all part of my welcome.

Secret Waipio Beach lays waiting for us at the end of a STEEP road that descends to the valley floor. The trip takes true preparation, so not just any truck can survive the trek, and I’ve seen what’s left of vehicles along the way. At the bottom of the winding road, you are treated to spectacular views of the ocean and the lush Waipi’o Valley, sprawling like a tropical Grand Canyon. The black sand sparkles in the sunlight. The waves and currents are no joke, so I cannot yet surf here. I could see and hear the Pacific from my ohana. No, I have not yet spotted tropical Grinch, Lorax, red fish or blue fish - but will keep you posted on sightings. #HawaiiLorax, no doubt.

I had to snap a photo where the river meets the ocean while the water was out. I am not too shy to say that I went for a power walk along the rocks and a wave pulled me all the way in. Ah, Hawaiian Baptism with only a few scrapes…not too shabby for the 7th deadliest crossing in the world. I stand by the fact that water is my element, even when covered in sand. You can see volcanic rocks for miles and miles. I spent many days “rock hoppin’” to cross the river and beach when the tide was in. It’s truly a refreshing sensation when the cool crisp river water meets the bath water temps of the Pacific. I saw waves reach 13 feet…with the roar exactly like you would imagine! I also did a great deal of creative cross-training. with the sand and rock hopping. Fortunately, that all helped for my surf and paddleboard lessons with pro Surfer, Jeff Silva three months later.

There were only 4 houses at this valley summit, up a road marked “Private” and protected. I nodded to the “tsunami evacuation” sign as I shifted gears and wound my way upward. The first sprawling house was an original Microsoft shareholder who took his money and ran to the top, paving the way with 14 kinds of bamboo and sailing stories of mutual friends in Seattle. I’m on city sabbatical, but I can’t ignore his sleek red Lotus sport car, one of the only signs of civilization since I’m 8 miles from town and cell service. I was saved more than once by the fact that this rainforest has Wi-Fi. And the tsunami sign was foreshadowing…

I got an invitation to the valley floor and native farm lands where tourists are not allowed. This city girl rooted, planted, harvested and ate taro amongst the trees. As we were driving dramatically through the fields, you can’t help but notice a sense of familiarity. The opening shot from “Jurassic Park” uses a waterfall from Waipio Valley. The view in front of me leads to a double take of another time. Yes, the trees are that T-Rex tall. The leaves, that car-sized. I. Am. Fresh meat.

The mosquitos swarm me immediately, ignoring all my main land attempts at repellant. Adding in a childhood of camping and Girl Scout canoeing through Minnesota and Wisconsin, I still have never been as itchy as I am now. This mosquito buzz is constant around me as they have moved on from native Hawaiians who brought me here. In the span of 5 hours I am completely covered in bites, and then prehistoric mud…and finally doused by an ancient waterfall that reaches down to caress me in an artic water stream. Thank God these Waipio mosquitos do not swim…and I’m in my element again. I’m sure I look like an Herbal Essences commercial chick, flipping my hair. Yes, I come from a marketing family, and it sticks with me. I. Feel. Better.

So many things surprise and shake me during my sejour on Hawaii’s Big Island that it helped me write frequently again. I ended up as a tsunami survivor and came back to the mainland with a fierce glow, motivation...and smile. Alas, I will tell more of those stories another day...and in 2 or 3 books as part of the thriller series in negotiation.

In the meantime, go be outstanding in your field. And then come back in and write down and idea or three.

An extra toast to official #PrinceDay, June 7, his birthday. “Purple Rain” and First Avenue helped shape my early PR, radio and film career and for that I am forever grateful! Please sign up for Akasha A-list for invites, signed copies and special release offers, online or through me tonight. []

Thank you for following my journey. I’ll see you on the flipside.


Excerpted from "Secrets to Shine Through the Noise" by Akasha Garnier. Copyright © 2016 by Akasha Garnier. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Akasha  Garnier

Akasha Garnier

Akasha Garnier first started writing Gothic stories to entertain her Halloween guests in the Twin Cities. Her college radio station nominated her to be Production Director and “the voice of WMMR”. Fortunately the first promo proposal she ever wrote (to First Avenue after being inspired by Prince and “Purple Rain”) said ‘yes’! She continued to round out her writing, PR and diplomatic skills in alternative radio, concert production and travel from sea to shining sea.

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