Rescued Royal

Rescued Royal

by Kayla Marie Buckner


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Book Description


There is royalty in each one of us. There is a fighter and a warrior woven into the very fabric of your being. What if you lived like you actually BELIEVED this?

Kayla shares her beautiful adventure through life full of choices, struggles, temptation, and overwhelming victories that will impact generations to come. These revealing personal glimpses, combined with relevant Biblical teaching, will shed an incredible light on the hearts of those willing to receive the love she has poured out on the pages.

Sample Chapter


You are worthy, SO WORTHY, of love and protection!!! You may not understand it now, but you were kept by your heavenly Father and are sitting here reading this right now.

Feel your heartbeat? This is purpose.

Perhaps you have done drugs and you are terrified of who you became while doing that line, smoking that joint, taking that pill, or trying out the latest fad for the newest high while still unwilling to admit that the person you have become is not who you dreamed of growing up to be. So, you hold your head down and begin to walk in shame’s footsteps.

You lost your virginity to that guy you barely knew at sixteen because you thought that he just might like you just enough to stick around if you give him what he wants.

But then you realize that was all lust and fantasy and you have given part of you away.

The enemy convinces you that you are now damaged goods and unworthy of true love, so you begin to walk in shame’s shadow.

You were molested and or raped as a child by someone you cared about, and who you thought cared about you. Whether that person was a friend of the family, a father, stepfather, grandfather, brother, or an uncle, you were taken advantage of, but somehow the enemy has convinced you that it was your fault. That if you had just been better, it wouldn’t have happened. If you would have just not been born part of the family, then maybe you would have slid by the abuse. If you were worthy enough of love or worth protecting that just maybe it would not have happened.

And the enemy convinces you that with one syllable at a time that you are nothing and that there is no way you could ever tell anyone because you would either ruin lives or ruin your own. You fear that if anyone were to find out they will blame you, so you hold your head down and you walk in shame’s footsteps.

You begin drinking because it was your one and only escape from the reality of your past. One small drink turned into a few, and a few into many, then many turned into bottles, and still it seems as if your past is catching up to you and you cannot run fast enough to make it to safety, so you down one more.

The enemy convinces you that you are nothing but a failure, a worthless piece of flesh that deserves nothing more than the things that have been done to you.

He convinces you that you are a failure of a mother, a father, a friend, or even a failure as a child of God. And so you hold your head down and take one more drink in hopes that all the thoughts that run rampant through your mind will one day take a backseat and quiet for just enough time to believe that you are not crazy. You walk in shame’s shadow because you don’t deserve any more than what you have lived.

As real as shame is, it is nothing but a straight up brutal attack from the enemy himself.

1 Peter 5:8 tells us that our adversary, or Satan, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking out someone to devour. The enemy likes to try and hurt us and take us for all that we have simply because he knows our destinies. He knows Who we ultimately belong to and shame is just one way he will attempt to destroy us because he understands the power of shame.

However, shame is NO match for the power of God!

Because here is the truth…you may have done those drugs, but you can still be that man or woman you dreamed of being as a child. You may have lost your virginity at sixteen, but that does not in the slightest bit mean you are damaged goods!

You are, my dear, beautiful in every way and worthy of true love!

You may have been molested or raped, but it was not your fault! You are worthy, SO WORTHY, of love and protection!!!

You nay not understand it now, but you were kept by your heavenly Father and are sitting here reading this right now.

You may have turned to alcohol, bottle after bottle in an attempt to run, but you cannot outrun the One that loves you enough to give His life for you.

He wants to see you walk in COMPLETE freedom from your past hurts and confusion, and He desires to pursue your heart so fiercely.





Excerpted from "Rescued Royal" by Kayla Marie Buckner. Copyright © 2017 by Kayla Marie Buckner. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Kayla Marie Buckner

Kayla Marie Buckner

Kayla Marie is a gifted & passionate author, speaker, & warrior for Christ. She has a BS in Communication: Multi-Media and a MA in Human Services: Crises Response & Trauma. She recently served as a missionary overseas for a little over a year.

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