Living the Life

Living the Life

by S P Chockalingam


Publisher First Edition Design Publishing

Published in Religion & Spirituality/New Age, Religion & Spirituality/Occult & Paranormal, Nonfiction

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Book Description


A doctor, a justice, a planter, an entrepreneur, a farmer and other similarly placed workers met and provided their own perspectives on ‘life’ and what ‘the life’ means to them. Did they ‘live their lives’ or did ‘the life lives their lives’?

Sample Chapter

A doctor, a justice, a planter, an entrepreneur, a farmer and other similarly placed workers met and provided their own perspectives on ‘life’ and what ‘the life’ means to them. Although some of them are real life stories they are presented with pseudo names. How all of them ‘live their lives’ or how ‘the life lives their lives’ described in the first chapter of the book.

In other chapters, how the extraordinary, self-automated engineering marvel of the human body architecture with the ‘life’ inside withstands and survives the influences, pressures, and winds of changes of different kinds at different times of forces and factors on its voyage in the turbulent waters of the sea of life are explained.

Also, the interconnectedness of the ‘life’ within the body and outside the body is discussed. Interdependence and interconnection with one another of various organisms and with every other human and every other thing in the world are detailed highlighting the importance of holistic approach to life.

Finally, how the inbuilt nature of being spiritual will help to navigate safely, successfully with meaning and purpose the life’s voyage with the adoption of the holistic way of life is brought out in detail in the book.

Spirituality believes in one higher power which may be called God, Goddesses, Divine Power, Creative Intelligence, Vital Energy, Divine Spirit, and Inner Self and so on. Accepting and surrendering to this higher power is the essence of spirituality.

Spirituality develops attitudes and becomes a way of living.

Spirituality is not spiritualism. It is a way of life to live one’s life righteously.

Being spiritual is to believe in God who is the supreme Divine Creator of everything and in the power of prayer.

Being spiritual is to be truthful in thoughts, words and deeds.

Being spiritual is to love oneself and love others as well.

Being spiritual is to think laterally and creatively.

Being spiritual is to look beyond physical and material worlds.

Being spiritual is to have higher level of thinking and connecting with other humans.

Being spiritual is to live a life with principles.

Being spiritual is to kindle the dormant power of consciousness and live with the conscience at all times.

Being spiritual is to keep in touch with inner self and listen to its voice and guidance.

Being spiritual is to inspire and get inspired in living a life of inspiration.

Being spiritual is to transcend from mundane matters and to reach out to lofty ideals and higher level of consciousness.

Being spiritual is to live in the present and not in the past or in the future.

Being spiritual is not to be judgemental even in day to day life.

Being spiritual is to live with mindfulness in every aspect of life commencing from eating, working and sleeping.

Being spiritual is to live with positive attitude negating the negativity in every walk of life.

Being spiritual is to practice yoga and meditation regularly so as to continuously learn to still the mind and achieve calmness, clarity, alertness in the mind and lightness and energy in the body.

Being spiritual is to develop self-awareness and learn to live with intuitive power.

Being spiritual is to awaken the hidden powers of intuition and synchronicity.

Being spiritual is to attract abundance of health, happiness, and well-being in life.

Being spiritual is to live a life without fear and anger as they are enemies of a life to live in peace.

Being spiritual is to practice intentionality to achieve what one wants to achieve in life.

Being spiritual is to live a life of sharing and giving joyfully.

Being spiritual is to enjoy peace and well-being.

Being spiritual is to practice forgiveness for the simple reason that no one is perfect in life including the human who forgives.

All religions with abundant holy commandments, scriptures, and noble sutras, verses, and stories etc. are not helping to lift the humanity from the insanity of killings, and the perpetuation of poverty and to a higher level of living with scientific temper and rationality.

In this Knowledge Age, when scientific advancement racing with extraordinary speed of sharing information and knowledge, the humanity is still struggling with the old modelled rituals and extravagant religious pyramidal and feudal systems of prayers and worship of God. These outmoded systems lead to disbelief of genuine faith, and belief in God. In this context, spirituality offers a royal path to salvation. Albert Einstein’s statement reaffirms the present thinking on spirituality. “The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge”.


Excerpted from "Living the Life" by S P Chockalingam. Copyright © 2017 by S P Chockalingam. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

S P Chockalingam

S P Chockalingam

The author is a post graduate in Economics. He served as a banker for about 40 years. He is now a student and practitioner of Yoga and Meditation for 15 years and a writer. In 1983, he had a unique privilege of meeting His Holiness Dalai Lama in Jakarta. He shook hands and held H.H. Dalai lama's hands for quite some time and conversed with him. This meeting according to the author was the greatest transforming and defining a moment in his life. He published his book THE LIFE--Is It Mystical or Real and Painful or Magical? in 2014. It was published in the USA by Partridge Publications and distributed globally. The web-site is: He is also the author of 6 books in the Tamil language one of the oldest and classical languages in India. All of them are in poetry form. One is Meenakshi Andhadhi with 100 verses in Anthraksha (Sanskrit) form. This means that the last word in the first verse will become the first word of the second verse and it goes on the same lines till the 100th.verse.This is a unique style of poetry form in the Tamil language. This was made into audio musical C.D. music set in Carnatic music. This C.D. is sold all over the world wherever Tamil population live. He lives in Chennai, India after his wife passed away recently having lived with him for 56 years as life- partner with happy and fulfilled life. His three children and seven grandchildren live in the USA.

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