When Minorities Lead in America

When Minorities Lead in America

by Dr. Herman J. Fountain Jr.



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Book Description

What would America be like if Native Americans, Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims, Asians, all other minorities, and white progressives formed a coalition and create a new dominant majority voting bloc, and passed laws that enabled them to achieve academic and economic goals? What if government and commerce in America focused on the concerns of minorities and provided funding to promote their concerns?

Sample Chapter

Growing up in the fifties in Louisville, Kentucky, I wondered how much I was like the other kids in my neighborhood. My parents did the best they could to raise their six children to be upstanding, hardworking, law-abiding and to hopefully avoid incarceration. My mother was the drill sergeant who whipped us for small infractions. My father, a hard worker, always had two jobs, and rarely had normal conversations with us. When I was twelve it occurred to me that he only seemed interested in his children when he was about to beat us.

I was deathly afraid of him because his whippings were brutal when he was angry. Being knocked around by both parents convinced me that I was unlovable. Even today, I still remember the lyrics from a blues song by B. B. King that seemed to perfectly encapsulate my childhood. “Nobody loves me but my mother, and she could me jivin’ too.”

My dad gave my three brothers and I flat-top haircuts that we hated. Playing with my friends one day, someone asked, “Who is the ugliest of us? They picked me. These early incidents heavily influenced my thinking that I was ugly and unlovable. Many whippings and few expressions of love by my parents, coupled with friends labeling me as ugly, convinced me that people I meet in the future will see my flaws and reject me.

These experiences happened in my mostly black neighborhood, before I began interacting with white people. After hearing the stories about how badly white people treated black people, I was terrified because I was already treated badly by blacks. I couldn't imagine how white people would treat me. Years later during a job interview, a white interviewer told me, “You should smile when being interviewed.” I had no reason to smile. I was too scared.

Almost forty years later, there are two reasons why I wrote When Minorities Lead In America. The first is because I heard a twenty-one-year-old African American woman say on television, “Slavery happened many years ago. Get over it!” My guess is that she is not aware of how discriminatory institutions and systems continue to preserve white privilege in America and oppress people who look like her.

The second reason is because the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, Blacks should not attend the University of Texas where they may not do well, but should go to a less competitive school where they will do well. I surmised from Justice Scalia’s statement that he believed African Americans were intellectually inferior, with no consideration of the possible negative effects of the environment at the University of Texas campus.

As an African American male who attended both Historically Black (HB) universities and Historically White (HW) universities, I have insight as to why some African Americans may not perform well academically at a HW school such as the University of Texas. The racial pressures they encounter could significantly impact their ability to concentrate. This is what I experienced at HW universities and a HW seminary.


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Author Profile

Dr. Herman J. Fountain Jr.

Dr. Herman J. Fountain Jr.

Rev. Dr. Herman J. Fountain Jr. is a retired psychotherapist after practicing twenty years at a Florida state prison for adult males. His professional career began as a correctional officer and he was a deputy warden in the Kentucky Corrections system before relocating to Florida. He has sixteen years’ experience as a pastor. Rev. Dr. Fountain is a graduate of Spalding University, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Argosy University. Presently, he is a pastoral counselor, spiritual mentor, and hypnotherapist. Dr. Fountain lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, the Rev. Vivian Smith-Fountain.

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