Yavapai County Line: West of the Divide Book 1 (Volume 1)

Yavapai County Line: West of the Divide Book 1 (Volume 1)

by A. G Graham


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Published in Romance/Historical, Romance, Literature & Fiction/Historical, Literature & Fiction, Romance/Military, Literature & Fiction/War & Military

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Book Description


Yavapai County Line explores the physical, mental and emotional challenges that confront human beings at home and abroad during time of war. It is the historical fiction account of one family and how hey must pull together to survive under extraordinary circumstances. The novel centers itself around two cousins, L.J. Stewart and Elizabeth Hayden. While L.J. fights for survival during World War Two, Elizabeth (Lizzie) is left alone with three small children. This is a story about the men in Lizzie's life separated by a world turned upside down while she cares for her loved ones at home.

Sample Chapter

They were the men in Lizzie's life separated by a world turned upside down. Jamie, her younger brother, was a pilot stationed somewhere in England, her husband Frank was in the Marines and the last letter she received from L.J. was from Fort Benning but she suspected he must be in North Africa by now. L.J. had always been her confidant, the close friend that she could always count on now matter how difficult things happened to be.

Kathy had always known that when she found the one person meant for her she would feel the spark between them. How was she to know that moment would arrive in the middle of a war thousands of miles from home? He was tall with angular features, blond hair, and the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. When he looked at her it seemed that all distractions faded away to be replaced by a silent exchange between them. Years would go by and she would think of the magic within that fir


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