The Wanderer; A Walk of Redemption

The Wanderer; A Walk of Redemption

by Donald Yerger


Publisher Independently published

Published in Romance/Action & Adventure, Romance/Romantic Comedy, Romance/Military, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

A non-politically correct story of a former soldier suffering from post traumatic stress and trying to live out his life in solitude with his memories of his past losses. His life is changed through chance encounters with old antagonists and the acquisition of new acquaintances. His attitude toward life is altered and he learns that his past experiences don't define him as a man but rather help him survive in a world that he has chosen to alienate himself from.

Sample Chapter

My name is Jack and I work for food and I walk, mostly walk. It’s easier that way. People skills are not exactly my forte and I found that the farther away from them I am the more satisfied I am. In the summer I go north and winter head south. I guess I wasn’t always this way.

There’s a stigma now about having served your country, especially now that the new woman in the White House has opened the doors and let the people who were tying to wipe us out have free reign here. Yeah, I have an attitude. After six years serving with the Army Rangers, three tours in the Middle East and doing things that I probably should try to forget, here I am, healed shrapnel and bullet wounds and all, just walking. Got the medals and all, two Purple Heats and a Bronze Star that for some stupid reason I carry with me as a reminder that sometimes you have to do dumb shit to accomplish something.

After being discharged, civilian life was not kind. Ranger training or most military training for the front lines or what I was trained for does not translate well into the normal job market. Nor real success at any of them. It seems I have an anger issues. This isn’t really the case. I just have a very low tolerance for stupid.


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