WisePlay Transformational Deck and Personal Assistant

WisePlay Transformational Deck and Personal Assistant

by Mimi Searfoss and Michele Domingo

ISBN: 9780692752807

Publisher New Leaf Distributing Co Inc

Published in Self-Help/Spiritual, Self-Help/Personal Transformation, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

The WisePlay system is a playful transformative tool for empowerment, discovery, and forming new positive perspectives. The 45 card deck incorporates fun imagery of animals as a symbolic metaphor to the challenges and joys we face everyday. The WisePlay book engages you in exciting personal discoveries and delivers the Aha moments that will bring about your desired changes. It is an easy to use daily assistant that will help you to more deeply connect to yourself, in a fully accepting and loving way.

Sample Chapter

I WisePlay, Our Philosophy

Opening Act

“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts….”

As you Like it, Shakespeare

The world is a vast and wondrous stage indeed and you are not only the player but the Writer, Director, and Producer as well. Are you playing the part that you want to play? Are you satisfied with how it is unfolding? It isn't called a play for nothing, so are you having fun? The WisePlay deck is meant to help you to bridge your inner world and your external world, seeing the intimate connection between the two. The cards in the deck are designed to guide you towards loving and embracing the whole of you with wisdom so that you can become fully integrated and harmonious with all parts of you, rather than constricted, and divided.

Together we (Michele and Mimi) bring diverse experience with the use of oracle decks, coaching, and the healing arts. We wanted to create a deck that is useful for therapeutic reasons and is a tool of transcendence for whatever issues you are seeking guidance about. The cards are designed to help you to start a dialogue with yourself. In pointing the way of your attention and awareness, you can come to greater clarity and shift yourself into joyful expansion in ALL that your life encompasses. Joy requires you to be all-inclusive. Embrace everything (after you are done sticking your tongue out at it) and have some fun for heaven's sake! You are on a tremendous adventure.

We designed the deck to reflect the most common hurdles and issues that we have witnessed our clients struggling with, as well as emphasize the positive qualities that they may want to expand upon. Ultimately, the WisePlay deck will help you to manifest more of what you are longing for in your life. We used a fresh, fun approach to stimulate awareness and to break through the repetitive issues that tend to hold us all back. What we have assembled is a self-coaching deck that is comprehensive and holistically oriented––we used ourselves as guinea pigs! Our work began in 2014 and we are excited to say that these cards have changed our perspective, and our lives, in positive ways. When you change your perspective, this changes the entire play!

We have all experienced those times where things don’t seem to be “clicking” for usin one way or another. Maybe we feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed by a particular situation in our lives. The size or intensity of the circumstances can range from a very small daily uncertainty to something that may seem insurmountable.At times, we may just be at a loss, feeling that we aren’t quite in alignment with what we want for ourselves and questioning what to do next? We begin to analyze and then OVER-analyze, creating doubt that any kind of change will ever take place. This frustration is usually brought on by a bump with a repeating behavioral pattern. Sometimes we may be completely aware of this particular pattern but feel helpless to exact real change within the current situation. Other times, we may not even realize that a negative pattern exists until we begin to take a real honest look at ourselves through a lens of gentle compassionate exploration.

The truth is we already have all our own answers needed to do all of the things we desire and feel the things we truly wish to feel! As human beings, we tend to get in our own way with old stories, patterns, habits, and so on. These cards will help you access that non-judgmental, all loving and kind part of yourself that just wants you to relax, breathe and take a few moments every day to become aware of what your current focus is and to then be able to choose to re-focus on what makes you feel the best. It allows you to sway with the flow of your life, at your speed, at your willingness, with receptivity to see the wholeness of the big picture and to focus on what is needed when necessary.

Why? Because when you are able to step back in a more calm, relaxed, and trusting state of mind, you are able to make more clear choices that are in alignment with what you truly desire. You really begin to understand the concept that all of your power exists in the present moment. This allows for you to CHOOSE what you would like to feel and experience, realizing the endless possibilities that are available to you at any given moment.In essence, by using the cards, it’s as if someone cleaned your windows and suddenlyyou can immediately see the beautiful flowers directly in front of you in great detail while still being able to step back from the window a bit to have the whole view of the entire garden and beyond. You begin to see that there is no separation, it all exists together and you have choices! What do you want to look at today and how would you like to feel? Would you want to plant something new outside your window, trim the bushes, add a birdhouse, a wind chime or is today just the way you would like it? You get the picture!

We all have this tremendous knowing being inside of us that most of us are aware of, but our beliefs and what we’re taught about the world and how it works, our overwhelming daily lives and the pull of our senses, distracts us from listening to or hearing our highest, most wise self. This neutral, wise individual really knows what makes you happiest and is ready and willing to help you to get there. It is truly simple. Most of us don't believe that for a second, though. Trust us! This is a inner knowing you is important to pay attention to! The cards will help to connect you to this voice. It is the You without all the limitations and judgments, the vast You that is bigger and wiser than you can imagine and hooked up with the Universe. As you are using the cards, pay attention to that, ”Of course I know this!” feeling. You do know this stuff, yet often we do not listen. This knowing is quiet and it is centered. It quietly knows the whole picture. Really listen to this big You self...sometimes what it knows might be a little scary and ask a little more of you, but it will get you to where you want to go. As a result, you will grow and your life will expand in ways that you did not allow yourself before.

Our wish is that these WisePlay cards bring you closer to embracing your whole self and living in joy about your whole person, while learning to focus on and bring into your life more of the qualities that you are seeking.

The WisePlay Cards endeavor to:

• Teach you to develop a spiritual practice that includes you as your biggest supporter.

• Teach you about yourself and bring clarity by bringing what is hidden to light.

• Insert a fun, playful aspect into self-discovery.

• Teach about polarity, your higher self and your shadow self.

• Move you towards loving and embracing all of you.

• Teach you to be aware, present, and open to new possibilities (Take a deep breath––It is all okay!).

• Teach you to be more aware of what you are focused on and the energy behind it.

• Teach you that by shifting your focus to things that feel good, you feel good.

• Show you how to manifest more of what makes you feel good.


Mimi and Michele

California, 2016


Excerpted from "WisePlay Transformational Deck and Personal Assistant" by Mimi Searfoss and Michele Domingo. Copyright © 2017 by Mimi Searfoss and Michele Domingo. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Mimi Searfoss and Michele Domingo

Mimi Searfoss and Michele Domingo

Mimi Searfoss: Mimi has a varied background in spiritual philosophies, energy medicine, energy psychology, movement, art and design. Among other certifications, Mimi holds a BFA in Design, is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, an Advanced PaRama BodyTalk practitioner, a Master Intuitive Coach ® and Master Coach Trainer. She helps people using a holistic perspective, putting attention on all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. She loves facilitating dramatic positive change in people's lives. She shares her home with her husband and two kids as well as two cats, two dogs, and cockatiel in northern California.

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