Greed and Gallantry

Greed and Gallantry

by Benjamin Goldberg


Publisher Benjamin Goldberg

Published in Literature & Fiction/Coming of Age, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


A new body armor is field tested with terrific results. A hero singlehandedly executes two black ops missions and lives to fight on another day. The king of Adeptium (the three best warriors on earth or anywhere else) seeks revenge on the shot caller who made an attempt on his wife and him. Meanwhile a small order of of the new body armor is made for the reprisal of a sneak attack on a space station and theft of a one of a kind laser buffer. Culminating in a finale that will entertain a mature audience.

Sample Chapter

Back at Director Jon Yaffes abode, Jon is outside playing with his dogs. Inside Sarah Weaters receives a call from Major Williams. :Sarah: Hello :Mjr Will: Hi, would you put Jon on the phone please? :Sarah:Sure hang on a minute. She goes over to the back door on the first floor and opens it."Jon it's for you." Jon jogs over very quickly."Thank you." :Sarah: O that's a good girl, you're all dirty sleep outside tonight. :Jon:How many apologies have we got now? :Mjr Will: That's just the thing, we have a total of 74 apologies and they are giving up in droves because they can drink cold water instead of being tortured with it. :Jon: I thought that might be just the thing to get them to cooperate. I want those who apologized released immediately. :Mjr Will: Just let them walk? :Jon: Yeah. :Mjr Will: You got it. --- Jon hangs up and tosses a Frisbee that his dogs chase down.Jon opens the door and Sarah is inside doing dishes. :Sarah: You always seem to have time to exercise, why don't you help out in the kitchen? ---Jon leans back on the countertop and smiles as he plants a kiss on her cheek. He spins up and walks over to the fridge to get a glass of water. :Jon: I love you! :Sarah: How about beefaroni for dinner? :Jon: That sounds delicious. :Sarah: Give me a hand and grab the onions. I need two for the recipe. So the other day when I was at work,this girl just could not handle a weapon. I told her to keep her shoulder forward. Guess what she did? :Jon: I don't know tell me.:Sarah: She dropped her shoulder and got a big bruise. I felt so bad for her. :Jon: I know that. It was you who taught me how to shoot.:Sarah: Thanks. Would you be a doll and chop those onions for me? --- Jon handles the knife impeccably and easily chops the onions. He carefully points the knife away from Sarah and himself the whole time. :Sarah: There hasn't been as many people at the range as usual. Maybe that girl who got a bruise was a sign. She probably won't be back again. --- Jon tears up ever so slightly."All done. I will be back for dinner in an hour ok?" Jon goes to take a shower. #&$!$!&# Back at F.O.B. Jaguar Smj Miasmic brings a couple dozen captive insurgents into the holding area. :SmjMiasmic: Translate! See what we've got going on right now? That can be you if you fail to cooperate.--- one of the carpetsflails around, and a man yells in Arabic,"Don't give in to these devils!" Then a rearguardsman beats him through the carpet with a two by four, "Shut up!!!" --- Mjr Williams calls Smj Miasmic on earbud... Smj Miasmic points and says" Take care of thse guys." :Mjr Will: It looks like most of the insurgents have jumped ship. Get apologies out of the remaining prisoners. :Smj Miasmic: Well be letting them off easy by not following through and... :Mjr Will: President Mohamed has shortened our window to get things done. :SmjMiasmic: What do we do with the hard asses? :Mjr Will: Just let any of them who dont cooperate walk like the rest. :SmjMiasmic: Roger. --- Mic goes to the lunchroom. --- Sfc Joe: I'm still torn up about White. :Msg Rob: We didn't get a chance to know him very well but we will honor him ok? :Smj Miasmic: Keep it together boys, I just got word mission accomplished. We will be heading home tomorrow morning, look alive. --- Mic fixes himself a sandwich. When the Auto Gun operator comes in to get some grub. :Smj Miasmic: What has been going on? I haven't heard the behemoth fire since we repelled the army of disadvantaged insurgents. A.G.O.: There hasn't been so much as a wayfarer pass through our A.O. For a while. We spooked the locals. :Mic: Rather them than us!


Excerpted from "Greed and Gallantry" by Benjamin Goldberg. Copyright © 2016 by Benjamin Goldberg. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Benjamin Goldberg

Benjamin Goldberg

Attended public school to third grade. Then home school on a sailboat while traveling the high seas. U.S. Army OEF8 HOOAH! Recently handwrote Greed and Gallantry and then published near the end of 2016. I want to design and build my own house as soon as I can. And then... Get some dogs.

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