Sharing My Shoes A Walk Through The Journey of Forgiveness

Sharing My Shoes A Walk Through The Journey of Forgiveness

by Tammy Gaffney


Publisher Gazelle Press

Published in Christian Books & Bibles/Christian Living, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Would you like to take a journey—one that will unveil the obstacles that hinder you from wanting to forgive? It begins with learning how to trust in the love of God, who allowed your pain. People are tired of being told to forgive, move on, and let go and let God. They are tired of being told God will use everything bad in their life for their good. When being told to forgive they say, "You haven’t walked in my shoes.”

Tammy shows you how to confess your pain, reconcile with God, and forgive people who hurt you. She puts flesh on forgiveness and shows you how to turn the pages of your own story and leave your past. Come take the journey and learn to get unstuck.

Sample Chapter

“Transparent, riveting, liberating, and exhilarating! This book is a must read to find out how to get out of a maze of confusion about a God who is in the business of using your pain for His good!”

—Falanda Collins, high school teacher

“Most of us have been taught to cover our pain, deny it, or suppress it. In fact the world has taught us that these actions result in forgiveness. Sharing My Shoes exposes this form of false humility and shows that you can’t begin to walk the path of forgiveness until you honestly confess your pain.”

—Tanya D. White, RN MSN CCNS, health care professional

“Tammy gets at the heart of the issues that keep us settling for counterfeit forgiveness instead of experiencing genuine forgiveness. Her story, though painful at times, is over- flowing with biblical truth and her love for God and His people.”

—Denise Domingue, women’s ministry leader and life coach

Excerpted from "Sharing My Shoes A Walk Through The Journey of Forgiveness" by Tammy Gaffney. Copyright © 2016 by Tammy Gaffney. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Tammy Gaffney

Tammy Gaffney

Tammy Gaffney Bio Tammy Gaffney attended Cleveland State University and graduated in 2003 in the BSN, RN Program. She received an Academic Excellence Award and was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society. Ms. Gaffney loves to care for people both professionally and she has a passion to minister to hurting people. She is the author of Sharing My Shoes A Walk through the Journey of Forgiveness. It took her twenty years to write this book because she had to overcome her own pain, diligently study the word of God, and teach forgiveness for over fifteen years to understand how to share the journey. The title comes out of people telling her don’t tell them to forgive but show them that she had walked in their shoes. People wanted someone who understood their hearts and what pain had done to them before they could embrace the message of forgiveness. Ms. Gaffney uses the authority of the word of God but she connects through the heart to show the reader how to get free and forgive. Ms. Gaffney has led Bible groups, served in the Women’s Ministry, is a lay Christian Counselor (AACC), and motivational speaker. She has spoken at church groups, schools, centers and juvenile centers. She has been married for twenty-three years to Minister Adolphus Gaffney and together they both have attended New Community Bible Fellowship, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio since 2002. They have four amazing children. Ms. Gaffney can be contacted or books purchased through her website at or emailed at and cell number is 216-526-9997. She understands that it takes more than being told to move on and let go to get free from the past. She lovingly and candidly walks you through the journey.

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