The Cheating Game

The Cheating Game

by LaKecia Rodriguez


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Published in Literature & Fiction/Women's Fiction, Literature & Fiction/Contemporary, Romance, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

What happens when people decide that cheating is alright? Join Marlo and her cohorts in their adventures!

Sample Chapter

My name is Marlo, and by all definitions I’m a cheater. When other women see me the results are mixed—some hate me just for my looks, others for my reputation. I’ve been called some of the worst names imaginable. Did I start off as a cheater? No, none of us women do. There are some of us that want the fairy tale life. It didn’t start out that way for me. I was molested early in my childhood, with no one really caring about it. After a while it became normal. When I would tell an adult about it nothing got done—ever. By the time I was in my early teens sex had become a way for me to blend in, to be popular. Yes, sex with the right men took me to places that my mother would never go. I remember when I got my modeling gig. That was when I had an Italian lover. I always stayed with older men, and when I saw that I could get money from them, sky was the limit. Until I met Greg. He wined and dined me, brought me things, took me to social events with him.

Greg works for a Fortune 500 company. My engagement ring was 5 carats made just as I wanted it. Our wedding cost at least $100,000, and I was the envy of all my friends. We honeymooned in Japan and France. I kept my job, even though I didn’t have to work. We tried for children right off the bat. After my third miscarriage within 3 years our marriage was severely strained. Greg started to go on “business trips” and I saw the shift in money. He had a mistress. I hired a private investigator to find out who it was. She was a twenty-something blonde with big boobs. By the pictures I received he was the picture of happiness with her. I was hurt, and the tide would soon change.

While Greg was gone on one of his “business trips” I get a call from my gynecologist. The news was devastating. An infection that I had gotten from my husband had made me unable to have children. All these years I thought that it was something I was doing wrong and he’s out there screwing around and brought home an infection that sterilized me. I was hurt, and could care less about his love. The game was on. While he stayed on his business missions, I fixed myself up and lived the single life. I took off my rings and went after the affection I needed and desired. At this point in time the only reason I remained married is because Greg didn’t want to commit to anyone else and he wanted those who knew them to believe that his marriage was stable as a rock. If his friends only knew…..

“Damn phone! Hope I get it before the last ring!” Marlo said to herself as she ran toward the bedroom. She caught it on the last ring. “Hello?”

“Hey Marlo!” It was Kate and Denise on a conference call. “Are we still on for lunch?”

“Of course! Getting ready to go out the door now!” Marlo said as she motioned for her latest conquest to leave. She liked this guy—tall, well-groomed, and challenged her in sex every time they met. There was no such thing as a quickie with this guy, perhaps the reason that he was still her best bet for a good lay when the others came up short. “See you at Bonano’s!”

“Ok!” Kate and Denise chimed in together.

Denise was a pistol herself. She had cheated on her husband Mark, and was so smooth about it that she even passed off her baby by her lover as her husbands. This guy must either have self-esteem issues or she had him whooped, because he never questioned her about the child. But then again, in the cheating game everyone is screwing everyone else. Kate, however reminds me of myself before Greg and during the early part of our marriage. She has undying faith and love in her husband, even though he spends more time behind bars than laying her. Bet she’d cause a forest fire with a good lay. But those are the girls that turn into women like herself. They get tired of being taken for granted and being unloved. She couldn’t even remember the last time her and Greg were intimate. After he sterilized her she didn’t want anything from him on the sexual plane anyway.

The ladies took their seats at Bonano’s ready to sling all the gossip they had heard from their jobs and neighborhoods. Denise always went first, by trying to hook Marlo up with some new man or another from her neighborhood.

“Marlo, I met this man that fits your criteria!”

“Denise, how many times have I told you that the only reason that you even look at the men for me is because you’re afraid to fuck them? Go for it! If he’s that appealing get your groove on! I am not hurting at the moment for dick.”

Kate blushed at Marlo’s retort. Marlo looked at her and shook her head. “I don’t get you at all Kate. Do you actually think for a minute that your husband is faithful to you behind bars? Girl wake up! They can get laid just like we do out here!”

“He loves me, and he’s not doing anything. He’s saving himself for me.”

“Kate, I bet you $100 that he’s gotten his dick sucked at least twice already. That man isn’t coming out anytime soon. What do you do when you when you get aggravated?”

“I—I—I” she began to say, red-faced “I service myself.”

“How much time that man got? Six years? Wouldn’t be me. Would be wrote off.”

“There’s a chance that he might get out before that. Till then I can wait.”

“Get with a correctional officer and they’ll tell you about how faithful your man is!” Denise added. “Men aren’t the smartest apples in the bunch”

“You guys like to cheat on your husbands. I bet they both know about it and are going to confront you both.”

Marlo looked at her in disgust. “I wish he would say anything to me after what he’s done. Besides he hates to lose face with his friends and business partners.”

Denise shook her head. ”I was caught. But I’m still married. Didn’t expect my husband to be so gullible. I still let my eye rove, and when I get that urge I go for it. By the way that one correctional officer has been looking at you! When you go he looks like he’d have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner!”

“Is he fine? Tall?” Marlo asked. “I love a man in uniform!”

“He’s nice looking. About 6’4”, 270ish, low cut hair. He looks at her every time like he could nail her to the wall and screw the taste out of her mouth. And she pretends that she doesn’t see that.”

“I’m married. And I’m happy with my husband.” Kate stood her ground.

Marlo signaled the waiter over and they ordered their food and drinks. She knew behind dealing with Kate she’d drink an extra drink or two. Happy with her jailbird husband. My ass. They all ate and Kate took her leave from them. As much as she liked going out with them she knew she didn’t fit into their little clique. She wasn’t alone with waiting for her husband to come home. Every time she would go for a visit there were at least 6 other wives there waiting for their husbands to come home. She did notice the correctional officer Denise mentioned, and he was good looking. If she wasn’t married they could talk. That was water under the bridge, she had to keep focused and faithful.

The Tuesday visit was going off without a hitch. She had gotten her car fixed so she didn’t have to rely on Denise to bring her to see Danny. She even hated asking her for the rides, seeing how much Marlo and her thought alike. What was point of being married if you were going to cheat? If you cheated why just divorce? But she guessed that they wanted the best of both worlds. The drive up the Knoxville wasn’t bad, but the waiting room was swamped. She signed in, and waited for her name to be called. Thank God for a vending area. At least she could keep herself hydrated. By the vending machine he was there, looking at her like she was a piece of meat. Made her uncomfortable. He stepped up to her after she retrieved her drink from the machine.

“I’ve been looking at you for a while Kate,” he said after getting coffee for himself. “You’re too good of a woman to be waiting on him.”

“I know, but he’ll get out and we’ll work on our marriage” Kate replied, ordering from the waitress.

“So you’re going to hold out that long?”

“As long as it takes. I love my husband.”

“I hope he feels the same way you do. Most of the times men don’t stay faithful once they go on the inside, especially when they’re facing a lot of time.”

Upset, Kate replied, “He’s faithful to me and our marriage!”

He drank his coffee, eyeing her like a ravenous wolf. Kate took her leave. On the drive home she thought, how he dare say that my husband isn’t faithful! My husband isn’t sleeping with men. He loves me. He tells me so. Still Kate couldn’t help thinking about how well the correctional officer looked in his uniform. She dismissed the thoughts in her mind and retreated into her house and her bedroom. Tonight was going to be a night of cold showers and her vibrator. Damn! she thought, what were you thinking by hanging with those people that got you in trouble the first time! Now I have to sit here and wait for you to get out!

The next day Kate told Marlo about the encounter with the correctional officer. “Katie girl, I wouldn’t screw a correctional officer with my dad’s dick.”


“I wouldn’t. They’re predators. They prey on inmates wives shooting that spiel that they’re husbands are being unfaithful just to get in their pants.”

“What if he is being unfaithful while he’s in there? How would I know?”

“CO’s aren’t loyal to each other. If he’s screwing around they’ll tell you even before he gets busted for it. But many inmates aren’t trying to get extra time added on to their sentences unless they have life, then they don’t give a shit who they fuck—male or female. How much time is he looking at?”

“Six years.”

“Girl, I’ve been fucked all the fellas in our town and the neighboring cities in 6 years! Your poor cooch will be glued shut with room only to pee.”

Leave it to Marlo to be painfully blunt.

”A fuckable man will come your way and you’ll want to fuck him like a job. You’ll see. Fix yourself up, and wait.”

Marlo hung up the phone. Greg was in town, so it would be business as usual between them. Kate wondered if Greg knew that she was screwing around, or if he cared. She didn’t see why they just didn’t divorce and go their separate ways. In the meantime she got another manila envelope from the private investigator. Greg apparently was sticking his dick everywhere. He had two other women he was sleeping with; the busty blonde, and a pretty brunette in her 30’s. And it seemed like the brunette had extras—children. A little boy and a girl. She saw the picture of him with the both of them. They were his. What a low blow. He knew she couldn’t have children so he went out and made some? She put the pictures away in her file cabinet and locked it. She went into the shower and cried. He had to pay. And pay he would. Dearly.

Kate wished more than ever that Danny was out for they could make love. But she was a solo act, and would be for a while. Maybe what Marlo was saying had some weight. Pass on the correctional officer—be too close to home—and find her a sex buddy. She could break it off before Danny would come home. Who needed a dry cooch?


Excerpted from "The Cheating Game" by LaKecia Rodriguez. Copyright © 2016 by LaKecia Rodriguez. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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LaKecia Rodriguez

LaKecia Rodriguez

LaKecia Rodriguez is a new writer that started her writing with poems in her earlier years with the poem "A Message From The Children" that was placed in the Library of Congress in the book Americana. From there she decided to take her writing to events that she had witnessed and placed it in print. She enjoys writing all types of genres with a fictional twist.

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