Incompatible with Nature: A Mother's Story

Incompatible with Nature: A Mother's Story

by Tracie Frank Mayer


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Published in Self-Help/Motivational, Biographies & Memoirs/Memoirs, Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction

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Book Description

“There is no surgery to save him,” the doctor explained to my husband in German. “Let your son die,” he said to me in broken English.

Our son Marc entered this world with an extremely rare and fatal condition.

This is the story of my challenge of coming to terms with my son’s prognosis and doing all I can to ensure that he has a chance at life.

Passionate, emotional and at times humorous, this is an inspirational story of one woman facing overwhelming adversity as she fights for her son's life. A story with a triumphantly happy ending!

Sample Chapter

Thirty minutes had passed; a journey from the cradle to the grave. No one had said a word and I was growing wearier by the minute. Aside from Marc’s sweet murmurs and my whispers, an eerie, uncomfortable silence pervaded the room. It provided no indication of the volcano about to erupt. He continued to guide the scanner. Then, with his eyes still fixed on the monitor, his German accent thick and heavy, the Professor finally uttered, “Was ich sehe ist leider nicht gut.”

Smacking his palm to his forehead, his face twisted in pain, Helmut released an anguished sigh and slumped back in his chair. I stiffened ramrod straight in mine. An undefined feeling of fear gripped me with such force I could barely breathe. Without thinking, I snatched a fistful of Helmut’s jacket sleeve with one hand while my other clutched at Marc. My voice suddenly hoarse, as if my vocal chords had been seared, I could at first only muster a whisper.

“What did he say, Helmut?”

Though it was only a moment, it seemed a lifetime before he answered me. From where he was sitting, he could not really see the Professor’s face. I could. Leaning slightly to the right and stretching my neck to look over his shoulder, I could see that his face revealed nothing other than a stable equilibrium. A moment...Perhaps he was waiting for the Professor to say that he’d erred, that we could in fact breathe again. Perhaps he just didn’t believe his ears or thought he had misun-derstood him. The Professor continued sliding the scanner. Grating my chair against the floor, I released Helmut’s arm and grabbed his shoulder as I jumped to my feet, the chain still linked to our son. I panicked as I tried to blink away the blinding flashes of light that distorted my vision. The walls were closing in. I had to stay calm. This would all be cleared up. Trapped in a sudden heat of terror that ripped at my gut and weakened my bowels, I couldn’t have screamed if I wanted to. The dampness rising in my armpits assured me that a war was about to erupt in the heavens and it would be out of my control. I was defenseless against the “Was ich sehe ist leider nicht gut” ringing in my ears. I didn’t understand the words but Helmut’s outburst destabilized me. Scared me senseless. I could hear myself trying to breathe. I nearly tore off the leather skin of the jacket at his shoulder. Trying to keep myself under control my voice broke.

“What did he say, Helmut?”

I sensed the Professor’s eyes on me.

“Spricht Ihre Frau Deutsch?” (“Does your wife speak German?”)

Helmut shook his head. “No,” he said.

With his hand still to his forehead, his elbow now supported by the examination table, Helmut raised his free hand and groped for mine. He turned and looked up at me, tears brimmed his eyes.

He winced before he spoke and when he finally did, his voice sounded as if it belonged to someone else.

“Something’s wrong,” he whispered.


Excerpted from "Incompatible with Nature: A Mother's Story" by Tracie Frank Mayer. Copyright © 2016 by Tracie Frank Mayer. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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