Take Charge of Your Career-Find Great Jobs, Negotiate Better Pay and Move Up the Corporate Ladder

Take Charge of Your Career-Find Great Jobs, Negotiate Better Pay and Move Up the Corporate Ladder

by Tejas Baxi


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Book Description

Are you working hard and still struggling to get by? Do you feel like you deserve a job that pays more? Do you feel that the system is rigged against you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to read this book. In this book you will learn about • When to switch jobs and how to make more money every time you switch • How to negotiate an offer and how to figure out if your employer is desperate to fill the position • Proprietary TSM Number to evaluate a job offer • Persistent Self Marketing • How to find out if you are being underpaid. And much, much more.

Sample Chapter

It all starts with the hunt. A lot of people will tell you about the "How" and the "Where" to hunt for a job. What they will not tell you (or just don't know) is the "When". The "When" as in "When to look for a new job" is far more important and much less understood than the "How" or the "Where" and forms the foundation for everything else in your career - So, let's ask the Sixty Four Million Dollar Question - "When should you start looking for a new job?”

The answer will become obvious once we discuss the two modes of Job Hunting. I like to call them "The Active Mode" and "The Passive Mode". Every job seeker, no matter what career level, industry or job type, always looks for a job in one of these two modes. The modes can be defined as follows

1. Active Mode - You are hunting for a job in the Active Mode when one of the following applies to you

a) You are about to lose your current job (or have already lost it) and as a result, have started looking for a new job.


b) You have reached a level of frustration and dissatisfaction with your current job and even though your position may not be in imminent danger, you are actively looking for a new job.

Let's think about situations a) and b) for a second. Do you see a common theme between the two? The common theme in both situations (and by the way, this is true for every search conducted in the active mode) is that your decision to hunt for a new job is a reaction to an external set of events over which you have little or no control. Note the word "Reaction" because that is the principal difference between the "Active" and "Passive" modes. Also note that the type of event that caused you to start looking for a new job is not important. In other words, it doesn't matter whether you are looking for a new job because your company got acquired and the incoming management fired everyone or because your boss is an incompetent jerk with no appreciation for your work. The root cause or the "Initiating Event", seldom, if ever, impacts the outcome of the Active Mode.

By contrast, the "Passive Mode" can be defined as follows

2. Passive Mode - you are looking for a job in the passive mode when there is no pressing reason for you to do so. Your current position is secure. You are happy in your current job and your employer is happy with you. You might even be a rising star in the organization, maybe on a fast track for a promotion or that Employee of the Year Award. However, you are smart and prudent and realize that in today's corporate world there is no such thing as loyalty. The ruthless corporate culture is full of greed, backstabbing and companies more concerned about balance sheets and shareholders rather than their employees. Consequently, you also realize that fortunes can change in a matter of months, sometimes even weeks, and your dream job can become a horrendous nightmare often due to no fault of your own. You like to keep a trump card in your back pocket and are always open to a good opportunity. You keep in touch with friends, colleagues and professional contacts relatively regularly and also look at the job boards and websites every so often just in case you stumble upon an extraordinary opportunity. Note that although not very common, you could be looking for a job in the passive mode within the same company, maybe in a different unit, group or subsidiary within the organization.

Now that we have defined the two modes, let's compare them and see why the Passive mode is better and why you, the job seeker, should ALWAYS - look for a job in the Passive mode. This becomes our first Cardinal Rule (CR).

CR-1/1 - Always hunt for a job in the Passive Mode.

Trust me, you will be amazed at the results. In fact, you may be surprised (or not) when I tell you that most of the top executives in the corporate world - the VPs, SVPs, EVPs and the C-Suite folks, almost always hunt for jobs in the passive mode. So, why is the passive mode so much better and more importantly, why does it produce dramatically better results?


Excerpted from "Take Charge of Your Career-Find Great Jobs, Negotiate Better Pay and Move Up the Corporate Ladder" by Tejas Baxi. Copyright © 2016 by Tejas Baxi. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Tejas Baxi

Tejas Baxi

Tejas Baxi is a Technologist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Writer living near Boston, Massachusetts. His life story makes him an embodiment of the American Dream. He immigrated to the United States from India at the age of 21 with a Hundred Dollars in his pocket. Through hard work and sheer determination, he graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from a Top 50 school and has since then gone on to work in progressively senior roles in large corporations in the fields of Finance, Biotech, Education and Software Development. Very early on in his career, he was deeply disillusioned and disturbed by the pay disparity between the privileged few at the top and the vast majority of workers at the middle and lower rungs of large corporations. He is committed to doing everything he can to fight pay inequality and leveling the playing field. In his spare time, he enjoys Video Games, Science Fiction and Politics.

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