Stone Mountain to Dallas: The Untold Story of Roy Elonza Davis

Stone Mountain to Dallas: The Untold Story of Roy Elonza Davis

by John Andrew Collins

ISBN: 9781533587435

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Published in Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Roy Elonza Davis was a religious grifter from Texas who hung his hat in middle Georgia to evade the Texas authorities. Posing as a Baptist minister, he made connections with prominent figures in Atlanta and the surrounding area. When the Ku Klux Klan was revived in 1915, Davis helped to write the constitution, by-laws, and ritual. As popularity of the White nights began to spread, Davis became an official spokesperson for William Joseph Simmons, the Imperial Wizard. After Simmons was ousted, Davis continued to work with Simmons as Royal Ambassador of the Knights of the Flaming Sword.

Sample Chapter



            1915 was a time of fear and unrest in the United States.  In the months leading up to 1915, Britain had declared war on Germany for evading Belgium, and all eyes were on world events as World War I began to form.  The New York Stock Exchange closed for several months as a result of the stock exchanges closing down in Europe.  For nearly four months, Americans discussed and debated the looming financial disaster while stock trade was halted as the global integration of capital markets was destroyed.  By late 1914, the NYSE was reopened, but for how long no one could predict. 

Though still remaining neutral in the war, it was growing increasingly obvious that the United States would be joining in the fight overseas.  The Port of Orange, Texas was being dredged to increase production of war vessels for the United States Navy.  U. S. Dreadnought warships were being built and retrofitted with turbo-electric drives, replacing the less powerful steam turbines.  To guard against and warn of incoming invasion by foreign nations, the United States Coast Guard was militarized after having been in operation for over a hundred years as the Revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Lifesaving Service.  But invasion by sea was not the only concern – German spies had recently bombed the Vanceboro international railroad bridge connecting the United States and Canada.  Though it did not destroy the bridge, it crippled incoming and outgoing supplies from that location, and put a halt to incoming supplies from the Canadian Pacific Railway. 

When the Germans sank the British RMS Lusitania which left New York carrying 128 United States Citizens, Americans began to learn of a deadly new threat of war: submarines.  In 1915, Sonar was severely limited as just a listening device, and only existed in prototype as a utility for detecting a submarine.  Because their targets lacked the ability to see the U-Boats, they were an invisible threat that struck fear into the hearts of freighters and passenger ships.  Foreign trade was at risk, hindering a growing manufacturing industry.

Theodore Roosevelt began pushing for a further increase in the military strength of the United States’ forces.  He and Chief of Staff, Leonard Wood, started the “Preparedness Movement” to inform Americans that even while remaining neutral, the survival of the country relied upon being prepared for battle.  Americans began reading his recommendations for building up both naval and land forces, which gave the immediate implication that the United States would be fighting.  This feeling of impending war was unsettling, and quickly started the “Antimilitarist” movement, which became popular among Protestant churches.  Large protests and demonstrations quickly caught the attention of all eyes watching, and many began to feel that the United States was headed down a pathway that would eventually resemble militarized Germany.

While fearing the worst, Americans started learning of Christian persecution abroad.  The Turkish Empire had started the Armenian Holocaust after having threatened to kill every Armenian Christian man, woman, and child.  As the death marches into the Syrian Desert began what would become the genocide of nearly 1.5 million people, newspapers in the United States began publishing horrific descriptions of the inhumane conditions.  Americans were terrified as they read of mothers and small children enduring brutal conditions of beatings and starvation while a trail of corpses were left behind as they marched to their death.   

Religious leaders began to compare the details of global war and disasters of nature with Biblical prophecy.  The history of each of the world powers was traced down to the ancient races that could loosely be considered their origins, and the forces of good and the forces of evil were given modern names of modern countries.  Spiritualists such as Clarence Larkin were asked to give public addresses on the War and Prophecy, giving rebirth to John Darby’s theology of Dispensationalism.  The Book of Revelation was being re-written from its original symbolic representation of the seven Christian churches of Asia Minor to segments in the timeline on the path to the End of Days.  Similar spiritualist movements were springing up overseas. 

Excerpted from "Stone Mountain to Dallas: The Untold Story of Roy Elonza Davis" by John Andrew Collins. Copyright © 0 by John Andrew Collins. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

John Andrew Collins

John Andrew Collins

John Collins, Author and Founder of Seek The Truth was born and raised in the "The Message", a destructive religious cult following of William Marrion Branham from Jeffersonville, IN. After a difficult series of life changing events, John awakened to realize that he and his family were under the undue influence of a cult. In 2012, John founded Seek The Truth and began to research and document the issues with "The Message", only to learn that Branham's religious cult was one small cog in a much larger wheel. With the help of others, he established a network of former cult members to assist in helping others who had awakened and were suffering the effects of undue influence.

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