The Littlest Biggest Helper

The Littlest Biggest Helper

by Steven Lane Taylor


Publisher Enlightenment Lane

Published in Children's Books/Holidays & Festivals, Children & Teens (Young Adult), Children's Books

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Book Description

When an elf stows away on Santa's sleigh, he is accidentally left behind at someone's house. But was it an accident? Maybe Santa is so clever, he found a way to turn the littlest elf into the biggest helper ever! The hearts of both children and adults alike will be warmed by this charming story about a little elf who finds his place in the world, and makes a couple with a special need very, very happy. It is a tale told with rhythm and rhyme, and delightful illustrations on almost every page.

Sample Chapter

Once upon a time, there was a very little elf.

Which brings up a question you might be asking yourself:

“Isn’t every elf little—every single one?”

Yes. But this was the littlest . . . second to none!

Elves, you see, grow up fast—just not tall.

They reach their full height in no time at all.

They get big enough, in fact, to start working right away.

And they help in Santa’s workshop each and every day.

But this elf grew slowly—much slower than the others.

He was too small to work with his sisters and his brothers.

To see over a table, he had to stand on a stool.

And his hands were too tiny to hold a single tool.

The little elf was sad, because he wanted to help out.

After all, elves are helpers—that’s what they’re all about.

Then the elf realized there was one thing he could do

to prove to Santa Claus that he could help out too.

If he wasn’t big enough to help make the gifts and toys,

he would help deliver them to all the girls and boys.

To get down a chimney he was just the right size!

Santa needed magic, or several tries.

So the night before Christmas, as Santa prepared for his flight,

the elf asked Santa if he could help him that night.

Santa said, “I’m sorry, no.” And he told the little elf,

“This is a trip I always take by myself.”

Well, the little elf heard what Santa had to say.

But he was determined to go . . . anyway!

Are you wondering right now what the little elf did?

He got in Santa’s sleigh, and behind some gifts . . . he hid!


Excerpted from "The Littlest Biggest Helper" by Steven Lane Taylor. Copyright © 2016 by Steven Lane Taylor. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Steven Lane Taylor

Steven Lane Taylor

Inspired by a brief, but profound mystical experience he had at the age of fourteen, Steven Lane Taylor has had a lifelong interest in spirituality. His passion is helping people learn how to recognize and cooperate with the divine flow of life—a flow that is continually guiding us toward the effortless fulfillment of our heart's desires. Steven has written three books on the subject, and in 2016 he also wrote and illustrated a children's book. Although his children's book is not about the divine flow, it is a charming story that warms the heart of both children and adults alike. Steven lives in Sedona, Arizona with his lovely wife, Carol.

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