My "No Diet" Revolution

My "No Diet" Revolution

by Katie Perry


Publisher Createspace

Published in Health, Fitness & Dieting/Women's Health, Health, Fitness & Dieting/Diets & Weight Loss, Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Heavy practically her whole life, a devastating motorcycle accident forced Katie to find an easy and effective way of getting her body back where she discovered a successful way of dropping weight at nearly fifty years old. Katie shares her inspiring story of losing close to one hundred pounds for the first time in her life.

Sample Chapter

The Kick Start

There comes a time in our lives when we’ve had enough (of whatever) and something hits a nerve so hard, lighting a fire inside of us. That’s when you know you’ve got no other recourse other than to change. Fifty was looming in my near future, and I was broken, and I was overweight. I needed to do something about it.

During a post-operative check-up some weeks after the accident, I was hoping to address when the plates in my ankle would be removed. My surgeon proceeded to explain to me how “some people” (twenty-year-old athletes) would need to have such plates removed versus a sedentary seventy-year-old grandmother whose “exercise” might be a bit of gardening. This not-so-subtle hint at my being closer to seventy than twenty was not missed. I got it. What he saw before him was an old, overweight woman who’d never give those plates a run for their money. It wasn’t worth his time to worry about removing my plates. He was basically saying, “Nope. Go away and be happy with what you got. Taking those out is more trouble than you’re worth.”

Chronologically, I am closer to seventy than twenty. I know this. I was sedentary and overweight, and he had just hit a major nerve. His remark lit a very hot fire in me and I left his office hopping mad, determined to do whatever it took to get my leg back. I’ll take up triathlon training if that’s what it takes, was my thought. A combination of swimming, cycling, and running seemed in theory to be the ideal recipe for getting my leg back completely, though quite the daunting task! There I was, still on crutches, weeks away from being able to bear weight on my leg, and I hadn’t even ridden my bike in years. I wasn’t sure how my leg or I would handle all this! I didn’t care how long it took, time and effort was far better than sitting and giving up. Although the running aspect would never reach marathon status, that was okay. I just wanted to have no limits on “me.” If I had a desire, need, or reason to run, there should be nothing preventing me from doing it. That’s what I wanted.

Years earlier I was an avid road cyclist, but then I had shied away from the whole thing after a bad accident in 2007, when I came away with a titanium plate in my face, some numb teeth, and a torn ligament in my hand. Getting back on the bike was scary and hard on my hurt hands. Over the years I had gradually gained weight—right back up and over the two hundred pound mark, my absolute heaviest. I had given up on me, and now I couldn’t even walk and was in constant, excruciating pain.

The fear of cycling finally fell to the wayside a week or so after the motorcycle accident. I was chatting with a doctor over the phone about the results of my head CT and my concerns about a head injury since I was having terrible headaches and neck pain. I had been wearing a full-face helmet in the accident, but I had hit the pavement rather hard. This jolly, to-the-point physician assured me that all was well with my results, for a “career motocross rider who had had several head injuries.” I was just sore. Motocross?? Really?!? I don’t even like taking a bicycle off road! Suddenly getting back on a bicycle seemed very benign by comparison! As soon as my leg was able, I was going to try riding.

Several weeks later it was late summer, and that usually meant late afternoon swims in the lake we lived by; but, not that summer. I couldn’t negotiate the lumpy stone stairs down to the dock, and if through some miracle I did get down there, there was no physical way for me to get into the water. Getting back out again would be absolutely impossible. It wasn’t happening for me. No way. No one swam that summer. The family wouldn’t go swim without me, and it was tragic for me to experience. So, there I stood perched on my crutches by the back door one sun-drenched afternoon, just gazing at the still water. “If only I could get into the water, I could swim.” That’s it! By then, my leg was a toothpick around a gnarly swollen ankle, and I needed to do something. I was still weeks away from being allowed or even able to put any weight on it, but I could get my leg wet (at long last), which meant I could float it in a pool and move it around a bit without bearing any weight.

If only I could actually get down to, and then into the water…I could swim.


Excerpted from "My "No Diet" Revolution" by Katie Perry. Copyright © 2016 by Katie Perry. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Katie Perry

Katie Perry

Katie Perry is a certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for companion animals and a first time author. Katie enjoys writing about her life experiences when she’s not busy dedicating her time, talent and passion to helping pets and their owners with challenging behavioral issues.

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