Life in a Tin Can: A Collection of Random Observations

Life in a Tin Can: A Collection of Random Observations

by Sharon Kennedy


Publisher Tin Can Press

Published in Literature & Fiction/Humor, Humor & Entertainment, Nonfiction

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Book Description

Life in a Tin Can is a collection of humorous stories. According to the author they are reminiscent of Erma Bombeck with a hint of Jim Mullen. The author lives in a mobile home, thus the title. The book consists of five sections: Inside the Can, A Step Outside, Sundry Observations, A Nod to the Holidays, & When I was Young. Sometimes poignant and always amusing, each story is complete in 450 words. No sex or violence, just keen observations that keep the reader turning the pages. A great book for the traveler or those who have no time to devote to a novel.

Sample Chapter

The Friendship Cake Craze (From "Inside the Can")

It was like giving a gift and a swift kick at the same time. Not everybody wants to fuss with making cakes from scratch or babysitting a batch of fermenting flour. And if the circle of friends is the same, the idea of a Friendship Cake soon loses its appeal. When I give two away, will I give a portion of starter with them? Not a chance. It's the fastest way to...

Where's the App Store? (From "A Step Outside")

I got so tired of looking for the App Store I finally gave up and asked my daughter if she knew where I could find one. Stephanie laughed when she heard my request. She asked if I were kidding. I said I was quite serious. I wanted to get the QVC App and see what it looked like. Stephanie laughed harder and said my question would make a great meme. Naturally, I asked what that was. Those of you who know will...

Pass the Municipal Water (From "Sundry Observations")

Of course I know "purified" means the water was drawn from a major municipality. In other words, it's treated toilet water, but that's irrelevant. For the first time in my life I'd be in style and in step with the rest of society. Drinking bottled waste water might well be worth...

In Memory of Queen Anne (From "A Nod to the Holidays")

Dad wasn't much of a shopper, but every Christmas there was a box of Queen Anne Chocolate Covered Cherries underneath the tree for Mom. It was the only candy they both knew nobody would raid. Mom didn't have to hide the box in the laundry basket or a far corner of the pie safe. She could leave it in plain sight. That is until we kids discovered the liquid center and outer chocolate coating were delicious. Once the cherries were licked clean and fed to the dogs, Mom realized a hiding place was necessary. She became quite creative...

Get out of My Drawers (From "When I was Young")

We all know nosy people. They're the ones who poke through your kitchen cupboards, rummage through your drawers, and steam open your letters. They have nose trouble, at least that's how Mom described them. No matter how busy their own lives are, they always find time to poke into yours. At one time, I was plagued with nose problems like everybody else. I was eight or nine when I convinced myself I was...


Excerpted from "Life in a Tin Can: A Collection of Random Observations" by Sharon Kennedy. Copyright © 2016 by Sharon Kennedy. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Sharon Kennedy

Sharon Kennedy

As a late Blooming Boomer, I started my professional writing career at age 66 when my general interest newspaper column "Common Sense at 60" was picked up by local papers. My work is an amusing and fresh approach to daily life with all the pleasures and challenges involved in living. Sometimes nostalgic, always honest, you'll find something to relate to in each story. I live in a mobile home, hence the title of my book.

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