Vice Womb Age

Vice Womb Age

by M Colin Alston

ISBN: 9781945650918

Publisher Green Ivy

Published in Literature & Fiction/Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

260 million years in the future, mankind has regressed into another brutal iron age. The order of the VICE WOMB, a matriarchal religious cult is bent on controlling the masses. Kept from using the Direct Utilization of Small Technologies, Danso, a disabled slave serves within the order's sanctuary, waiting for the opportunity to kill his narcissistic wife, priestess Nissa, who murdered his true-love, Gho'a. The order seeks to terminate Danso when news of Nissa's arrival reaches him. He must find a way to reconnect with the D.U.S.Ts. and survive long enough to take his revenge or perish.

Sample Chapter

“What is this?” Josephine asked Folkie.

“It is the conductor...”

“I can see that, fool!” Josephine snapped. “What is he doing still alive?”

Folkie shrugged his shoulders, not realizing that his mistress was thinking out loud.

“Chavvah’s vice! Bad enough that we had to suffer for so long such a disconcerting and dangerous creature within our sanctuary without supervision. But now,” Josephine seethed, “he is like a pest that you step on that still won’t die!”

“Your grace?” Folkie inquired.

Josephine growled and stopped herself from talking further, wrapped herself with her blue cloak, pulled her knife out of the seat cushion, opened the carriage door and exited.

“Wait, your grace! The rain!”

“Out of my way!” Josephine pushed Folkie aside. She strode through the rain as she attempted to catch up with Danso. “You there?” She pointed at the blade pro seduct closest to her. “You there, I say, come with me!”

“Your grace,” the guard said, hurrying behind Josephine as they both pursued Danso through the dismal relentless rain.

Danso did not look in the feminarch’s direction and kept walking.

“Hold on there, conductor! I need to speak with you,” Josephine insisted.

“I am in no mood for conversation,” Danso said.

“I need to speak with you!” Josephine repeated in a pompous tone of voice. “I care not for your mood.”

She failed to hear Danso whispering something as he continued his stride.

“Your grace, he looks injured. Perhaps...” the guard interjected.

Josephine waved her hand dismissively, lifted her drenched robe and chased down the acrocognizant. He had already entered the cloister, which was an expanse of short cultivated grass.

“CORNELIUS? I am addressing you!” Josephine cried out.

Danso stopped next to a large fountain, looked at the feminarch defiantly and huffed. The guard was close behind her.

“So, Cornelius is the name that will make you heed my command,” Josephine said when she caught up to Danso. “Once a slave, always a slave.”

Danso began grinding his teeth together.

“Do you think her eminence is the only one within this sanctuary that knows who you are?” Josephine asked.

The acrocognizant looked around to see if anyone else was within earshot.

“You seem to forget where you are. Allow me to remind you,” Josephine said as she leaned in and showed Danso a small coin-sized disk. “Is this one of two control disks that activates that collar of yours?”

Danso stared at Josephine.

“I asked you a question. Is this one of two control disks to the nano-synaptic neuter that you wear around your neck?” Josephine insisted.

“Indeed.” Danso could not hide his growing hate for the feminarch, his sparkling eyes glowing brighter.

“Indeed,” Josephine mocked. “So, now that we have that established, you know that her eminence is not the only one who holds your life in her hands. And with that said, unless you want me to make your life extremely difficult, you will respond when called!”

Josephine failed to notice a faint green glow of powder-like mist cascade over her face as she spoke. “Do…do not think your impertinence will go…with impunity. You are not unlike any spado-kar here, despite still having your cock! Your bedding of her eminence absolves you not from being sub…subject to…t…to… wha—”

Josephine’s stomach suddenly felt as if she had swallowed the peppery phlegm of a pepperlid.

Unbeknownst to her, several million dust-size nanomote devices had been blown into her nose and mouth and had almost instantly reached the feminarch’s gastrointestinal tract. Danso blinked once and the micro-robots gave him an endoscopic and apposition view of the feminarch’s gut. He watched as the mechanical particles that inhabited her digestive tract broke apart into millions of more infinitesimal devices. Each one grew a coat of spines and quills that resembled dandelions. Arcs of electrical energy sparked and bounced off one quill after another. Like dust devils, the devices swarmed and spiraled within Josephine’s intestinal wall and raked against the lining like steel wool scraping against a crusty pot.

“Hunnugh!” Josephine moaned as her bowels churned, her pale skin broke into a cold sweat, and she instantly pressed her knees together. Panic was in her eyes as gas escaped her anus. Josephine gave Danso an accusatory glare, then raised her small blade while raising her hand with the full intention of pressing her thumb against the control disk. Danso expected to be incapacitated, but the feminarch doubled over, and the control disk slipped out of her fingers. It disappeared in the wet grass, as did her small blade.

Danso stepped where the control disk fell without being detected.

“Your grace? Are you alright?” the guard asked with concern.

Josephine held her stomach as if she had been stabbed. She grabbed the edge of the fountain, attempting to stand straight, but she dropped to her knees instead. Her blue cloak fell off her back as the painful anal explosions happened so rapidly it was as if her butt cheeks were simulating the clapping of hands. “OooooOOooh! OoOOoooh!” Josephine cried out, clutching her stomach and writhing on the floor as the runs flooded out of her rectum like molten lava.

“Your gra… Oh! Agh! By Chavvah!” The guard caught a whiff of the fetid stench and looked around, unsure of what to do.

The feminarch looked up with a pleading face. Danso looked back at her with a malevolent stare.


Excerpted from "Vice Womb Age" by M Colin Alston. Copyright © 2016 by M Colin Alston. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

M Colin Alston

M Colin Alston

Son of Malcolm H. and Enid D. Alston, M. Colin Alston was born an Aquarian on the 25th day of January, 1972 in Long Island, USA. While growing up in the town of Roosevelt, he attended Harry D. Daniels Grammar School, then Washington Rose Middle School and finally Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School, where he illustrated the school newspaper. Colin also ran cross- country and the four hundred yard dash for the Roosevelt Roughriders track team in his junior and senior years. He took college level painting courses during this time, as well as biology courses, at Nassau Community College in Westbury, which added fuel to his already great love for science fiction.

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