The Flying Boy

The Flying Boy

by Sean Bradley Wheeler


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Book Description

Jeremy Floeter drank an Anti-Gravity Potion, giving him the ability to fly.

Sample Chapter

John Floeter drove his family to the NASA Space Center in Meritt Island, Florida one sunny afternoon.

“Are you looking forward to the Space Center?” asked John.

“I don't know, Dad,” said Jeremy. “I’m kinda nervous.”

“Oh Jeremy,” said his mother Mary. “Don't you have dreams of becoming an astronaut?”

“That is what you told us,” said John.

"So what do you want to see at the Space Center?" asked Mary, changing the subject.

"Zero Gravity," Jeremy replied.

"That'll be interesting," said John. "Floating like our last name?"

“Are we there yet?” asked Jeremy, checking his watch impatiently.

“There it is,” said John as the car pulled up in front of a huge building. It had the NASA logo and an American flag painted on the side. There was a rocket in the distance. They walked into the lobby.

“Welcome to National Aeronautics & Space Administration,” said the man at the front desk. “How can we help you?”

“We would like a tour,” said Mary.

“Okay,” said the Garret. He spoke into an intercom. “Theresa, we have 3 new visitors.”

A woman entered the lobby.

“Hello,” she said. “My name is Theresa Brown. I'm the tour guide of NASA. What are your names?”

“I’m John Floeter,” said John. “This is my wife Mary, and my son Jeremy.”

Theresa wrote down their names.

“Uh,” said Mary, “Floeter is spelled with an E.”

“Oh,” said Theresa, “my mistake.”

She erased the A’s and replaced them with E’s.

Then, three more people walked in.

"Are you here for the tour, too?" asked Theresa.

"Yes," said the man. "I'm Thomas Bitterman. This is my wife Lisa and my son Eugene."

"Call me Knuckles," said Eugene.

"Nice to meet you," said John. "I'm John Floeter, this is my wife, Mary and my son, Jeremy."

"Hi," said Mary.

“Now that we know each other," said Theresa as she wrote the Bittermans' names, "Let’s start the tour.”

They walked down the hall.

There was a big room with a few people whizzing through the air.

“How are these people flying?” asked Mary in surprise.

“These people drank the Anti-Gravity Potion,” said Theresa.

“An Anti-Gravity Potion?” asked John.

“Yes,” said Theresa, “It was made by scientists who discovered that there is a compound that could be made from the helium from Uranus’ atmosphere and a little bit of the lesser known substance hidden in the rings of Saturn called Archon. We called that compound Super Helium VII.

“After discovering it, they sent astronauts to collect as much helium as they can from Uranus and another team to Saturn for the Archon. They then put the two substances in a device and mixed them together, and let it set for a week. The experiment was a success. They then put the Super Helium VII in a secret concoction, added sugar, water, and other ingredients in it, and sold it to us for $50,000,000.

“Customers will need to pay $50 for their blood to be tested for allergies, drug use, medication, mutations, disabilities, previous visits here, alien physiology--

"Alien physiology?" exclaimed John.

"That's classified," said Theresa. "They'll also be tested for behavior issues, diseases, and any vital problems. If all of them turn up negative, as in the person is healthy and suitable to take some of it, the doctor will give them an Anti-Gravity Ticket to give to put in the dispenser.

“If you drink the potion, you will be floating, but only for about an hour. When your hour is up, you’ll fall down to this bouncy mat on the floor. If you touch the ground while still under the effects of the potion, after 3 seconds you’ll float up automatically. Unlike pure helium, it doesn't change your voice as the Archon deepens it, cancelling it out. And Archon is even lighter than helium, so it can lift even an elephant. One thing I noticed, kids and parents here have shown more control over their movement than astronauts in space and even stayed in one spot.”

"So it's more like superhuman flying than weightlessness?" asked John.

"Exactly," said Theresa.

“Where is the potion?” asked John.

"It's over there," said Theresa.

She pointed to the corner of the room where there sat a machine that looked like a water cooler, but instead of water, there was a bright green liquid. There was a slot where a ticket goes in. It had a spiral of small clear plastic cups, the size of ketchup cups. The spiral ended at the nozzle, plus a small platform in front where a mechanism behind the cup would push it onto.

“But be careful," warned Theresa. "The potion is radioactive. Tourists who didn’t register for it aren’t allowed to touch it.”

“Cool,” said Jeremy.

Theresa checked her watch.

“Only one minute left before your doses of the potion wear off,” she called out to the flying tourists. “Try to stay low to prevent injuries.”

The floating tourists descended low to the ground. The potion wore off and they fell on the trampoline-like floor. A boy fell on his face.

"I'm okay," said the boy weakly as he got back on his feet.

"I want some of that potion," said Jeremy.

"Sure," said Theresa. "You just need to fill out an application to get your blood tested."

"You're probably too wimpy for it," said Knuckles.

"Oh yeah?" said Jeremy. "You obviously have mental issues."

"Are you calling me crazy?" asked Knuckles.

"Yes," said Jeremy. "You are a big dumb knucklehead."

Knuckles punched Jeremy, knocking him out and dragged him to the Anti-Gravity Potion Machine. He put Jeremy’s head under the nozzle. Knuckles unscrewed the gallon. It had a small airtight hole so that the potion would only pour out when the machine sucks it out.

“Drink this, pipsqueak!” Knuckles said, chuckling.

He broke the lid and the green juice poured into Jeremy’s mouth until the gallon was completely empty. Then Jeremy started floating.

“We've gotta get Jeremy to the hospital!” exclaimed Theresa.

In the medical lab, Jeremy floated a few feet above the bed. There were wires all over him.

"Is he going to be okay?" asked Mary.

“He’s alright,” said Doctor Chem. “He’s going to recover from the punch in the face. But I don’t think the potion is going to wear off.”

“But Theresa said the potion lasts an hour,” Mary protested.

“Yes but that’s only if you took the small required dose,” said Dr. Chem. “Jeremy drank so much that the Super Helium VII got into his cells and mutated him. He may be a flying boy forever."

A man in a business suit and sunglasses walked in.

"Hello," said the man. "I'm Agent Rex McCool, director of the Mutation Encyclopedic Testing Association. We just got word that a ChemiHuman origin case just happened here today."

"ChemiHuman?" asked Mary.

"A person mutated by a chemical," said McCool. "Jeremy Floeter should come with us back to base in Chicago for registration. It'll take only a week. As for those tourists who took the potion, we need to check for side effects and permanent mutations. What were you people thinking using a radioactive serum? Wouldn't a magnetic room be safer?"


Excerpted from "The Flying Boy" by Sean Bradley Wheeler. Copyright © 2016 by Sean Bradley Wheeler. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Sean Bradley Wheeler

Sean Bradley Wheeler

Sean Bradley Wheeler is your average boy who is often on the computer a lot. He works on wikis, internet encyclopedias. One of them is The Flying Boy Wiki. He likes to play video games, read comics, watch TV, etc. He dreams of building his own media company called Wheeler Entertainment. He also does Tae-Kwon-Do.

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