God Is Not A Noun: Evolutionaries Illuminati Cosmic Bible GINAN

God Is Not A Noun: Evolutionaries Illuminati Cosmic Bible GINAN

by Lee Kerr


Publisher Lee Kerr

Published in Religion & Spirituality/New Age, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Nonfiction

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Book Description

This provocative new Secular Bible debunks and promotes rethinking all societies fundamental religious mythologies, including the very word and concept of God. It does this with a new eclectic, integral, spiritually-based, knowledge of science.

Self-development is explained integrally, building consensus through multiple disciplines revealing the truth, with evolutionary evidence guidance on developing your body, mind, spirit, and society.

Sample Chapter

· Introduction:

The world is a complicated place, and human knowledge continues to grow exponentially. As we evolved from simpler life forms over the millennia, we also developed in our thoughts and experience. We slowly developed consciousness, self-awareness, reasoning ability, and language. Religion, Philosophy, and Science, although seen as separate disciplines today, shows our clear evolutionary development and progression.

Religion was our first uniquely personal subject. Humanity began religion long before written languages. Self-awareness, imagination, fear of death and the unknown formed the foundation for religious belief systems, the products of these evolved capabilities, over thousands of years.

We then progressed to Philosophy, as a discipline maturing over the last few thousand years with the emergence of written languages. We explored and developed our abilities to pure logic and reason, building upon philosophical perspectives over time through written languages over generations. These new symbolic tools provided us with the capacity to develop and refine our rational thoughts and beliefs.

The emergence of scientific inquiry soon followed. Disciplines of science continue to draw on our collective observation and experience, which is now verifiable with evidence, experimentation, and documentation. These new processes foster our further development of mathematical and scientific principals and methods, which we are learning to share and understand. Science opened the doors for us to vastly and rapidly increase our knowledge, from everything from technology to potential enlightenment.

Today our evolutionary path continues with the recent explosion in the exponential growth of collective knowledge. It has increasingly resulted in particular focuses within the sciences, based on a multitude of disciplines. No longer can any one person rationally claim to know it all. Each new discipline, although going deeper and deeper into a particular subject, resulted in our focus becoming narrower and narrower. As a consequence, as humanity collectively knows more but each person’s focus is becoming more and more specialized. We individually increasingly see and understand less of “The Big Picture.” While we are often in awe and wonder about all this new knowledge, we are also overwhelmed with all the new and expanding information. We are individually and collectively increasingly challenged to see the “Forest through the Trees.”

As a partial consequence, many follow ancient religions and belief systems to answer fundamental questions. Do you? Can you examine your core beliefs and recognize their origins? Did you accept belief systems, stories, and traditions based on real, verifiable, evidence or were you following the influence of others? Do you follow many beliefs because your community, parents, spouse, or friends do? Are you following along with religion or a belief system because of the social support the group provides, accepting others professions of faith without considering any truth at the core? Do you think since people close to you believe certain things, they must be true?

At first blush, this is understandable but are the beliefs others profess faith in based on the truth? Or were they just ideas provided to you when you were young and impressionable? Did you develop faith in their faith? You may found their beliefs and traditions provided you comfort and support, and were easy for you to accept.

However, does this continue to be the right thing for you to do? Are your adopted beliefs the truth worthy of faith? What if the core of your beliefs you have built your life around is not true? You may also hold a misplaced attraction to various forms of black and white, dogmatic, religious fundamentalism. Fundamentalism born not out of any original validity, but out of a fundamental desire for guidance, for simple answers. Simplicity has its appeal and role. However, the truth is not always straightforward. Do you want more for your life? Do you seek greater understanding, clarity, wisdom and real truth can bring, regardless of its complexity?

Within these pages, you will find you do not need misguided beliefs based on myths, superstitions, or fictions of the past. Old, false, and incomplete beliefs not true are beliefs you should not seek or accept, however simple. Myths by their very nature are not reality. Myths are stories believed to be true but are false. Without a basis in fact, myths are subject to manipulation, having no basis for objective evaluation. Thus, when you accept myths as truth, you deny yourself any ability to assess it objectively for manipulation or truth. You owe it to yourself to live myth-free. Spiritual understanding and guidance exist based on scientific truth, not mythology.

Humanity’s quest for truth has existed from the beginning. The truth is out there. I will reveal it to you now. Do not fear the truth, for “Veritas vos liberabit!” (Latin), “The truth will set you free!”

I began my studies and the research for this work for no other reason than my answers to understanding life’s great questions. Pure passion for knowledge and understanding, based on my life’s experiences, drove my inquiries and research. The genetically encoded human curiosity driving most discoveries drove my original investigations. As my understanding and insights grew, so has my desire to help others see the truth. This collective work is the product of that desire. It is a revolutionary, evolutionary, story.

I achieved my insights and understanding from over six decades of rich personal experience. I have served diverse roles traveling through life, being many things to many people. Each new chapter had new experiences, which led to building new lessons. Each new chapter also had a multiplicity of roles to play too numerous to give a full accounting of here, but with provided decades of rich learning experiences. Examples would be in the first and second decades, I was a student and athlete. A son and a brother. A Boy Scout. In the third decade, I was a police officer, sheriff's deputy, emergency medical technician, and soldier. I was a father and spouse. In the fourth decade, I was a lawyer and public servant. A county attorney. An elected official and politician. In the fifth and sixth decades, I was a Managing Assistant Attorney General, a leader, and mentor.

This multiplicity of roles provided me with opportunities for personal growth and illumination. New roles filled with rewards and opportunities for growth as well as challenges. I counseled and advised Attorney Generals and Governors. I defended individuals charged with crimes, as well as prosecuted in the name of the state individuals charged with a broad array of offenses, from homicide to failing to support their children. As I built upon these personal experiences, I took keys and clues to real understanding and insight into the nature of humanity, building the evidence you are about to be presented.

The word Bible is the English form of the Greek name ‘biblion’, and in Latin, ‘biblia’, which means 'books.' In religion, a bible is a book or collection of writings constituting a religion’s sacred text. In secular matters, a bible is a book considered authoritative in its field. As you read and begin to understand this work, you will realize this works biblical nature, on both the religious and secular level. This work is the kind of Bible I like to think DaVinci, Einstein, Sagan or Hawkins would like, and they helped inspire its creation.

The phrase 'god is not a noun', the meaning of which will become clearer to you as we progress, is a verb not a noun and converts to the acronym GINAN. While researching possible titles for this book, I looked at the acronym for ‘god is not a noun,’ and discovered Ginan, a word with its own meaning. Ginan is a popularization of the Sanskrit word 'jnan', understood to mean 'contemplative or reflective knowledge.' Ginan also comes from the root word 'jnana', which also means 'wisdom.' Ginan alternatively means 'Gnosis,' which also translates to 'knowledge.'

Lastly, Ginan is further defined as a hymn-like poem of spiritual import, particularly among a minor faction of Shiite Muslims, the Ismaili Gnostic religious sect, who see God as both reality and transcendent of it. All of which I think you will come to see as ironic and appropriate about this work.

I find all of these characterizations of the acronym and word GINAN an appropriate symbolization for this collective work, and as you progress, I think you will agree. You may also see this work as the 'Illuminati Biblia' (Latin for 'The Enlightened Ones Bible'), for which the connection will also become clearer as we progress.

This presentation of truth is through a dialog between a son and his father, and their quest for truth, the truth we all seek the universal truth. Not a mystical or magical revelation from ancient mythologies, but addresses the major issues humanity has pondered since being able to ponder, question, or wonder. It comes from what we know and have the evidence to support it.

What I reveal to you is “Universal Truth.” You will have to open your mind to be receptive to this truth. We are not talking about a mere subjective opinion about the truth. It is universal truth increasing revealed through the evidence presented by the evolutionary force of the laws of this Universe, now increasingly understood by the evolving eclectic knowledge and integral consciousness of humanity. This truth is not static or fixed. Evidence supports it. This revelation of truth is an evolutionary process, always changing, growing, and refining, as new evidence is developed and understood.

Knowledge previously held by a small circle of academics, scientists, philosophers, theologians, and other specialized professionals is about to be revealed to you, leading you from curiosity to real understanding. What you are about to read challenges conventional thinking with fresh insight. This idea is consistent with new evolving theological, philosophical, and scientific understanding of the evolutionary nature of this Universe, humanity, and the concept of God. A new understanding beyond mere questioning, doubting or challenging ancient myths. You will find truthful answers, the answers we all seek, waiting for you. Sometimes the truth is 'inconvenient truth', inconsistent with popular culture or political correctness. However, it remains 'the truth'.

This work also reveals a new interpretation of an old concept called Pantheism. Espoused, inferred, or suggested by many great minds, from Einstein to Hawking. This new understanding is a form of Evolutionary Pantheism, which defines and explains what God is from an evolutionary, integral, perspective, challenging traditional ancient religious mythologies while providing spiritual intelligence, understanding, and guidance. It rejects the fictional paternalistic deity figures from ancient mythology while providing a scientifically based, myth-free, secular yet spiritual knowledge.

This new Pantheist understanding presents you with a new myth-free set of personal Commandments, a new Creed, and a personal mission statement to help guide your life. These new insights derive from an evolutionary merging of the best knowledge produced by both eastern and western minds, separating valid spiritual intelligence and rational knowledge from their ancient false religious myths.

Beyond religion, this conversation between a Father and Son explores and explains the philosophy and social sciences from a broad, eclectic, growing understanding. Reason, observation, and experience are used to delve into the natural laws of this Universe. Complex concepts are simplified and explained by the workings of cause and effect in the natural world as it continues to evolve.

This new understanding will also help you see science in a new light, through discussions on this Universe, time, evolution, and the human condition. Political discussions explore diversity, racism, multiculturalism, responsibility and rights, war, law, and justice. This new perspective also addresses Self-development, with evolutionary guidance on developing your body, mind, spirit and society.

Proceed if you have the courage and will to do so. If you proceed many of your current opinions, ideas, beliefs, values, knowledge, religion, faith; your reality will shake from its foundation, changed forever. You will never again view the world quite the same way. However, if you open your mind, you will have the keys to enlightened truth.

Understanding the truth will give you the ability to change yourself for the better, living your life in the present, in a new, awakened, illuminated, myth-free spiritual way. Your new understanding of the glory of the present and the continuous evolutionary process will help guide you in your contributions to humanity's enlightenment!

L. R. Kerr


Excerpted from "God Is Not A Noun: Evolutionaries Illuminati Cosmic Bible GINAN" by Lee Kerr. Copyright © 2016 by Lee Kerr. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Lee Kerr

Lee Kerr

This provocative new Secular Bible debunks and promotes rethinking all societies fundamental religious mythologies, including the very word and concept of God. It does this with a new eclectic, integral, spiritually-based, knowledge of science.

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