From Status Quo to Creativity

From Status Quo to Creativity

by Ijeoma Nwankwo


Publisher Dog Ear Publishing

Published in Self-Help/Success, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Self-Help, Nonfiction

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Book Description


Through a straightforward, step-by-step process, readers explore the keys to creativity, learn how to conquer everyday obstacles, and embrace innovation. With in-depth explanations on ROI, customer—unsung hero, automation, problem solving and SMART goals, From Status Quo to Creativity guides the reader through exercises designed to help everyone from beginners to experts dig deeper and reach higher.

For those looking to push ahead in the business world and break through the barriers of the mundane, Nwankwo has a powerful message: “You can do it!”

Sample Chapter

Understanding Status Quo

What is Status Quo?

While designing the topics to this book, I quickly realized the importance of going back to the basics. Before we can hone in creativity, we must understand why we are not creative. I have written “Understanding Status Quo” to serve as the fundamentals to getting on the right creative track. The main focus of this book is to foster creativity as a practice. One might ask, “Why creativity?” The reason is that creativity yields both qualitative and quantitative values. Qualitative values in this book will focus on “keys” (as displayed in each chapter) that improve the quality of each product and service. The keys will also drive tools for creativity right down to making your creative product or service a success to customers. This is also what I refer to as the bottom line or what really matters. This is frequently referred to as the “financial reward” and is the value that can be obtained from deploying the keys in this book.

While crafting up creativity as the main recipe in constructing values, it is important to understand the transformation from the current state of affairs to a desired state. In this context, the current state of affairs is equivalent to the “status quo.” The desired state is synonymous with “creativity.” Now coming full circle, the book From Status Quo to Creativity has been formed.

The process of inquiring on “status quo” has led me to uncover the Latin meaning: “In the state in which.”[Merriam-Webster's Collegiate 11th]. From my perspective, status quo keeps things functional, rather than seeking higher ground.

With this discovery about status quo, I have consulted the Merriam Webster dictionary. Webster defines status quo in a few ways: “the current situation”; “the way things are now”; and “the existing state of affairs.” Understanding this definition confirms status quo as current state. As a result, when status quo is practiced as the norm, it limits the ability to introduce changes. Furthermore, it exacerbates the lack of creativity. The long-term trajectory of this pattern can stunt value and growth in the process.

I am starting with status quo as an introductory chapter to highlight the pros and cons. It is also my desire to augment opportunities that exist outside status quo walls. This book will be used as a medium to train a new mind and escalate into creativity. It is a very fair assumption that in today’s world, folks are seeking ways to be successful. Being successful or even seeking comfort financially requires having a sustainability factor. This can be obtained by invoking a mind that seeks to evolve on the creativity track. It is no longer sustainable to be status quo. Today we have an increase in costs (goods and services) and technology changes (ex., the way we access music via live streaming or read books via online platforms like Kindle, smartphones, tablets, etc.). The fact is that when we remain in the status quo walls, we are presented with the risk of being obsolete. We constantly have to innovate and be creative. Well, this requires an in-depth understanding of status quo. Therefore, I will elaborate on the specific toolsets for moving into creativity.


Excerpted from "From Status Quo to Creativity" by Ijeoma Nwankwo. Copyright © 2016 by Ijeoma Nwankwo. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Ijeoma Nwankwo

Ijeoma Nwankwo

Ijeoma Nwankwo is the author of "From Status Quo to Creativity". The crux of her book provides an opportunity for readers to move beyond the mundane and elevate performance. As a reader, you will find practical strategies that spur creative thinking pushing and allowing you to "dig deeper and reach higher".

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