The Scroll of Suratican

The Scroll of Suratican

by Vincent James


Publisher Austin Macauley Publishers

Published in Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description

Book received Honorable Mentions: 2017 New England Book Festival ; Hollywood Book Festival. Only 5% awarded.

Two strangers meet on a journey to Suratican, strange hilltop home to a mysterious society having the power to answer questions that burn within. They discover a jaw dropping futuristic world, returning home with knowledge that shakes their primitive societies to the core. They unearth buried evidence of their early tribal history and develop a deep friendship, under the watchful eye of Suratican whose shocking nature is revealed when they look to the velvet tapestry of the night sky.

Sample Chapter


When Garek and Morglisec fall asleep that night, neither one is aware of the dream that is taking shape in their unconscious minds. The Grand Vizeer is preparing to communicate with them through the special devices he imparted when they left Suratican. This time, however, the message will be very different.


“Morglisec, Morglisec; can you hear me?”


Morglisec turns one way, then the other, his eyes moving rapidly beneath his lids.


“Morglisec, I’m calling you.”


His mind reacts to the impulses sweeping through his brain. The dream begins.


“I hear you, Grand Vizeer. I hear you.”


“The artifacts you discovered in the collection can remain in the valley of Mervemar. Use them to learn and understand what is possible.”


Morglisec continues to toss and turn; the unnatural sleep pattern he’s experiencing does not sit well with him. Within the dream he asks about the device with the Suratican symbols and letters.


“Will we ever decipher them and learn your language?”


“The language will be learned, but it may not be in your lifetime. The records you keep of them will be of interest to others long into the future, but none will know its true source.


“What I tell you now will remain with you for only one daily cycle. Then it will fade from your memory. You may record it for future reference, but you will believe it to be your own thoughts and not remember this dream induced by me.”


The Grand Vizeer waits for him to slip deeper into the sleep state. A sense of calm comes over Morglisec. When all movement ceases, the Grand Vizeer imparts these words to him.


“We come from a place only visible through your light amplifier; a celestial sphere far beyond your own world. We discovered your existence long, long ago, and chose to observe the progress your world made over time. Suratican is the place we established for that purpose.”


Morglisec remains still, unmoving.


“The dark, smooth slab you uncovered beneath the surface of Jantelus’s farm was put there by the ancients who first inhabited Suratican. It was to be its original location. Soon after construction began, it became clear that a more isolated place needed to be found, away from roaming tribal groups. For that reason, we chose the highest mountaintop on the island of Ashantic.”


The dream state prevents Morglisec from experiencing a sense of reality, allowing the Grand Vizeer’s words to flow through him without the reaction a waking state would incur.


“The bright, fast-moving object you and the heaven searchers discovered in the night sky comes from our distant home. It will continue circling your world for as long as we remain. I am imparting these words to you and Garek, but to no others among your tribes.


‘We have imparted similar words to others who have displayed the same curiosity, desire for knowledge, and openness to new ideas as you have. They too have sought and received counsel from Suratican, but their numbers are small.


“Our hope is that you and others like you will lead your world in the direction of learning, understanding, and appreciation of the natural world you inhabit, sharing in its bounty and joining together for the good of all.


“Sleep well my diminutive friend. There is much for you to learn and accomplish in your lifetime. We’ll be watching from afar.”


The bright morning light streaming through the small window in Morglisec’s room falls heavily upon his face. He stirs, pulling the warm, comforting blanket over his eyes to block it out. Soon they open, and the memories begin to stir. Suddenly, the dream flows into his consciousness, causing him to sit up with a start. Was that a dream or did the Grand Vizeer contact me? He jumps out of bed, pulls the blanket around him and heads to Garek’s room next door. He lightly taps on the door, but hears nothing. Anxious to speak with his friend, he taps a little harder. Again, nothing. Morglisec turns and walks toward his room.


The door to Garek’s room opens. He calls out softly, “Is that you Morglisec?”


“Yes, it’s me. Did I wake you?”


“No, not really. I was waking from a dream. Did you dream as well?”


“Yes I did. What was yours about?”


“I imagined the Grand Vizeer told me we can keep the artifacts and use them to learn from. After that it gets very fuzzy.”


“Come to my room; I have something to tell you.”


They sit on his bed facing each other. Morglisec tells Garek he believes the Grand Vizeer contacted them as he did when they were in the Banishanti homeland.


“I didn’t think of it as a message from him,” says Garek. “Nothing in the dream indicated I was to return the artifacts to Suratican. Telling me to keep them is not something I would expect him to say.”


“It isn’t what I would expect either. He told me the same thing, and much, much more. Let me explain everything in my dream and you’ll understand why I believe it was him.”


Morglisec tells Garek every detail of his dream; about the large stone-like slab, where the Grand Vizeer comes from, the building of Suratican, the fast-moving object in the night sky, and what he wants for the inhabitants of their world.


Garek is stunned!


“You were right! There is a connection between the fast-moving object and Suratican! But coming here from a place so far away in the night sky is… is… impossible for me to believe! Why didn’t he take me into his confidence as before?”


“I believe he did. The part of your dream that was fuzzy most likely had the same message. But for some reason, it did not come through clearly.”


They sit staring at each other, trying to grasp the meaning of what they were told.


“For reasons I can’t explain,” offers Morglisec, “I have the perception it’s important to write down every detail of the dream or I will forget it. I’ll do it right after the morning meal.”


Garek returns to his room, shaking his head in disbelief. They wash, dress, and descend the stairway to the large table; their food is waiting. The two friends finish quickly, anxious to record the dream. Garek retrieves scroll paper and writing instrument from a large storage cabinet, handing them to Morglisec. He sits across the table and watches as the words that will change their comprehension of what can be achieved in a world yet to come is written down for reasons not fully understood by them.






The two friends arrive at the council chamber in the late morning. What they see as they approach is staggering. The road is filled with villagers waiting to enter. A line of two abreast circles the front, side and rear of the building and extends beyond. The number is far greater than any that waited at the collection when it was first opened to all the villagers.


When the throng of Fincalistan sees Garek and Morglisec, they cheer aloud and wave their arms in a sign of appreciation and respect. Garek’s lips curl into a smile that sweeps across his face, fixed in place by the emotions that run deep within him. They wave their arms in return, saying thank you to all they pass.


Garek comments to his friend, “I hope you heard them thanking you as well as me. You are no longer only a visitor, but someone whose efforts have made an impact upon us all.”


Morglisec smiles, embarrassment by their appreciative response. The Elders are animated in their welcome as well; the two friends take their place among them.


The doors are opened; the crowd jostles to get close to the table holding the artifacts, scrolls, and journals. Almost immediately the questions begin, the two friends being peppered from all sides. They take it in stride, and respond to each one in a calm soothing voice, wanting to be sure each answer is clear and understood by all. The nature of their responses has a beneficial effect upon the crowded room, quieting the villagers as they strain to hear their answers.


The flow of Fincalistan and non-Fincalistan into the council chamber continues unabated until the late afternoon when the Elders signal the doors will be closed for the day. When the last villager leaves, the exhausted friends slump down in their chairs, unable to move or speak. Only the Elders appear unfazed by the experience.


Grantic’ya stands before them and says, “We believe a new era has opened for the Fincalistan. Our culture has always existed as individual families living as they choose, not interfering in the lives of others. This has stood us well over time. But we have discovered something is missing. When we learned of the true nature of Platisco from the scroll and what his intended purpose was, we realized our ancestors sought to bring us closer to our fellow Fincalistan and to outsiders who came to stay in our midst. When we read your journal about the wonders of Suratican, we learn of a future that might be ours if we create such things together in the world to come.


“When the villagers’ respond to Sylanth’cus’s collection and the artifacts exposed therein, we understand what brings us together is our history, our common interests, and our hopes and joys, all of which we cannot fully appreciate living as isolated families. For all you have brought us, we, the Council of Elders, thank you Garek and Morglisec for awakening a new understanding within us.”


The two friends, standing close together, cannot prevent their eyes from welling up, or the tears flowing down their cheeks. Garek has the need to speak. “We thank you for the kind words. But there is something you need to understand. There are those among us who’ve been unappreciated for the things they do and the contributions they make to our understanding of history and the world around us. I speak of Sylanth’cus, Kaperlia, and Savek. Without Sylanth’cus collecting so many objects for so long, there might not be any history to look back upon, or the knowledge that a magnificent world may exist in our future. Without Kaperlia and Savek inventing tools to study the night sky, we might not have the skills to develop new ones for understanding our world and our place in the cosmos. We should embrace and support them and those like them in the future.”


“You are wise,” responds Grantic’ya. “We will make every effort to do so.”


Garek and Morglisec say goodbye and leave. Walking home, they talk of many things along the way. Garek plans on creating a group among the Fincalistan similar to the Banishanti Hall of Knowledge, including the likes of Sylanth’cus, Kaperlia, and Savek, among others. He believes many would join to study, learn, and understand the world around them. He also plans to work alongside the sky watchers, helping them build the magnifiers, explain their use to the villagers, and sell them.


Morglisec looks forward to building a light amplifier and, with interested members from the Hall of Knowledge, exploring the night sky. He believes Krakinosis and the Council will support this endeavor. It will require building a structure high on a hill, necessitating the cooperation of many craftsmen. A large open meeting area with a platform and benches for the villagers to use is high on his list of changes he wants to bring the Banishanti.


The idea that intrigues him the most, however, requires a willingness on the part of both the Banishanti and the Fincalistan. To give it meaning, however, the Banishanti will have to be made aware of the contact between ancient Suratican and their ancestral tribes, a historical and unique connection shared by the two cultures.


“Garek, I have learned from my experience among the Fincalistan and from the Grand Vizeer that great benefits can be derived from knowing each other’s culture. When I return home, I will recommend an exchange of visits between the Banishanti and the Fincalistan. I believe our Chief Zincala and the Council should visit your village to explore ideas with the Council of Elders.


“To prepare for that possibility, I will leave you my copy of the Banishanti Scroll of Suratican to share with the Council of Elders. With the copy of The Hylx given to you by Krakinosis, it will prepare them for their first meeting. In time, the Elders should visit my homeland as well.


“I also want to convince Sylanth’cus, Kaperlia, and Savek to return home with me, or come shortly thereafter, to meet members of the Hall of Knowledge and explore the work we’ve accomplished searching for our historic roots. In exchange, I will recommend members of the Hall of Knowledge visit the valley of Mervemar to meet with Sylanth’cus and the night searchers to understand the work they are doing.”


“The visits to exchange ideas, knowledge, and cultural interests would be but a first step,” suggests Garek. “We may eventually become partners in trade, perhaps exchanging tools, native products, and knowledge that may benefit the other. Maybe this is the way we will grow, taking the first step on the path to a society with Suratican’s capabilities.”


Morglisec reaches over and takes hold of Garek’s arm. “I believe that is what the Grand Vizeer intends for us to understand from our dreams.”


The two friends are not only walking home. They are beginning an odyssey that will open their worlds in ways unimaginable to them before they met on the journey to Suratican.




Excerpted from "The Scroll of Suratican" by Vincent James. Copyright © 2016 by Vincent James. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Vincent James

Vincent James

Norman Brown, who writes under the pen name Vincent James, is a U.S. citizen born in New York City and currently residing in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. He began writing this manuscript shortly after his retirement from the aerospace industry. He has always loved the power and beauty of words and the emotions they are able to convey. This is the first opportunity for him to use them in a fictional setting. The author’s six young grandchildren inspired the choice of subject and genre for his first manuscript.

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