Rolling Through Teens

Rolling Through Teens

by Mary Settle

ASIN: B079658BS9

Publisher Outskirts Press

Published in Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality, Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description


Joys of a Life not worth Living. A glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of an adolescent girl in a wheelchair. Join her as she struggles through worries about the future, worships her Savior and loves on her family.

Sample Chapter

Garden of Eden

Every girl is a garden of Eden,
Full of pleasure, goodness, and beauty.
A brook of tenderness flows through,
To quench thirsts, provide safety to one heart.

Every son is a leader,
Ready to serve and protect
A garden he can call his own
And to love her all the days of his life.

But into the tranquility of romance
Slithered Deception, hating the girl for her beauty
And the boy for God's image in his soul
And decided to destroy both in one fell swoop.

She bit of his fruit and her eyes were opened
To a world of lies, hardship, and pain
And gave also to her love,
Instead of guarding his heart.

She wears a mask of colors
To hide her fears,
The safety, beauty, intimacy the garden once possessed
Has been lost,

But a pretty face does not provide identity.
She craves the boy to be his love,
Her God, lost in the jumble of manmade theology,
Is ever waiting, longing for her to come back to Him,


The boy longs to return to the garden,
To have his share of choice fruits,
Rest in the shade of trust;
God is wanting to bring him to the garden again.

The garden is inhabited by giants,
But the boy doesn't want to take risks on the chance that
In climbing toward the prize, he'll slip
And lose everything he worked so hard for.

She flings wide the gate and tempts him
With treasures more precious than gold.
He reaches his hand in to take what she advertises,
Without devotion to the heart handed him.

She thrives on love as artificial as he can hand out.
He eats his fill and leaves,
Just another heart broken in two.
She scoops up what remains and searches for another him.

This is the world we live in,
A battleground, not a garden.
If God's daughters are going to make it in love,
We have to remove our sundresses and don our uniforms.

We are in a war, and we are attacking our fellow warriors,
Making them easy targets for the serpent,
Then wonder why they take us in
And then leave us without a second thought.

Pick up your weapon, Princess,
And fight the good fight until the Captain of our salvation
Sends a prince
To tend your garden of Eden!

Excerpted from "Rolling Through Teens" by Mary Settle. Copyright © 2016 by Mary Settle. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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