Time of the Draig

Time of the Draig

by Lisa Dawn Wadler


Publisher Soul Mate Publishing

Published in Romance/Time Travel, Romance, Literature & Fiction

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Book Description


Every legend has a beginning.

Samantha's only thought is to save her time. Faolan's only goal is to keep her by his side for all of time.

When hearts and destiny clash, will love be the ultimate sacrifice?

Sample Chapter

Harrison helped Samantha to her feet. “Do you mind if I take point on first contact?”

“It may be for the best. This is a pre-medieval culture, and a woman in command may be more than they can handle,” Samantha said. “We need to keep this simple and end it quickly. The lower the amount of contact with the indigenous people, the less impact on the timeline. As far as the men go, assume command. While I’ve read the manuals, I have no interest in military hierarchy.”

Harrison acknowledged the statement with a quick nod. He said to the men who listened to the conversation, “You heard the major. The situation is unusual to say the least. As I get answers, so will you. For now, I have point, and you will follow orders. It’s our best hope for survival.”

He glanced at a man sitting on the ground and said, “Private Weiler, I want a full inventory of supplies, from gear to what’s edible. Do you understand?”

The man snapped out of his daze. “Why should I follow orders? I’m a dead man walking.”

The captain replied, “You will follow orders because you are a soldier, and it’s what you do. I have command, and we all seem to have a reprieve from that death sentence. Choose now. Remember what it’s like to serve with honor, or leave.”

Weiler asked, “Can the major get us back?”

Eighteen eyeballs fixated on her. “I’m not sure. It will take some time to determine what the options are.”

Weiler said, “I’m not going back, Captain, but if you want to lead, then I’ll follow.”

Harrison pulled Samantha a few feet away from the men in their company. “As soon as we get rid of the welcome wagon, I want a full briefing, including information on whatever UNK005 is and why it spurred your need to disobey command.”

“Consider it done. But while we’re at it, I want to know why you are now a captain sentenced for death,” Samantha countered. “It was an incredibly large leap of faith to take you with me, and that was only because my father trusted you.” With a nod to the rest of the soldiers, she continued, “I want their stories as well.”

Harrison smiled. “Your father was a good man and a better general. I’ve met most of these boys on our daily thirty minutes of required exercise topside while in the brig, and most are good soldiers who refused to follow bad orders.” He glanced over at Boomer. “He’s with you?”

Boomer answered, “Always.”

Samantha ordered, “Break it down for me, Captain.” While she could assess the situation, she wanted to know what Harrison was capable of doing.

Captain Harrison faced the two men who waited on the other side of the clearing. “Their posture is relaxed and seems to pose no immediate threat. While they appear to have sometype of swords strapped to their backs, we would certainly see the attack coming. My guess is the noise from our entry drew their attention. My goal is to be polite, gather some basic information on geography and settlements, and then withdraw.” With a shrug to Boomer, he nished, “Maybe he should stay here. The sergeant doesn’t exactly scream harmless traveler.”

Boomer immediately said, “I have the major’s back. Besides, there is no way I’m going to miss this.”

Samantha looked up to see the laughing grin on Boomer’s face. “That makes no sense. You’ve been with me on plenty of official occasions when we had to meet foreign scientists and dignitaries. Not to mention back in the day when we met plenty of locals off-duty.”

Boomer’s look became one of puzzlement. “Didn’t you see it?”

“See what?” Samantha asked as a chill crept down her spine.

“In the lab before I threw you, there was another door— ” Boomer started to explain before Harrison cut him off.

“Is there anything in what you are about to say that could make me question the decisions I will need to make to keep the men safe?”

Boomer said, “Yes,” without hesitation.

“Look, the only things I know about time travel come from watching Star Trek and Dr. Who. But if those old shows had any form of scientific base, the general concept was the future is best left unknown or we can muck it up trying to get to that point.”

Samantha mulled over the conversation. Boomer saw something, another door, and that might explain the extra wind in the lab as well as the blast from my quantum door. The real question is, what did he see? She asked, “Do you really believe if you tell me about what you saw it will make a difference?”

One half of his face curved up in a small knowing smile as he replied, “Oh, hell yes.”

“Then keep your mouth shut, Sergeant. That’s an order,” Harrison said as he ran his hand over his cropped hair. He looked back at the men who waited to meet them. “Keep your hand on your side arm, and let’s not give them the opportunity to attack.”

“No longer have my weapon,” Boomer replied. He finished the thought with a carefully considered, “I gave it to someone who needed it more.” His hand patted the side pocket of his pants. “Still have my Bowie knife.”

Samantha smiled as she reached inside her jacket pocket and patted the leather case. “I have mine, too.” Turning her back to the locals, her father’s knife slid into the pocket in her pants.

As if on cue, Private Weiler approached the gathering and handed a Bowie knife to Harrison. “The colonel didn’t lie, there is one for each man. We also found some binoculars with infrared, working on a detailed scan. We have your back for the pow wow, sir.”

As he inserted the knife into the side pocket designed to hold the weapon, Harrison said, “Keep up the good work and keep an eye out. While this seems harmless, one never knows.” With that said, he began walking to the meeting none of them ever would have imagined.

Faolan waited for what seemed like an eternity for the three to join him. So, they bring their captive along, unless she isn’t a captive. Maybe she’s the older one’s wife or woman. His temper flared as he decided the older man should be beaten for his treatment of her.

As the distance closed between them, the shadows under her vibrant green eyes became visibly darker. Her skin was pale, far too pale for someone who seemed to walk with afluid grace. The pallor of her skin made him think of someone who had been kept away from the sunshine and sweet fresh air, again like a poorly kept prisoner.

He assumed the immensely large man at her back was there to keep her from running. The next swallow came hard, as even he could not picture bringing down the mountain of a man in battle. Again he wondered how and why the man had painted his skin and so flawlessly, too.

The older man stopped four or five steps in front of him. His voice rang clear. “I am Captain Jeff Harrison. Whom do I have the honor of meeting?”

Faolan stood a little straighter at the words spoken. Such fine speech for a man who mistreats a woman. “I am Faolan, Laird of the Draig clan. To my left stands Kagen.” Without looking, he knew his cousin would offer only a nod of the head. “Who is with you, Captain Jeff Harrison?”

“Please call me Jeff, and allow me to introduce Major Samantha Sykes and Sergeant Michaels.” He offered a light smile. “We are traveling and mean no harm to you or your people.”

Faolan nodded at the peaceful beginning and moved to sit on the ground. He chose not to mention that his people were a day and a half away on foot and safe. He asked the expected, “Where do your travels take you?”

The man, Jeff, glanced at the woman who sat to his right. “For the moment we are looking for a cave or something similar to spend the night. The rest of our plans are of no concern because they are peaceful.”

Faolan held back the anger smoldering inside him. The man named Jeff probably only sought to keep the woman from the light of day. I can see her listening to the conversation, but her head lifts to soak in the rays of morning light as if it has been ages since she has enjoyed such a simple pleasure. A slight smile curved her mouth as she inhaled the sweet fragrance of the clearing. Her delicate hand caressed thegrass and weeds, and his body wondered if she would touch his back with such adoration or cling to him with fingernails sunk into his skin.

The unbidden image was forced away even as he wondered how her midnight-colored hair would appear unbound and blowing in the light breeze of the day. Would only small sections be moved, or would winds lift the glorious thick midnight tresses like a goddess in flight?

While his gaze stayed fixated on the woman, Faolan forced his mind to settle on the conversation at hand, not whimsical fantasies. Faolan replied, “Peaceful intent is always pleasing to nd. If you travel north, there are caves tucked within the hillsides, and you should reach them well before the sun begins to set.” He pondered his reply. A smart man would have sent them south and away from any chance of stumbling onto his lands. He amended, “You may also find the same to the south, though I dinna ken for certain.”

Jeff was wise. The glimmer in his eyes revealed he realized that Faolan came from the north, though he only asked, “Are there any whose permission should be sought for using the trails?”

Again the man impressed him; such questions did indeed speak of peace. “The trails may cross onto land held but nay in any way that prohibits travel. Though once you reach the lowlands, that may change. I dinna ken.” His gaze again left Jeff to stare at Samantha. “Is she your wife?”

The large man, Sergeant Michaels, let out a quick laugh at the question, but stopped when Samantha glared at him. Jeff replied, “She is my traveling companion, as are the men.”

The disgust gnawed in Faolan’s belly at the cold comment. Such a beautiful woman should be treasured and kept safe, not dragged around on foot. Certainly not locked away and probably abused by these men. She is small and fragile, not one who could ever hope to stand against so many fit men. Then his mind wondered, Are they men or warriors? Jeff and the mountain in front of me are certainly built like warriors. He glanced up at the seven men in the distance. They were too casual in their observance of the talk; some stole quick glances, while others appeared to be busy but seemingly did little. No weapons drawn was the only fact that kept him calm. His men could easily reach him before the intruders, who did not appear to be armed.

Faolan answered the next questions with polite response. “The rains come this time of year in the late afternoon. Yes, the water in the streams is safe to drink, and yes, game for hunting is plentiful.” He asked his own question, “Where did you come from? I saw you . . . enter.”

Jeff answered only after seeking some form of silent approval from Samantha. His question was unspoken, but her head answered with denial. He said, “From very far away is probably all you need to know.”

“Do you mean to travel back the way you came?”

Though he kept eye contact with Jeff, he could see the woman’s agitation at the question. Perhaps she does not wish to return with them. Since she was no man’s wife, Faolan assumed the worst was true: Samantha was some form of prisoner.

Yet the newcomers outnumbered him, and no risks could be taken with his men. They still needed to regain his flock and see them back to Draig lands. But his conscience nagged at him. His grandmother would tear him to shreds if she knew he had left a woman in danger. He knew his dreams would be filled with the vivid emerald green of her eyes for many years to come if he did nothing. He wanted and needed to do something.

His hand went to the dagger tucked into his belt. With an exaggerated slowness, he pulled it into his hands. Faolan ignored the growl from the mountain and held the blade inhis hand with handle stretched out toward Jeff. The dragon on the short pommel glinted in the morning sun, and its eye watched the proceeding with care.

Faolan turned the dagger slowly to show the same gure inverted on the other side. It was the symbol of his people: the winding dragon with a head on each end. “‘Tis mine by birthright. Take it in peace and leave me the woman.”

Jeff leaned forward with a hard glare. “I don’t think I quite understood you.”

“Aye, you ken. Trade me the woman for my dagger.”

In less than the blink of an eye, Samantha was on her feet with green fire shooting from her eyes. Her husky voice demanded, “What am I, some type of goat or something? How dare you presume to trade for me with that worthless thing in your hand? My father was the laird of lairds who commanded more men than you will ever see in your lifetime.” She turned away from him as if he were nothing and spoke to Jeff. “On your feet, Captain. This meeting is over.”

Jeff jumped to his feet. “Do I assume you have taken command, Major?” Even Faolan could hear that the question meant something significant.

“You bet your ass I have,” she said, and then she stormed back to their waiting men with the mountain at her back.

Jeff took several steps before he turned with a mischievous grin to ask, “Still want her?” Then he too walked away.

The rap to the side of his head reminded him of Kagen’s presence. His cousin asked, “What were you thinking?”

Faolan saw the disapproval clear on Kagen’s face. “I thought I was saving her.”


Excerpted from "Time of the Draig" by Lisa Dawn Wadler. Copyright © 2016 by Lisa Dawn Wadler. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Lisa Dawn Wadler

Lisa Dawn Wadler

Lisa began writing after reading yet another romance novel where the heroine needed a man to rescue her from physical harm. While a firm believer in the strong alpha-male hero in any story, she wondered what would happen if that hero met a woman who was able to take care of herself physically. Using her several years of Tae Kwon Do training and mixing in time travel, her multi-award winning debut novel, The Draig’s Woman was born.

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