Rhiannon Tales~ Gaia and the Opening

Rhiannon Tales~ Gaia and the Opening

by Kymberly Haas LMFT

ISBN: 9781530321568

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published in Children's Books/Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery & Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy/Fantasy, Children & Teens (Young Adult)

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Book Description

This richly descriptive and visually stunning children's tale is the journey of a gallant young girl who finds herself transported by faery wings to a frozen and magic land. Shocked by her own magic heritage Rhiannon finds she is the only one who can save the land of Faeries and her own family.

Sample Chapter

1 Sunshine and the Garden

The sun was so warm and bright as Rhiannon raced out the door she had to squint and slow down. As she stood taking in the view the sun warmed her back and she felt a stir of excitement. She loved her Nana's garden. There were roses and lots of other flowers she didn't know the names of--so many colors. There was magic and secrets in this garden, and today they waited for her alone. There would be no pesky brothers to fight off, with their swords, capes, and their loudest outside voices.

Everywhere she looked there was something to find. There were big rocks to stand on and places to hide where even her Mom would never think to look. There was sun and shadow to play with, and forts to be made.

She remembered all the fun times she and her brothers had here, and she felt safe and happy. They'd had days of swimming in the Kid Pool Ocean filled with Mermaids and Pirates. She thought of all the rainbows she could always find if she looked up at the sky as she ran through the sprinkler. Her Nana always knew the right time to bring out root beer floats or grilled cheese sandwiches. This was a happy place.

Everyone loved this garden, even the birds and cats, squirrels and lizards. Sometimes she could hear big deep throated froggy noises RRRRBBBTTTTT, RRRRRBBBBBBITTTT and she would hunt the frogs but hardly ever found them. Sometimes when the neighborhood cats came around she would talk softly and gently and become a great Lion charmer. If she was gentle enough they would let her pet them and not run away or eat her with their big "Lion Teeth."



She loved the lace the sun made from the tree leaves and how cool the ground was where the morning dew still made diamonds if you looked just right. She knew this was a doorway into another world--a world where Faeries live, dance and spin the magic for the world.

Sometimes she felt like they were watching her in the garden, and she just couldn’t see them. A leaf would move or a shadow shift and her eyes would dart just missing them. Nana had a magic gazing ball where you can look into the faery world--but they would hide there too, and she could still only see the garden. The ball made the whole garden look blue and squiggley.

The seasons could be marked by the smells of Nana's garden. In the summer you could smell fresh mown grass and flowers which mean you knew there was going to be fun. In the fall you could smell that smoky smell that Nana called wood-smoke. Someone was having a fire in their fireplace--it made Rhiannon feel all cozy inside and think about pumpkins and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream.

"What was that???" She knew she saw something move by the purple and pink tea roses by the stone wall that bordered the flower's bed. She liked to think of flowers as having beds, and pillows, and blankets, and pillow fights with their flower friends. At least they didn't have pesky brothers to put up with. "There it was again--what was that???"

With no one around to watch her, Rhiannon dropped to her knees and followed her curiosity. There it was again. The leaves moved. Is that a butterfly wing? She looked into the dew filled world, full of diamonds and magic.

"Well, hello Gurly-Girl" a soft voice crooned to her in a Caribbean accent.

"how is it you've found yur way here?" Rhiannon taken aback that someone was speaking to her from the roses looked closely and gasped. There, at the bottom of the tea roses was a beautiful blue Faery.


Excerpted from "Rhiannon Tales~ Gaia and the Opening" by Kymberly Haas LMFT. Copyright © 2016 by Kymberly Haas LMFT. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Kymberly Haas LMFT

Kymberly Haas LMFT

Kymberly Haas is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a thriving practice in the South San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in Holistic and Transpersonal Therapies,and loves Play Therapy with children of all ages.

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