Two Pills to Rio

Two Pills to Rio

by David Clink


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Book Description

MIT graduate Brad Mundle has an answer to America's dependence on foreign oil. However, not everyone is as exicited. In fact oil producers and many governments would rather see Brad and his innovation buried in a deep ocean trench.

Sample Chapter


It had been quiet in Buenos Aires for two months. Brad Mundle was beginning to believe he could finally relax here. At first his high school Spanish made him stand out like at Great Dane at a Jack Russell race. However, after months of jumping around South America, he was getting more comfortable with their languages, including some Portuguese and developed an accent so native, no one looked at him like a tourist trying to communicate from a guide book. Despite his acclimation to all this, he was still an exile and wondered if he would ever see any of his family again. Not having a woman in his life to build a family of infinite love was the hardest burden, especially when he was alone with his thoughts, which was all the time.

The impact at the reinforced door was all too familiar. Hard like that made by hands with hairy fingers the size of water pipes. Brad initiated his escape route. The bag with essentials was hung on his usual hook near his pre-determined exit and by the time the wood splinters exploded into the room like leaves in front of a leaf blower, Brad was out and moving. Typical exits were never considered for obvious reasons. Brad had done this so many times. He was an expert at choosing where to live based solely on the exit possibilities. He was on a bus by the time they had burst into his room. Brad had long ago lost curiosity of who was breaking down doors and why. They were always the same people who wanted two things: (1) to own his secret formula and (2) to make sure he NEVER told anyone else his secret. Not much future in a body bag or a barrel full of acid.


Getting into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was for any prospective science or math-oriented student the equivalent of winning the lottery. Brad Mundle was one of those lucky few. As he sat outside the Registrar’s office that August before his senior year, he had convinced himself that just getting accepted at

MIT was enough to leverage a resume someday.

The door opened and a handsome woman of maybe thirty-five came out and said, “Mr. Avery will see you now.”

Brad cleared his throat and reached for his submittal documents when the entire stack seemed to fly out of his hand all over the floor. The vision of the Simpson’s nerdy character, Nerdlinger, flashed across his mind and he was sure he was going to say something like, “Sorry Bull Hey Bull Hey.” Instead, he looked at her from the floor and mumbled, “Sorry.”

She put him at ease by saying, “It’s ok, Mr. Mundle. This place can be very intimidating. You may want to try a carry-all of some type. Most here use backpacks.”

Brad collected his materials and recomposed himself and entered the Registrar’s office wondering if this was akin to what death row people feel like when they are headed to the execution. The man inside was a tall athletic-looking person with graying hair and a warm smile that set him at ease.

“Welcome to MIT, Mr. Mundle. May I call you Brad?”

“Yes sir, you can call me anything as long as it is not a Social Scientist.” Brad was trying some kind of humor to level the playing field but then worried that this guy may just be a Social Scientist and take offense.

“You mean like someone with a degree in Philosophy? They are out of work but understand why?” Both of them laughed and the ice seemed to melt and Brad felt slightly more comfortable. He was smart but not your stereotypical TV nerd. He possessed a regular sense of humor and did all the usual things like soccer, little league, clarinet lessons and video games.

“Did you bring your transcript and other items we need to review your base line?”

“Yes, although I kinda played 52-pickup with them in the waiting room just now.”

Mr. Avery smiled and shook his head and said, “My Dad used to use that expression all the time.”

The rest of the interview went very smoothly and, for the first time, Brad felt he actually had a shot at being accepted. The initial letter he received was the invitation to come to the school for this meeting. He was told by his counselor at home that meant he made the first cut.


Excerpted from "Two Pills to Rio" by David Clink. Copyright © 2015 by David Clink. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

David Clink

David Clink

Retired Engineer from the US Navy. Retired Disabled Viet Nam veteran. Married for 44 years with three children and six grandchildren. I began writing after a friend gave me a two line lead-in after I retired. Now I have three books avaialble on for both the Kindle and for paper book readers. I have been a fan of Flynn, Baldacci, Silva, Clancy and other military influnced thriller/espionage writers for years.

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