The Last Role of an "Actor"

The Last Role of an "Actor"

by Nikolay Arzhanov


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Published in Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Mystery & Thrillers

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Book Description


The local police officers are trying to solve the burglary from construction trailer without any success. An experienced Colonel of Police from the Regional Department comes across this case. He tracks a very smart and dangerous criminal who had already brutally killed a few people.

Who is this two-faced Janus figure that takes on multiple identities? How does he manage to manipulate the people’s lives so easily? You will discover it for yourself when you read this interesting novel about the human cruelty and love, which is based on real events.

Sample Chapter

The punishment for betraying the accomplices was swift and furious within the thief circles. Valdemar became a witness of such punishment one night. About ten days after being transferred to the new correctional facility, all prisoners were asked to gather at the central barrack, where “Professor”, the crowned “thief-in-law” was staying.

All invited prisoners positioned themselves in the spaces between the beds. The “Professor” sat at the table at the end of the barrack as a supreme judge. To his right and left stood about a dozen of his lieutenants who were overseeing various criminal groups and who were playing the jury roles.

“Looks like a real court proceeding,” thought Valdemar to himself.

After everybody was present, the “Professor” gave an order and two inmates walked in the person who was the reason for this gathering. Valdemar could not see the prisoner’s expression since he happened to face the back of the inmate.

“Professor” concisely announced the charges against this prisoner. Apparently this inmate was part of the commercial bank robbery during which the bank security guard was killed. Almost all the robbery participants were able to flee from the crime scene except for that inmate. The police got him. During the investigation he gave out the names of all his accomplices and thus got sentenced to a very minor term. The rest of the group members were arrested and convicted to significantly larger terms. Here at this correction facility this inmate continued to “knock” on the rest of the prisoners to the administration of this facility, which was confirmed by trustworthy people.

“Now we have to decide what to do with him based on our “thief” laws. What punishment should he get for his betrayal?” finished the “Professor”.

After his speech, “Professor” allowed his lieutenants to express their points of view on the type of punishment for this prisoner. Every single one of them condemned his betrayal and at the end of each speech called out the sentence: death! All the present inmates were waiting for the final verdict. It got very quite, so quite that Valdemar though that everybody around could hear his fast heart beat. The sentence sounded like a thunder in that silence: death!

As soon as “Professor” announced the sentence, the inmate fell on his knees and started crying for mercy. When he turned to Valdemar, he saw a fairly young face full of dread.

Not paying any attention to his blood curling screams, the “Professor” waved his hand and Valdemar saw a tall man with broad shoulders approaching with a large axe from the left of the accused. He came up to the inmate from behind and hit him on the head with the axe with a very powerful strike. The inmate made a strange sound, then fell on his knees, tried to get up but immediately fell down on the floor. His legs started thrusting in pre-death convulsions.

“Get rid off this trash and pin the murder on somebody young,” commanded the “Professor.” After that everybody started to leave.

“Here is the human life, it does not mean anything,” thought Valdemar. All night he was tormented by nightmares.


Excerpted from "The Last Role of an "Actor"" by Nikolay Arzhanov. Copyright © 2016 by Nikolay Arzhanov. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

Nikolay Arzhanov

Nikolay Arzhanov

The author of the novel “The last role of an “Actor”” Arzhanov Nikolay Ivanovich was born in Russia. He is a lawyer by education and a retired Colonel of Police. During his professional career he had to frequently deal with cunning and elusive criminals who used human weaknesses and flaws to commit appalling crimes.

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