Why I Shouldn't Work with a Werewolf

Why I Shouldn't Work with a Werewolf

by James T Carpenter


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Book Description


His task is simple: capture the vampwolf terrorizing a local mall. But for vampire Samuel Johnson, the hard part will be dealing with an unexpected partner—a furry, hotheaded werewolf.

Sample Chapter

Into the Mall

8 p.m. Friday

Joseph and I reached the outer glass doors to the mall. Each of us pulled open one of the outer doors, walked through it, then a few seconds later, pulled open one of the inner doors and walked into the mall. We walked past the soda machines to our left and stopped to see the confusion before us. A gray rectangular tube attached to the floor and closed on each end stretched about ten feet in front of us as did the wheel track to its right. On this tube and attached to this track were some untouched strollers, each stroller decorated like a small car with the wording “A Future Insured Driver of__”—an insurance company that has no relevance to this tale.

Many strollers close to this “stroller holder” were on their sides, upside down or tangled with other strollers. I guessed the strollers were a mess because of the panicked parents snatching their young children from them before fleeing the mall. But Joseph and I weren't afraid, and if either of us was, we didn’t show it to our companion.

“You didn’t get the point of last night,” Joseph said.

I snorted in disgust. “You certainly didn’t.”

My name is Samuel Johnson, and I’m a vampire. My partner’s name is Joseph Butler and he’s a werewolf. Yes, a werewolf. I couldn’t believe it either.

You, my vampire readers, may have heard of me, a member of VATE (Vampires Against the Evil), who has performed some noteworthy attacks against that evil. This tale is about one of those. You, my werewolf readers, probably haven’t heard of me because, before this incident, you thought the less you heard about vampires, the better. And you, my human readers, I certainly hope, haven’t heard of me either because that means my working incognito as a human has been successful. More on VATE and me later.

I’m a six-foot-tall man with black hair in a buzz cut, a thin nose, small ears, and dark green eyes. My complexion is rather pale, like that of most vampires, and I don’t get sunburned or tanned, partly because I don’t like going out in the sun and partly because, even if I do, the sun doesn’t affect my skin. One of the perks, you might say, of being a vampire.

Joseph is short, at least compared to my six foot frame. Okay, he’s five-eight and has a stocky build with shoulder-length brown hair, a bushy beard and mustache and huge eyebrows. Werewolves are really hairy compared to us relatively hairless vampires. We male vampires aren’t envious, but a few females are. He has a big, bulgy nose, ears flat against his head and brown eyes.

While my hands are thin with long, thin fingers, his are broad with short, stubby fingers. Of course, I haven’t seen Joseph since our evening together, but I assume his looks haven’t changed significantly.

We both wore crisp white short-sleeved shirts with little security badges on our right shoulders, dark blue dress pants, and black leather shoes. At our sides we wore long swords in scabbards that slapped against our thighs as we walked. On the other side of our waist we carried pistols, loaded with silver bullets, in holsters. On our backs were packs filled with silver chains, varnished ironwood stakes, and cases of silver bullets.

A normal person coming to the mall would have thought we were security guards because that was how we were dressed, well, except for the sword. That is, if many other people had been in the mall. They weren’t. At 8 p.m. on a Friday night in the summer, this mall in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa was relatively deserted. But it hadn’t been so a half hour before.

According to my contacts—both at VATE and WOVACOM - Watchers of Vampires and Cleansers of Messes—a half hour ago, this mall was bustling with people of all types—young parents or grandparents letting their children have fun in the play area in front of the large sporting goods store; teenagers roaming the mall with their friends as they texted or talked on their cell phones to other teens; families on their way to the movies or one of the restaurants on the other side of the mall; and couples or families or mothers and daughters or groups of teen girls simply out for an evening of shopping. Another typical Friday night at the mall.

Until the huge beast appeared, attacking some people, killing others and eating a few, as it wreaked havoc upon the kiosks and stands in the middle of the aisles in the mall. People fled. In a stampede to leave the mall, a number of people were injured close to the doors; many others called the police to report the beast and its destructive deeds. Workers, patrons, movie-goers, all fled. Well, at least the smart ones. According to my contacts, a few groups of humans were still hiding in the mall. Stupid humans. There’s a creature capable of killing and eating you and you hide rather than flee. Stupid.

The police responded, with police from all the local departments (Des Moines, West Des Moines, Clive, Urbandale, Johnston, and Indianola) surrounding the mall, guns drawn—except for those interviewing the survivors. To add to the confusion, the three local news stations had appeared to cover this fast-breaking story live.

Luckily, members of WOVACOM were keeping these masses under control. And once we took care of the beast they would begin a major brainwashing campaign so the humans involved wouldn’t remember this incident at all. Erasing the electronic record would be a bit more difficult but would be done as well. That was why Joseph and I had to deal with the situation promptly. As quickly as possible, Beryl said.

As for me, I would have preferred working alone. Not that I haven’t had assignments in which I’ve worked with others. I have. But with fellow vampires. Back in the day when I was a “regular” VATE agent, I worked with other vampires, and one such assignment changed my life. But even as a “special” agent, I’ve worked with others. All of these are stories for another time. So it's not as though I don’t like working with others. I don’t mind it. Really. Except when those others happen to be werewolves.

Werewolves and vampires don’t mix. Or at least that’s my opinion. We vampires are cold, calculating, manipulative, thoughtful in our actions, and calm under pressure. Werewolves are excitable, easily angered, impulsive, wild, and erratic under pressure, to put it mildly. To the best of my knowledge, they’re always transforming into wolves whenever the least little danger comes along. Many a human dies because of that, since, like we vampires, werewolves don’t want to become known by the human race at large. I’ve even had to kill the occasional human who inadvertently stumbled upon my identity and I didn’t have the time or strength to mold that person’s mind to forget this knowledge.

But none of that relates much to the tale at hand. Or maybe it does.

Joseph and I walked through the mess of strollers then stopped a bit farther into the mall. On our left was the entrance to a huge department store, one of the anchors of the mall, and to our right the rest of the mall with its two floors visible along with a nearby wreckage of chairs and couches in front of a card store.

The werewolf looked at me and said, “Let’s go rescue some humans.”

Stupid statement. Of course, we were going to do that. Our objectives were simple, that is, if Joseph’s and mine had completely agreed. We were to (1) get the rest of the humans safely out of the mall and (2) capture the creature terrorizing the place. Or kill it. Beryl had told me to do the former and Joseph’s pack leader had told him to do the latter.

If last night had been the least bit productive—


Excerpted from "Why I Shouldn't Work with a Werewolf" by James T Carpenter. Copyright © 2016 by James T Carpenter. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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James T Carpenter

James T Carpenter

James T. Carpenter is a senior procedure analyst at a property-casualty insurance company. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Russian area studies from Knox College in 1984. His previous book, Hanged for the Few, is a theological fantasy published in 2011.

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