Must be Murder (To Love a Witchl Series, Book 2)

Must be Murder (To Love a Witchl Series, Book 2)

by D. J. Jouett

ASIN: B017YI5366

Publisher D. J. Jouett

Published in Romance/Romantic Suspense, Mystery & Thrillers/Mystery, Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

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Book Description


A serial killer systematically eliminates members of the Catholic Church. As priests die, their darkest sins are revealed to the public, tarnishing the church and everything Father Michael believes. Michael and his wife Regina fight to uncover the evil behind the murders before the Pope’s scheduled visit to America. The evil could change Christianity forever and tear apart the commitments Michael and Regina made to each other long ago.

Sample Chapter

Names Don’t Matter Anyway!

Light faded from the priest’s eyes as he watched the blood flow from his wrist and stain the white sheets. He wondered what people would think. Perhaps it was better this way.


The man leaned back and double-checked his handiwork. He marveled that changing one letter changed everything. He had lived on earth for many years. He had engaged in several vocations and had gone by many different names. His most recent name had been taken to get the attention of the woman who was now his wife. They had been married twenty-five years and had ten children. Ten children that filled their hearts and home with love and laughter. He had explained to his wife the necessity of changing their last name. They had both agreed on the new name, Wills. He had just changed everything they owned or were associated with to Wills, even the last name of their children. As far as the world was concerned, their name had always been Wills.


The woman sat alone at the bar. Joe, the lounge’s owner, watched her from his vantage point at the end of the bar. How does a man get a woman like that? He thought for the thousandth time since his first encounter with her.

She wasn’t from the city. He could tell by the way she always stiffened and raised her chin when some man tried to engage her in conversation. She always politely informed them she was waiting for her husband. Although she did wear a wedding ring, Joe had never seen a husband.

She only frequented his establishment three or four times a year. More than likely, she was in town on business. He recalled the first time she had walked into his place.

She stepped through the door, stopped and surveyed the establishment, deciding if the lounge was suitable for her. Joe had found himself relieved when she decided it was and took a seat at the bar. His establishment was an upscale lounge in an elite part of town. He was accustomed to seeing wealthy, well-dressed customers, but she was a real eye catcher.

Her designer clothes, purse, and shoes told him she was wealthy and had impeccable taste. They didn’t tell him how she made her living.

She was devastatingly beautiful. Her long black hair rested lightly on her shoulders, framing the most perfect face he had ever seen. Her full lips seemed to be perpetually suspended in a fascinating look that could quickly turn into the most glorious smile he had ever witnessed or the darkest scowl one could imagine. He always found himself striving to elicit the smile. He was certain her smile rivaled the opening of the gates of heaven.

He would do anything to see that smile. A small scar started just above her upper lip and disappeared into the soft redness of it. It made her beauty even more unique. He kept her special brand of wine in his cellar. It was very expensive. He remembered the first time she had requested it. No one had ever requested wine that expensive. He told her he didn’t carry that particular label. The disappointment that flashed across her lovely face made him want to cry.

The next day when she came in, he slowly slid the glass containing her preferred wine across the counter to her. He watched her grimace; slightly crinkling her nose, as she graciously accepted the drink she knew was not what she wanted. He kept his eyes on her gorgeous face as she sipped the wine. The delighted, almost gleeful, expression that accompanied her glorious smile, made him stop breathing. Her dark brown eyes danced. Her smile revealed dazzling white teeth. She closed her mouth and slid her pink tongue across her red lips, savoring the taste of the wine. He had never enjoyed pleasing anyone so much in his life.

She is the kind of woman for which a man would die… or kill, he had thought.

He recalled when the blonde man, almost as beautiful as she first entered his lounge and took a seat in one of the booths hidden in the shadows. The man watched the woman. Never taking his eyes from her, even when he ordered his drink

Joe served the man then refilled her glass. Everything in him wanted to tell her it was on the house, but the price of one bottle of the wine would wipe out his profit for the week.

She rewarded him with another breathtaking smile. After half an hour—probably building his courage—the blonde man casually walked to the bar and sat down beside her. She didn’t even acknowledge his presence.

“Come here often,” the man, asked.

“First time,” she said softly.

“There is a first time for everything,” he smiled. In its own way, his smile lit up the room as brightly as hers had.

The man leaned toward her, trying to strike up a conversation. “I can read minds, you know.”

“Hum,” she raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Tell me what that man over there is thinking.” She nodded toward an Ivy League banker type then looked at the man sitting next to her for the first time. Her eyes widened as she appraised her new companion. Obviously, she liked what she was seeing.

“He is thinking that, if I leave he will make a move on you.” The blonde man smiled. “He is thinking that he would give anything to have a woman like you.”

“I doubt that,” she smiled back, amused by his prediction.

“I can prove it,” he grinned, “but let’s make this interesting. A bet: if I am right, you will buy dinner.”

“And if you are wrong,” she tilted her head slightly, looking up at him.

“I buy you dinner,” he chuckled. “Actually, I win either way.”

“Dinner is all you want from me,” she asked, hesitantly.

“For now,” the man nodded, as he moved from the bar stool to return to his table in the shadows.

As soon as he had vacated the seat next to her, Ivy League slid onto the stool.

“Hi,” Ivy League put out his hand. “My name is Randall Crawford. I have been admiring you all evening.”

“I am waiting for my husband.” She didn’t even glance at him, just stared straight ahead, sipping her wine. “Please be so kind as to leave before he arrives.”

Randall quickly returned to the table he shared with his friends. “Whoa, she shot you down before you even went for your gun,” his friends teased him.

Randal smiled good-naturedly and took his seat. The icy coldness of the woman’s voice had told him not to waste his time.

The blonde man returned to collect on his bet. Joe moved closer just in case he caused her any trouble. He had no desire to fight the man, who was a good three inches taller than he was, but he would, for her.

“I believe you owe me a dinner,” the blonde man smiled

Joe slowly slid her bar tab toward her.

“I am assuming you will take care of that.” She nodded toward the bar tab. She smiled as she began walking slowly toward the door. Joe had never seen a woman walk so sensuously.

The blonde man picked up the bar tab, raised an eyebrow, then counted eight, one-hundred dollar bills from his wallet and tossed them on the bar.

As an afterthought, he tossed one more hundred on the bar, “For you,” he smiled, then quickly caught up with the woman, placing his hand on the small of her back, as she walked out the door.


Excerpted from "Must be Murder (To Love a Witchl Series, Book 2)" by D. J. Jouett. Copyright © 2015 by D. J. Jouett. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.
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Author Profile

D. J. Jouett

D. J. Jouett

My brother, a police sergeant, and I are very close. I have spent many hours listening to his stories about his law enforcement work and cases in which he has been involved. From serial killers to domestic violence, his adventures have always fascinated me. I have drawn heavily on his experiences to write my detective mysteries and continue to pick his brain about police procedures and activity. Many of my scenes are his stories. I enjoy exchanging communications with other authors and my readers. Thank you so much for all the feedback, wonderful words of encouragement and for buying my books.

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